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#11 Re: King of Fighters on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:30 pm

He blocked her attacks with the massive sword as intended but got struck in the shoulder by her sword. With a grunt he shrugged it off as he decided to get serious. He stood up almost seemingly slow but was doing so fast enough to leave several after images of himself standing up in the process. He grinned as he looked at the girl and started to laugh whole heartedly.

"You're pretty good.."

But the new and profound problem was that she heard that behind her, which was exactly where the now fully powered sinner was standing as he swiped his massive blade with deadly precision across her back from bottom to top diagonally before stabbing down with his gun to hit her in the back of the head with it and pulling the trigger.

He didn't expect the gun to hit, in fact he was counting on her to move, because as soon as she did he tossed the massive sword at her and drew out both his daggers again before suddenly appearing in front of her with the same inhuman speed he had used to get behind her earlier and making several cross cuts with them to try and dice her to ribbons.

(OOC - Sorry if it feels lame or rushed.)

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#12 Re: King of Fighters on Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:55 pm

(OOC- It's fine)
"What-" She couldn't finish her question as she felt his blade sink into the flesh of her fake body. The pain was excruciating, but she moved as quickly as she could away from it. "When-" Again, she didn't even have time to speak as she was again rushed, quickly moving out of the way of the man's massive sword before bringing her own large blade up to block the man's daggers. Her reflexes were still as good as ever, and as of right now she needed them to be. 'He must have been toying with me, or lowered himself to my level as a test...' She had thought it a possibility, and knew it was probably the case, but hoped differently.

And here is where that hope had gotten her, pressed and wounded with no idea how to proceed.

She could feel her blade's durability getting worse and worse. The metal was beginning to bend from the man's crosscuts. She needed to think up something soon, otherwise she wasn't going to last in this fight much longer. There was one thing at the back of her mind that she could try, but it would be risky. 'Would she get here before he gets me..?' She could feel blood dripping down her back, and her opponent was much stronger now. But maybe if she could get one more good hit with her sword maybe she could talk him into-

That idea goes out the window, as her sword breaks with the impact of the male's final crosscut.

She uses Spark Dash to put some distance between herself and her target, and focuses her energy on a small spot on the back of her neck. "I have no choice now." A small glowing rune flashes and starts to consume her body, turning it into barely controlled sentient electric Spirit Energy with a red crystal core that contained her Soul Pill. The form was large, primal and coated the area in dense aura that wasn't quite on the level of a Captain Level fighter, but was far above anything she had been able to pump out before.

The Lightning Reaver has been activated, and didn't have long to use it. She was twice as strong in this form though, and she was going to use it.

Her whole body was gone in a flash, her increased speed moving her to behind the male and a good distance away. She faces a crackling palm up into the air, from which a small beam of energy shoots up before filling the sky. Clouds are forcefully gathered and created, darkening. Rain begins to pour down and the wind sharply picks up. The dangerous part though came next, when a bolt of electricity would shoot down right at where the male was. It was as strong as a Hadou 63, without incantation. Another fourteen would strike down after, each one separated by a single second. After each one attempts to strike Sol'Elis was right there, a fake sword formed entirely of lightning in hand ready to lash out at him.

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#13 Re: King of Fighters on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:52 pm

She transformed in response to being damaged, but something seemed different, almost as if she was desperate, which he figured was the case because her power had risen to a level far beyond anything she had previously shown all of a sudden. He kept his eyes on her as she moved past him but when she fired something into the air, considering the lightning affinity she had shown so far, he did three things in rapid succession. He tossed his giant blade into the air as high as he could as hard as he could and rushed forward while making sure he was now dual wielding his katana and one of his combat knives.

This seemed the best course to have taken because a second later the larger sword was hit by a giant bolt and the blade turned full on dark blue, signifying it was no longer useful in this battle, as the rest of the bolt passed through it and forced it to swirl downwards and stick into the ground nearby.

This left the sinner in a frenzy because not only did he have to worry about incoming lightning bolts which shocked him as he slashed at them anyways, but he had to deal with the girl who was trying to cut him in the process with another weapon also made of lightning. She was always met by the knife however, which had some rubber and plastic and helped keep his hand from going numb. However by the end of her little stunt his katana arm was singed and the only thing keeping his hand closed on the grip was sheer luck, as the arm no longer responded to him.

He moved to his left a step, swiping at the girl again with the knife as he did so, then a step to the right before doing so again, using the momentum build up to swing his katana arm around in the same manner he did previously using the larger sword, lacking power but still having speed. While his bum arm swung wide from lack of control, his free arm dropped the knife it held and pulled out his trusty gun which he fired at the girl several times before having to unload the empty bullets and with what seemed like mockery to real life..

He reloaded it with one hand in an instant.

He had the bullets at his waist. So he hit them. knocking them into the air, where he swiped the gun along their trajectory and perfectly slid them into the chambers which were waiting for them. Where he then proceeded to hit the gun on his own head to re-cock it back into place and begin firing at her again.

He was running out of options and his arm wasn't going to respond to the damage it had been dealt this time anytime soon.

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#14 Re: King of Fighters on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:24 am

Already she could feel her time starting to run out. If the frantic actions of the male were anything to go by they both were playing against the clock. That in mind she kept determined. So long as he didn't hit her crystal core her purely electric body would hold together. The clouds above scatter once the lightning was done raining down, not that it mattered. The sun shone down upon the two fighters and their damaged battlefield. She swings her false sword, releasing a wave of her Blue Lightning just as the male began shooting. The surge of electricity made the bullets fly off in different directions away from their intended target.

As the male goes to reload Sol'Elis uses her Spark Dash, her unstable body moving to a few feet behind the male where she fires off multiple of her Lightning Tooth projectiles, countering the bullets of the reloaded gun. 'Just... just a bit more...' She rushes the male in this moment, hoping to capitalize while his gun was empty and sword arm too damaged to help. She swings, and never hits. Her sword dissipates, and her body slowly follows, leaving a small soul pill kept inside a red crystal to clink against the ground just one foot away. It had some lingering spiritual energy on it, just enough that Sol'Elis' consciousness was kept safe inside from having lost it's body.

Unless something or someone else were to arrive, her Soul Pill was defenseless.

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#15 Re: King of Fighters on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:58 am

Yami blinked at the fact his opponent had shown such a fierce transformation, but was now no more. He couldn't sense her and he couldn't see her. All that remained was some kind of marble looking object. He was about to try and block her with his gun, which he now put away as he looked at the object on the ground in confusion. Was she dead? Perhaps that transformation took her body from her? What was this thing?

He picked up the marble and looked at it for a second. He sensed..something, but he wasn't sure what. Perhaps she used this to teleport away from the battle at the last moment knowing she couldn't fight anymore? He had many questions but merely dropped the "Mod Pill" to the ground and walked off instead. Whatever the case was. His opponent was gone and he needed to search for something else to do.

"Note to self.. Magic hurts.." He grumbled as he rolled his sore shoulder and stretched as he disappeared into the city.

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#16 Re: King of Fighters on Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:10 am

It was only after he had disappeared that someone came and lifted the small pill. Sol'Elis' creator Seralin had come and slid the small crystal covered soul into a pocket before walking into a large crowd, blending in and leaving the scene. Sirens began to wail signalling the approach of the police, finally doing their jobs. However they arrive too late. The battlefield was now empty and in ruins from the battle that had taken place.

The Mod Soul would be ready next time, should they meet again.

(OOC Just as you aren't that grand at starting threads, I am not good at ending them.)

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