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#11 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:58 am

It certainly seems that things was beginning to pick up now. The Jackal and the young red haired woman had finally began trading blows. The moment was now, but still the Arrancar appeared almost casual. With his blade swung in the direction of the young woman. She did something that was most surprising. And that was to make an attempt at catching his arm which held his Zanapakuto. And so it happened, his arm was intercepted. Meanwhile the Arrancar's raw strength pushed against the woman's own. Yes, she was certainly nimble in her movements. And it would appear that she was also quite proficient in Hakuda. Her blade wasn't yet drawn, but this is the second instance in which her hands was used. First was that palm strike from before, and now the move to intercept his arm. This was clever on the woman's part. But the Jackal wasn't about the sit idly by and do nothing. Since while his hand was caught, he still did have one hand free. His left hand to be precise. As such with Shana moving in towards him. In that moment the Jackal both prepared himself and reacted in kind. Sometimes attack was also the best part of one's defence.

With that in mind, the Jackal himself performed an unorthodox method of attack. Shana stepped closer to the man with her elbow aimed at his mid section. Meanwhile his left hand was pointed towards the young woman. His thumb was up but cocked back like the hammer of a pistol. His index and middle fingers extended, while his ring and pinkie fingers folded but not entirely. The outcome was a makeshift pistol created by his own hand. There was a spray of bala blasts aimed at Shana who advanced closer to the Arrancar. The Balas came from the Jackal's makeshift hand pistol. A bala can be quite sudden and deceptively quick. The Jackal's timed response was done so that Shana might find it tricky reacting and leaving unscathed. That was assuming she would continue with her current course of action. The Jackal didn't seem to perform any real elaborate movements at all. If anything his left arm hardly moved. His left wrist did most of the work, while adjusting his hand. The bala blasts consisted of four balas aimed at Shana's body. Legs. mid section and upper body was the target area in all this.

This was to force the woman away from him. This happened at the same time as her elbow connected with the man. He felt it, but such an attack wasn't about to slow him down.

It was almost as if the man absorbed the elbow to his mid section. Willing to take that hit if it meant luring his opponent into a false sense of security. While all of this was transpiring, his spiritual pressure began to rise even more. He was becoming excited at the prospects of this bout. Even so, he hadn't forgotten about the mask wearing male. The man seemed to be in a bit of bother, which gave the Jackal a most splendid idea. For now though he will have to pay close attention to his Shinigami opposites. In any case though, he was currently engaging in combat. And yet he didn't even know the name of his opponents.

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#12 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:00 am

Shana's elbow strike was met with a barrage of bala's the first of which striking her at the same time as her blow struck him. She was hit twice more in her right side before she had finally flashed away. Each strike felt kind of like a punch, and would most certainly bruise, it wasn't much barely worth mentioning, though it did prove that she should probably draw her blade, even if her powers make it difficult to do so without innocents getting caught up in it. Sparing a quick glance over at the injured Kade she shouted out, "Make sure the area is clear, things are about to get hot around here"

Grabbing the hilt of her zanpakuto, the hilt, and tsuba of the blade changed immediately as her hand contacted it, her pressure spiking as she released into shikai. She would then flash forward to Jackal's left side drawing her blade in an Iai style attack, the sword igniting as it cleared the sheath. She wasn't going to be able to pay much attention to Kade to make sure that he was clearing away any innocents that might be in the area, her full focus was going to be on the man before her. He just might get to see her don her mask, but he will have to earn that right first.

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#13 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:24 am

The guy was bleeding and she needed him something he hated about things but things we're getting blurry as the loss of blood. Kade didn't want to die but the vizard had to do his job it was the least the guy could worrying about his wound was the least of his problems. But sooner of later it will become a problem needed to find the strength to move forward and do his job which was getting to be a burden to him. He remembers firmly why he left Chaos in the first place and still this needed to be done. Kade started feeling better and then some shunpo around seeing a nobody the course was clear but sees a kitten in harm's way this wasn't good and vizard had to go over there. Bleeding the vizard managed to pick the kitten up before signaling back to Shana "The course is clear....Go for it Shana"

This was not good the pain was getting worse he wanted to get out of here but Shana would have no help. But now it was getting blurry again and his min felt dizzy this wasn't good. But he remembers about the kitten getting a very safe distance away, Shana should be careful though there was no reason for her using her full power. However, Kade searched around nobody around their was a family driving back home a lovely site to see something he'll never experienced but nice to see things. Maybe Shana will make a good member of this Chaos organization and the leader of the group can finally forget about him and move one to the future. Laying the kitten on the ground, Kade thought "My path of nothingness led me somewhere, Where I go wrong??? The Cat is safe anyway and nobody else around bankai it's called something the zanpakuto grants through hardship and work. Something I was avoiding but really...getting weaker" His wound was taking it toll on him...

He decided to look around some more moving people out of the way to safer distances so Shana could do whatever. Moving senior citizens to their buses, helping the elderly move to one place to another and finally helping families to their homes. The pain was getting worse seeing blood as Kade gave the signal to Shana "Now all clear"

He started walking away with blood dipping on the ground....

Kade walked for a few miles after leaving the kitten in a complete safe place using a device to completely block his spiritual pressure. He finally makes it to car underground garage behind falling down to the ground and crawling over to the brick poll. This was place that could be safe from whatever Shana was prepared to do however she can handle the arrancar on her own and not worry about him. Slowly, Kade needed to rest and pain from his wound was calming down for now. Still, He had a lot of thinking to do Shana was out of his league and it was pissing him off how weak he is why would she ask him for help just so she can see him fail. Kade needed to get stronger no question about it this needed to be done and soon or face more injuries that are life threatening.

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#14 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:43 pm

The Jackal seemed to have caught the attention of the woman. The bala release connecting with her smaller frame. This one was turning out to be tough so far. Except that they haven't really begun to get serious at all. Not yet anyways, but the man had a feeling that it will be soon enough. As the red haired woman flashed away from his position. The Jackal used this exact moment to withdraw his other Zanapakuto. Now armed with both weapons in hand, his middle fingers was connected to both silver rings on the hilt of each weapon. At this point in time, Shana was a mere twenty meters away from the Arrancar. Meanwhile the other male was another ten meters away, putting him at a distance of thirty meters from the Jackal. Shana wasn't facing the Jackal directly head on, but she was positioned off to his left. The other male was positioned off to his right. The Arrancar had a stoic expression on his face. "Damn right". The Jackal thought in response to Shana's words. Things was about to get hot indeed. The Jackal could smell blood, he sensed an opportunity that didn't often present itself. The Shikai release of the young woman suggested that he needed to pay more attention now.

As Shana attacked from the left hand side of the Arrancar. The man performed a well timed Sonido, to the point where Shana's fiery blade would appear to have connected. In the wake of the Arrancar performing his Sonido. A clone was left behind, a gemelos sonido was used. A deceptive tool. But it meant that Shana's blade struck a clone, and for all intent and purposes, the Jackal himself was actually struck down.

That wasn't the case this time, as the Jackal reappeared behind Kade. His actions swift and without warning at all. Kade was just about preoccupied with his current assignment, and possibly a huge flaw of his. One should not ignore the enemy at all. The Arrancar's blade was swift as it closed the distance between the two. A devastating swing it was with his right hand. His blade coming up from Kade's lowerback moving upwards to his right shoulder. His wounds will get worse for sure. That's assuming that his attack connected. Upon his arrival and with his swing in motion. A cero blast was being generated on the edge of his blade held in his left hand. He was certain Shana would be on the move, in fact he was hoping that was the case. This was the Jackal's way of preventing Kade from clearing the area, and leaving things as is.

Kade was still very much apart of this bout as was Shana. In the mean time however, the Jackal readied himself for Shana's and Kade's response. He was ready to defend while keeping both of them occupied.

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