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#1 Tia Lee [WIP] on Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:07 pm

Name: Tia Lee Andronicus
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 26
Sex: Nonbinary

Tia is usually the calm and level headed type of person, who likes to keep things to themselves unless something really bothers them. It hardly ever happens, whenever tia is up in a fix. They happen to not like to be bounded by rules sometimes, but will tolerate them to a certain degree. They're somewhat welcoming, but takes an extensive amount of time to get comfortable with others. Tia doesn't like group activities, sometimes and would prefer to be alone if need be. There isn't much that drives Tia to always live and, stay alive. They happen to have a clear mind half the time and, doesn't think about things such as death. They're there for a good time and, maybe a long time if they wish.

To a certain extent Tia enjoys the idea of battle, its what most arrancars live for is the thrill of fighting someone stronger than you. Or someone as strong as you, so either way you'd gain more strength and, knowledge each time you fight. They happen to an analysts in terms of combat, wanting to gain some out most detail and information on each person they face. There are some days/moments that Tia does not wish to fight and, if force to fight. They won't use all of their power, if they don't want to. Tia will Oftenly act out on their own, if something really interest them. In example; they're mostly interested in examining and speculating the actions of the shinigami and gaining information on how they fight. Its like a mad scientist, to a lab rat. When their is something that peak their interest, Tia doesn't necessarily stop until they have it in there possession.

Tia is the introverted type and, is hardly around any large group and people. They prefer to keep things small and, if they wish; they won't be involved in any group stuff at all. They're usually bored, which is a  immediate drawback to being the introvert and, closed off type.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 154
Physical Traits:  Tia appears to have a diamond shape facial structure, with a slightly tan skin complexion. Their eyes are colored green and, eyebrows with an amaranth color to them. Tia also has orange hair with salmon undertones, that would point upwards.

Tia is seen to be about 5'7 and, happens to be purely athletic with features that makes them blend in from male to female. Tia wears a standrard white arrancar outfit however, its the short sleeved version.  Their outfit, shows most of tias back and covers the hollow hole that's in the center of their chest, that appears to be 4 inches in diameter.

General Fighting Style: Has such to their athleticism, Tia is able to perform some tricks up her sleeves that can leave their opponents wondering. You can compare their movements and, flexibility to that of a circus freak. Though, they find that as a compliments. Considering that, they see themselves stand out among the rest of whatever group they may be in.

  • Hierro, Sonido, agility


  • Senseing (30 meters), Reflexes, reiatsu

Boosts: 2x speed
Ability Name: Pain means power
Ability Description: Pain means power - by inflicting pain on their hands (right or left). Tia is able to drag out its own reiatsu in a shape of a sword, that's around 28 inches. When they wield it, half of their energy is stored from inside of Tia sword in exchange for the sword to have high dexterity. Making it harder than an average sword and, quite difficult to destroy. The swords durability can take on double cero damage.

Buena habilidad - After stabbing their opponent with one of their reiatsu fused swords, Tia is able to absorb 1 or 2 of their opponent's personal abilities for two posts. They can only absorb one's ability of the same tier, or lower than their own. After doing so,  tia's pain means power would be gone after the two posts since they had absorbed their opponent's abilities. However, by absorbing their opponent's natural abilities. Tia won't be able to use said abilities, at the same rate that the original user had. The abilities that she uses, against her opponents. Are 1/3 weaker than the original holder.  

Cooldown: 2

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakuto Name: Goloso
Zanpakuto Call Out: Let's eat, Primer Curso
Cero: Cero Cross wave: The user puts both swords in a form of a X, after doing so the user then pushes forward--as the two blades would go the opposite direction. The cero shooting out from the two swords, would shape itself in a form of an X. This cero has a two post cool down.

Cero Disparo directo: By pointing one of their sword straight, the user fires a pinkish red colored cero from the tip of their sword. And gets a two post cool down, from each sword it shoots from.

Bala: Tia can shoot a bala, from their finger tips like a gun. It is capable of a hadou 40 spell. This bala is colored pinkish red and, has a 2 post cool down from each hand it fires from.

Espectáculo de luz, light show - Tia holds out their zanpakuto in front of them, after doing so. Their zanpakuto then duplicate itself to have two more floating beside the original. Once tia drops their zanpakuto, their sword would then stop at mid-drop, to point itself at there target. The swords then turn themselves into lightning project tiles, that would directly aim at the attended target. The projectiles once impact, can deal damage of a hadou 31 spell. His zanpakuto however, can come back to its owner.   Tia can shoot off, ten of their projectiles before the ability cools down.

Cooldown: 4

mil Danzas de Espada, thousand sword dance - After throwing their zanpakuto in the air. It begins to duplicate themselves, into a thousand swords made from lightning that cover a majority of the battlefield. Making it look like, they're in an arena covered in swords that act like a circle around them.  Each of these swords durability is cero damage. This massive field of swords, lasts for 4 posts; with a 6 post cooldown.


Abilities: Primeras porciones - Tia fires off a ball of energy the size of a Gran Rey Cero. If the ability hits, tia can then turn the poor soul into any gourmet food that Tia wishes/desires. While having been turned into food, the subject at hand can only be eaten, the food they were turned into cannot be destroyed or harmed, essentially putting the subject into stasis. Tia can choose to eat the subject, and upon being eaten the subject will be magically returned back to their previous state before being turned into food. However, they will be dealt a Gran Rey Cero worth of Damage. (4 post Cooldown), if the subject is not eaten after 1 post they will be magically restored back to normal and, will not take gran rey cero damage.
Boosts: x3 durability

Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

History:Whether you go out solo, or pair with a group of random strangers. Whether you want to be powerful, or powerless. It's just the matter of how you're willing to choose, on which part of life you're willing to pick and, if its something that fits. Then, you should always stick to what you want to do. In most cases, arrancars seek strength and something that they know, that they're the best in something they've been training in for years. It's not rare for an Arrancar to pick something and, go with it. They're always motivated by stuff that they seem to take a high interest in. In Tia Lee's case, they're mostly interested in the likes of shinigami's and always seems to be amazed by tray. They mostly see soul reapers, as part of their own research. They have a desire to want to learn every aspect of the shinigami, even if it means getting up close and personal with them. Tia doesn't mind fighting them if it means to gain information about them; enough information to destroy every last one of them.

Though, they are not the type to always go headstrong and fight until their heart's content. Tia isn't always that dedicated to becoming a strong and, acknowledged Arrancar Be it someone that can rise from the ashes and, triumph. They're not all that interested in winning, they like to have a good time-fighting anyone that seems worth fighting. Unlike most arrancars, who usually fight just because, or to fight because it's their duty and the guideline to surviving.

There wasn't much that Tia had prior to gaining strength, and being able to be feared by the low some pests of Hueco Mundo Everyone had to start from somewhere, in order to get to where they actually are right now. All they had to do, was eaten and devour all the weak hollows that they've faced throughout most of their lives. The only times that Tia wished to do that, was when their personality became a bit more sociopath like. And, the fact that they enjoy a food meal. When not hungry, Tia goes out to explore and take in the weak for research purposes. Rather than killing them.
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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#2 Re: Tia Lee [WIP] on Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:54 am

To start things off there are a few grammatical and spelling errors that you may want to go back and fix. Other than that see the notes below!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Here on the site we have predefined stats that are used as strengths and weaknesses just to keep everyone on the same playing field. See the link below to read over them.

Stats & Boosts

Your boosts are your choice but giving 2x to all stats helps you keep up with people at your own tier.


Pain means power: Not sure what you're going for here. If you want to increase the defensive utility of your character's zanpaktou you would need to quantity it saying the extra durability allows it to deflect or block anything Hadou 20 or weaker for example. Depending on how you do this it may or may not need a cooldown/duration.

Buena habilidad: The concept is interesting. Its is almost like a temporary leaching effect like Rogue from X-Men. I think you're saying you temporarily loose your own personal abilities for 2 posts but gain access to your target's for that time. It also seems to cancel your Pain means power ability which is a good trade off. However, you will need to put a cooldown in posts for this ability.

Cero Cross wave: If this does the damage of a single Cero then this is fine. If this does the damage of two Cero then the cooldown will have to be bumped.

Cero Disparo directo: I think you're saying here that you can fire either 1 or 2 Cero from the tips of your sword and the choice affects the cooldown. A single Cero with a 1 post cooldown is okay but for firing off 2 Cero in a single post I'd like to see a 3 post cooldown.

Bala: Just putting Bala is fine since it is a standard ability on the forum. The extra stuff isn't needed and may or may not be true depending on the tier your character is placed at. On the forum Bala does not have a cooldown and can be used as many times as realistically possible in a post (energy drain etc.). However, a Bala has a maximum damage cap of Hadou 40 unless it is a specialized technique but that would need to be explained.

Primeras porciones: Okay this technique is pretty funny and interesting. I'm also not sure how to approach it. If you change someone's character into food and eat them then that character would be dead. Which they would have to choose if they get hit but it could be problematic. We may have to call someone else in for input.

Overall it is a good start with some interesting concepts! Feel free to add more abilities if you want!

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#3 Re: Tia Lee [WIP] on Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:23 am


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