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#1 King of Fighters on Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:55 pm

"I'm here to challenge your Dojo."
"you think you can come in here and just challenge us like that? What are you old school?"
"So you refuse?"
"Of course not! but you must first prove yourself by facing our juniors. Maxwell you will go first."
"Yes Sir!"

So now stood before Yami a boy in his late teens but had a massive build for his age, no wonder he was chosen first. They thought his body would allow him to take on any normal challenger with ease. Which would probably be true too, except Yami is not a normal challenger, and this was not going to end well for the boy.

They bowed and then the boy started by throwing a punch at Yami's head, who moved in one step tilted himself to the outside of the punch and then gut punched the kid in the stomach so hard he was sent flying backwards and cratered INTO the wall just to the left of the stunned Sensei who quickly overcame his stunned expression and sighed. "I apologize. I should not have underestimated you based on my own ego with my students. Now that we know you are not a typical human being we shall fight you with one worthy of an advent human. Croos show them we at the Taizhen are not weaklings."

Another man, this time of a normal slender build, but still sporting wonderful muscle tone, stood before Yami. They bowed again and the man took gauge of Yami's response before trying a flying kick at high speed towards the sinner who merely bent backwards and punched the man in his inner thigh hard enough to send him spiraling in the opposite direction. Ironically his falling position and speed did more damage to him than Yami's punch as was the intent. Putting him out of the fight just as easily as the other male.

"Speed this up please. I have things to do and I intend to take your dojo's sign today." yami said before cracking his neck left and then right. 12 minutes later a large fire was erupting from the ruins of the Taizhen Dojo while Yami walked off with it's sign on his right shoulder and a pile of defeated, but still breathing ex-dojo members by the curb, "I really need to find a better challenge." He muttered as he sighed softly and waited for the police to arrive simply to have another chance for battle.

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#2 Re: King of Fighters on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:29 pm

It wouldn't be the police to first arrive. They were a good distance out, and the incident had yet to be reported by the unconscious and wounded dojo members. His actions did draw the interest of someone though, and someone would meet him by the curb he walked down before waiting at. She came with a flow of sparks and static that circled around her, almost alive like a puppy excited to be with it's master. Slowly it dissipates and leaves a young Mod Soul female, massive sword strapped to her back and wearing a battle outfit that looked like it came from some Japanese inspired action show. Despite how it looked, it wouldn't restrict her movement in the least. "You are causing a disturbance where none is needed. I have been sent to stop you." She reaches back and takes hold of her sword. "That is, if you do not return to Hell peacefully. However, that path isn't expected." Not expected, but it was still a path open.

Go to a realm that will cause eternal torment or fight off a Mod Soul and continue on, the latter was quite tempting. She was not some well known Soul Reaper Captain or one of the ferocious Vizard, so her words carried little weight.

She did not back down though despite knowing this. Both hands go to the hilt of her sword, a blade made by her creator just for her. She would have to be careful, her new blade was still in the making so this one could break if she got careless. New sparks come to life across the edge of her sword, her energy ready for the fight. Who knows, this could be where she establishes her name at battling down a Sinner.

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#3 Re: King of Fighters on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:39 pm

He looked at the way she reached for her sword, having noticed her presence come forth, gauging it he reached behind him and pulled out one of his two combat knifes in a defensive reverse grip before smiling and dumping the sign on the ground next to him, "I do not back down. I do not retreat. I move forward forever and always as the warrior in me demands." and with that he initiated combat by running at her at half speed and swung his knife at the bridge of her nose trying to leave her a good scar if she didn't do something do avoid or block him. Something he assumed would happen since she seemed far different from the humans he just encountered. His power fluctuated and lowered to match hers though. She was stronger than the humans by far, but weaker than his peak potential. His body automatically compensated the difference mandatory-style subconsciously because that was how he got the best of every fight.

After the knife swipe he dropped the weapon, crouched down in place and grabbed it with his other hand before back swiping it at her knee's and jumping up and backwards to create distance then put his knife back before pulling out his gun and firing it once at her shoulder which would have been three bullets very close together so it would be more difficult to deal with than it would be to just dodge out of the way, the gun however was put back a moment later and he just stood there waiting to see what his would be opponent did or would do in response, though he had a feeling he was going to need his Katana and thus put a hand on it in preparation for a Battojutsu quick draw if needed.

"I am Yami Zetsuken.. King of Fighters.. Remember my name and despair oh powerless one.."

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#4 Re: King of Fighters on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:56 pm

She was attentive, focused and full of energy, she was able to react easily to the male's knife attempts. The swipe at her face was met with the flat of her blade, where metal would meet metal before She took off with her Spark Dash, leaving air where her knees were. She moved away from him, but there wasn't too much distance. The first of his three bullets grazes her arm before her blade is brought up and shields her body from the other two, something she owed to her Electric Nerves. "King of Fighters? I will remember that, he who is now bound to Hell." Spark Dash, her technique to let her keep up with techniques like Flash Step and Sonido, sent her down a blue path around and behind her opponent. Her blade, gaining a blue glow, was swung in a large horizontal arc. "Blue Lightning."

A nearly silent wave of blue Spirit Energy was sent out with that swing, coated in crackling Lightning energy that would surely cause some damage if it connected with the intended target. She could only hope it would cause some sort of injury, but at the least distract him as she stabs her blade into the ground, channeling electricity into the ground. Sparks spread out for 100 feet, covering all surfaces connected to the ground. It would not harm the male but it would tell her where he was if standing anywhere in that area. With what his fighting style seemed to be, it would surely come in handy.

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#5 Re: King of Fighters on Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:42 pm

The man grabbed the larger more broad looking giant sword on his back by the handle and slid it up slightly from it's sheathe to block her initial attack, though upon doing so he was shocked something fierce, "Magic.." he scoffed to himself as she stabbed her sword into the ground causing him to toss one of his knives quickly into the ground as well as jump into the air before pulling out his other kniveand tossing it near the original. Due to it being concrete they stuck and didn't sink in fully under his weight as he landed on the top of both knives facing the girl rather than landing on the ground. witnessing the crackling energy he frowned by thought deeply and quickly about how best to deal with this lightning user.

He gauged the pain he felt earlier and determined if the field on the ground was weaker or the same then he could simply muscle through it.. So he stepped off his knives and behold! He felt no pain! he took the second to collect his knives and since this made him face away from her... He backsprung at her so that his back was facing the ground and his chest was facing the sky, his blades in an X as he cross slashed at her chest. The contact or lack of would mean he would land on the pavement but he would stop himself with a knife and use the momentum to slinky himself back to his feet facing the girl where he once again pulled out his gun and fired three more bullets at her with one trigger pull.

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#6 Re: King of Fighters on Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:28 pm

Seems he didn't quite get what the sparks were for. It didn't bother her any, it would make knowing where he was and what he was going to do that much simpler. Her eyes stayed on the male as he moved. As he moved up, she moved over. The moment the male's knife was used to maneuver back to his feet she struck, her sword swung to hack right into the side of the male's chest. Whether it hit or not she expected a continued assault, so Spark Dash carried the woman back a bit further to prevent a point blank shot from that gun of his. This wasn't a real body she had, but it still felt pain and could be killed off like one. She would be defenseless as a pill. As such when she saw three bullets heading her way as soon as she finished, she was thankful to herself for planning ahead. Her sword was brought up, the projectiles clanging on the thick steel surface. This man was keeping up pretty well, then again he was a Sinner. None of them were weak. This man though, he had lowered his level of power down to be equal with hers and so far were at a standstill. She was currently able to evade his attacks, while he was able to tank her own attacks and only get slight shocks.

She needed to increase her damage output, and so decides to release her control. (Second Stage) With a spike of her Spirit Energy she takes off right for the male in front of her. Not using Spark Dash, but her base speed. Energy gathers in her right hand as she rushes in, the lightning crackling with life. "Finger of the Mountain." She thrusts her palm out once eight feet away, releasing the lightning she focused out all at once. This was a move that could either be her strongest or weakest attack. If he was still within 15 feet of her he would get hit with a blast equal to a Grand Rey Cero in strength. 16-30 feet would have the blast diluted down to an average Cero and from there up to 60 feet, the damage is only as strong as a level ten Hadou. She follows this up by pointing her blade at the man and firing off three lightning projectiles shaped like her sword. They fired off at Cero speeds, and would be just as damaging.

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#7 Re: King of Fighters on Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:47 am

The man holstered his gun and drew out the bigger sword on his back, a behemoth of a blade really, and casually with one arm tossed it up just slightly in the air infront of him to make sure the attack hit it instead of him while he sidestepped to catch it knowing the attack was going to send it flying away. However when he caught it he used the momentum to put him into a series of spins which he maneuvered towards the girl in trying to slash her many times like a spinning top with the blade.

This wasn't to say his method didn't come with a drawback though. The force behind the attack he had just used to gain momentum had made that same arm go completely numb. It would be a little bit before he gained feeling back into it and that would pose a problem to him if she noticed. Luckily his arm seemed frozen in grip with the larger sword so that he didn't drop it so he tried to remain a facade of being uninjured for the moment.

He pulled the smaller sword out with his good hand and rushed her, making sure that every time his body dipped and weaved in the ensuing flurry of slashes from multiple angles that he'd use the momentum to swing his good arm like a flail to try and chop at her with the larger sword. The swings would lack power but would maintain some measure of speed due to his own body moving.

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#8 Re: King of Fighters on Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:32 pm

That spinning of his probably only worked when on the ground, ground which told her what his movements were. With this knowledge and her quick reflexes Sol'Elis waits until the male draws close and leaps up, moving over and behind where he was. It was a clever tactic for him to use his sword in such a way, a good way of attempting to use something for his favor. His acting would pay off to start, but her analytical focus would pick up on the slightest discrepancy in his swings. An injured arm does not swing or carry a weapon the same way as one that isn't damaged. And with that flurry of swings she took note of how different he swung that gargantuan blade compared to the rest of his fighting style. A dodge here, a weave there, and a few small cuts later had her moving around to the side the male had his larger blade. "Blue Lightning." Another crescent wave of blue spirit energy and lightning was launched at the male, this would be a good test to see if her theory on his arm was correct. If it was, she probably didn't have long to exploit it before he used some sort of healing or changed his technique. As that attack was sent she places her sword onto her back.

She needed both hands for this one. Facing her palms together she begins to focus a great deal of energy and lightning into a sphere. The forming mass crackled and sparked loudly, even as she kept moving. She even takes to using Spark Dash repeatedly, just to keep moving while the attack properly charges.

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#9 Re: King of Fighters on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:44 am

This wasn't working and he needed a tiny bit more time. He could grip with his hand now but he couldn't feel the rest of his arm. At least he wouldn't be disarmed at this point. Hrm. She dodged well and only got cut a few times minorly, but he was ontop of her the whole time unrelenting and unforgiving in his quick paced assault. However she interrupted him with another wave of lightning and he was forced to back off as he slashed the thing in half with his katana. Getting minor shocks again but surely less than what would have been had the blow landed cleanly.

She started to charge something and he thought to himself for a moment while she did so before doing something he thought would be the best course of action. Whatever she had planned was big, big enough he had to take measures to defend against it. So he kneeled down and put the bigger sword flat front infront of him as a makeshift shield. From this stance even if she used that fast movement ability of hers he would be able to quickly move and respond to put the "shield" in between them again by quickly pivoting.

While using this defensive stance he also pulled free his gun and fired it a few times at her just to see if he could hit her.

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#10 Re: King of Fighters on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:03 pm

Well, that was going to complicate things. She couldn't risk testing the durability of that massive sword when she was certain this man could out-last her. She needed to open up a clear shot, and to do that she would need to add some extra steps to her plan. As bullets passed by where she was previous to when they were fired off she begins moving in circles around the man. If he was going to hunker down and be defensive about this, then she was going to take advantage. The field of sparks by this point was no more, not having any energy left to sustain itself. She doesn't need that here though, not if he was only going to shoot at her.

It didn't take much longer for her attack to finish forming, at which point the sphere of energy was wildly crackling, almost sounding like an extremely high pitched scream. She concentrates the sphere to be slightly over her left palm, and uses her right hand to pull out her sword. It was time to get risky, but the payoff would hopefully land her a hit. She abandons her circling and instead rushes in, right for the male between shots. Her blade was raised high and her charged attack held to her side. She swings down with her sword right for the man's massive sword. She uses it to vault up and over, at which point she thrusts her left palm out to release her Electric Sphere, at the speed equal to a Cero and would hit with the strength of a level seventy Hadou. He could bring his blade around and block the attack, but that would open him up to taking a hit from her sword, which she would be all too willing to do.

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