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#1 [Open] New Decisions on Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:18 am

Kade was down in the dumps again still thinking about the Soul Society and how they we're his own family. But not wasn't the time to be thinking it would only make him feel sadder then he already is. He needed something to get him out of this rut because really a shinigami like him wanted to return home protecting the ones he loved. Being a vizard that is a different story none who had powers of a hollow may enter the Seireitei. Something in this world must need his help and perhaps the guy finally find a purpose in this world and finally get this feeling of sadness. Within his gigai, Kade notices a soup kitchen wondering what kind of place the flyer on it's billboard said it needed helpers maybe this could work out for him. The managers welcomes him and told what he needed done passing soup to the elderly the whole  ordeal felt really good helping people.

Helping the elderly brought a certain kind of warmth in his heart but the shinigami didn't know what it was. Two hours in the soul kitchen it may have lifted his spirits a little but helping people wasn't enough. Kade thought about it some more but then again the rules of the Seireitei didn't apply to him anymore free to do what he wants.

"I guess I do feel a lot better then before helping some people did help my pain. Really, Exploring my options and finding my acceptance here will be a big journey. I just didn't trust Chaos and their goals.....I need to find something to look forward to while a visitor in this world of the living"

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#2 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:25 am

The loud, obnoxious and equally terrifying roar of hollows could be heard in the distance. The sounds of monsters echoed throughout, as a gang of hollows ripped through the fabric of space. It wasn't quite a Garagunta that they used to travel. No, they wasn't yet at that stage in their development. For these were mainly low level creatures. From behind a curtain, where the spirit world shielded itself from the living. One stood within its boundaries without encroaching on the world of the living. The watchful gaze of the stranger kept a close eye on the on goings of the human world. The aforementioned hollows ripped through the city, chasing and cornering unsuspecting prey. Their only purpose was to devour and evolve. An endless cycle, and one that was necessary in the grand scheme of it all. Hollows were free to feast, just as long as a Shinigami, or some other spiritually aware being did not interfere. How amusing it was to watch them gang up on their prey. Hollows, despite their disposition and appearance, can be as clever as any other. That is assuming they maintained some intelligence and wasn't guided entirely by instinct. With all this taking place, the unseen stranger stood his ground. The silhouette of the stranger could be seen sat atop of another creature. Said creature's eyes glowed that lustful red, anchoring to gorge on the souls of others. The creature was on all fours, appearing to be a horse like Hollow. And atop the stranger sat as its rider.

With the feasting taking place below, the stranger noted that three poor and unfortunate souls was targeted. And in the vicinity, remained another four souls that was none the wiser. After a few more moments, the stranger decided it was time to make his move. A Garagunta opened, tearing apart the fabric and space. Thus revealing a dark and endless void. The throat that was cut open, had Reiatsu spilling from it like blood was a cut that was slit. A puff of smoke was released from the stranger who found himself smoking. His hollow tipped cigar was tossed to the side while still inside the Garagunta. Out the man came, riding atop of this horse like hollow. A servant of his, one that was had a white mask with red and black flame like stripes. It also had three horns position on the mask, carefully aligned in a row. The body of the horse was a dark blue hue, with red and white stripes running along it. It's tail was a combination of bones and hair that was a mixture of black and white. The Garagunta closed up after both parties emerged as one. There they was with the earth beneath their feet. The stranger carefully sat atop his noble steed. The area in which they emerged was a large open space. A park of some sorts, but hardly any one was in the area. They sun was high above in the skies. Finding its moments to mingle with the clouds above. As for the stranger, the man had teal colored hair, and orbs of the same color which granted him sight. His high collared garment saw its tassels dangled in the breeze.

The man sat there for a moment, carefully monitoring the reiatsu signatures of the others in the area. His own reiatsu was enough to become far more noticeable compared to others. Some may believe that this man and the gang of hollows are working together. But that was far from the truth. A bit of boredom and curiosity is what brought this Arrancar to the world of the living. He was always searching new test subjects. And often he will get some form of inspiration based on his encounters. In the mean time though, the hollows in the area knew to stay clear of the man. Would others share the same reasoning? It was only a matter of time before the man may indeed find out.

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#3 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:22 am

Shana was in New York for a couple of reasons. First and probably the most important in her book was to try out the pastries at this abolutely delectable bakery that she ahd heard about. The second was that Ika had asked her to keep an eye on Kade, one of the newer recruits within Chaos. Stepping through the portal she started by hunting down the bakery, where she got what was probably the most delicious Cannoli that she had ever had the pleasure of eating. The filling was sweet, yet not overly so, and extremely creamy. The pastry was flaky, and flavorful, all in all the Cannoli was perfect.

Her sweet tooth satisfied she started to feel out for Kade, tracking him down to a soup kitchen, watching him quietly from the shadows, which was easier said than done what with her bright red hair and eyes. But she did have a few decades of practice. Watching as the vizard helped the elderly, serving food to those who would have otherwise not been able to afford it, So I am not the only one of us who does not feel like they fully fit in with the chaotic, borderline evil practices of Chaos. Though unfortunately the peaceful scene before her got shattered, by the howls of hollows on the hunt. Shaking her little red head, Shana resisted the urge to go immediately to dispatch the hollows, from what she could hear and feel, she knew she would be outnumbered, even if they were far weaker than her numbers can wear her down, plus it would give her a chance to see what this Kade fellow could do. Seeming to materialize at his side out of thin air Shana would speak. "We have a hollow situation, I could use your help in dealing with it, and minimizing the casualties."

Without waiting for Kade's response Shana vanished in a blur of Red and black, rushing to the source of the noises finding a group of hollows. Upon arriving she saw easily a half dozen of them each hunting their prey with abandon. With a wave of her hand Shana torched a couple of them letting her Reiatsu spike. Between the flames that seared a couple and the now noticeable pressure, the hollows stopped their hunt of the weak, barely sensitive humans and focused on the slightly more appetizing target. Shana's zanpakuto remained hidden under her coat, she didn't need it for things this weak but she had a bad feeling that it might be needed shortly.

Sure enough her fears proved to be true, a throat between dimmensions opened up, an arrancar on a horse-like hollow stepped out. Just what I needed. Shana's eyes darted back and forth between the oncoming hollows and the newest arrival, weighing the damage that could be done should Shana ignore the hollows to focus on the Arrancar, vs ignoring the arrancar and focusing on the hollows.

Ufortunately, without some help, there was no easy answer, she knew she would be overwhelmed. Though Shana was also aware that this was New York, home of the Committee. The battle would be sensed though the quesion is, how long would she have to fight alone before help arrived, and how much damage would be done in the mean time.

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#4 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:21 am

About to take the train his instincts went into overdrive something was here and the shingami didn't an evil thing had arrived. Kade would have to put his newfound life on hold and get back to work protecting his new home. Then something else catches his was Shana seemingly enough this organization wasn't done with him the only thing that Chaos would track him. After leaving the grounds they might have consider him a threat and they sent one of their own to watch him. But this was important and she said his assistance, Kade couldn't just sad no even in a situation dealing with hollows or any other kinds of evil. "I'll help you in this matter and we better hurry innocent lives are at stake."

He followed Shana to the location sensing her spiritual pressure this woman was powerful. He thought "With Spiritual pressure like hers and she needs my help is this a trap??? No, I better just help her and end the threat". Then the vizard saw it the hollow but just by looking at it wondering why it was here. Kade couldn't worry about it just kill the thing before it kills or harms anyone else then it begins by put his hand on his face. As his spiritual energies start flaring and his hollow mask is formed giving a cold look at the hollow remaining calm and more focus upon the hollow and destroying it. Acting more of an assassin then a shinigami maybe it was hollow part of him acting on the killer instinct because it has been a long time since using this power. Shana asked his help and she was going to get it still dealing with an arrancar this hollow human was something else.

Kade attacked the weaker hollows while Shana was dealing with the arrancar drawing his zanpakuto with quick slashes at their throats. "You have got to be kidding me." The horse hollow might be well a little problem because it reminded a regular horse but for the greater good something had to be done. "Seriously??? A horse just my luck but a job like the shinigami isn't easy." He got into a stance dealing with a hollow horse was going to be something new but really the guy was trained for this. "Fang out and Howl KazeTsumeato". Watching his zanpakuto transformed itself into it Shikai power getting ready to put his fighting instincts to the test again begin to attack the hollow with his blade. Then having a terrible thought creep what if that arrancar had something planned and this was a diversion this maybe a trap.

Kade will just have to help Shana out and wait and see...

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#5 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:41 am

Mounted upon his steed while observing the current on goings. The teal coloured hair stranger was about to move on. But felt compelled by the new  and more vibrant Reiatsu signatures in the area. The Arrancar now felt far more curious compared to before. It wasn't very often that he ventured out of Hueco Mundo. But at this moment in time, he was somewhat happy about his decision. Would his steed feel the same way about it all? The Garagunta that they emerged from closed up behind them. A most exasperated sigh escaped from the Arrancar. He could envision the impending madness that was about to unfold. Any moment now. And so it was, the Arrancar bore witness to the arrival of two spiritually aware beings. Those whom stunk like a Shinigami would. But was it that straight forward? Could there be more to these two than what meets the eye? The stranger from Hueco Mundo maintained his composure. His hollow companion, which was his horse roared and neighed as it rose up on its hind legs. Down it came again, meanwhile its tailed swung from side to side. The stranger soon tapped the beast along its neck area to instil within it some calmness.

The gang of hollows had lost some of their members. A few already having fell victim to the Shinigami. The Jackal could sense it, and further more he felt their pain. A Shinigami never viewed an hollow as anything but a monster. A vile creature that needed to be put down at all cost. Truth is, hollows are quite important to the balance. Not to mention that they gave the Shinigami some sort of purpose. With each hollow that fell victim to the Shinigami's wrath. The Jackal felt more and more agitated. However, he soon reminded himself that it was survival of the fitness. He himself could not remember himself before his current state. But he knew had must have had a strong desire to evolve. Hence why he was able to take on such a commanding position. The Arrancar maintained his position, carefully musing over what his next move will be. For now though the man had a blank expression on his face. The breeze swept through the area, which caused his hair to dance along with the breeze. Before gently falling back into place.

"Hey lil mama, how goes it? It sure seems that we have a situation here. I'm concerned by the rate at which those mere hollows are dying. Could I ask ya to stop?" The Arrancar stated meanwhile looking at the red haired, red eyed young woman. Soon thereafter something truly amazing happened. The Shinigami male underwent a transformation of sorts. No, not a transformation, but he did gain something. The Jackal was taken aback by the hollow mask which the man now donned. Such an occurrence forced the Jackal into action. The man dismounting from his steed in a graceful manner. Now where he was, facing the direction of the red head and the male Shinigami. The Jackal kept his stance, seemingly rather lax, but he was confident in himself and his abilities. He never once allowed himself to lose sight of those around him. They stood at a distance of twelve from the Jackal. The main on his right and the female to his left. His right hand rose and his index finger pointed forward. He was aiming at the male in this instance. The man who had already awakened his Shikai. The mask was of concern to the Jackal.

"You, boyo. What is that mask ya wearing? Since donning that thing, your Reiatsu changed. It now resembles that of an Hollow. I've heard about this phenomena, but never witnessed it before. I wonder, are ya both capable of this? How curious". Almost as if on queue, the remaining hollows  darted towards the male, as did the steed that the Jackal came on. They must have sensed something within the male. And so the attack started. The horse like hollow charged up a Cero on the tip of one of its horns. One that was directed at the male. The Cero was fired off, perhaps showing the man that this was no ordinary hollow. But what happened next between the hollows and the man was down to them. The Jackal was on his own, as it was meant to be.

In the mean time though, the Jackal made sure to keep a close eye on both parties, male and female. He was curious to see what their decision will be in regards to him. "I didn't think they would suddenly attack like that. But oh well". The man said in a casual manner, realising that he may end up fighting both at the same time. He hadn't yet drawn his weapon, he was almost reluctant to do so. Then again, this was all part of the plan. His job was to unnerve both parties. Be that as it may, the man felt somewhat lazy. And wasn't looking forward to dealing with both fighters at the same time. Then again, two verses one sounds like reasonable odds. Could be what he needs to be able to rid himself of this boredom.

"Shall we tango, my love?". His words directed at the red haired woman. She seemed smaller, but perhaps far more nimbly than he could ever imagine. This was shaping up to be a challenge. Just how difficult it will be was still a mystery at the moment.

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#6 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:46 am

Shana noticed that Kade had followed her, feeling the change in his reiatsu as he donned his mask, not the brightest move starting with that, but to each their own. Her attention was more focused on the arrancar before her, now that she was sure that there was someone atleast attempting to keep the hollows off of her back. The arrancar dismounted, letting his steed go join the fray against Kade, Shana considered intervening, but determined that she was probably going to need all she had to face the foe before her while keeping collateral damage down to a minimum. "Sure, if you tell them to retreat we will not give chase. Though I doubt they will listen"

Apparently the arrancar before her noticed the mask on Kade as well as he addressed him about it, though she wasn't going to answer his question about that, he would have to force that answer out of her in the fight that he literally asked for not long afterwards. "Sure, though you might find me a bit too hot to handle"

Shana didn't even finish her sentence before she had shunpo'd immediately in front of Jackal, aiming a palm strike at his mid-section should the blow land she would then release a torrent of flames from her palm, hot enough to cause second degree burns.

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#7 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:12 pm

It seems Shana is going to fight the arrancar but why was he needed with spiritual pressure like hers she can handle this threat. Kade was wondering if this was to get him out of hiding or something to that but back to deal with hollows after finishing off the weaklings. The horse hollow saw that his friends were dead yelling out curse words to him this was something new but understandable yet the vizard had a job to do giving the horse hollow a staredown tactic. He couldn't worry about Shana because the horse hollow could turn his attention at Shana and attack her that isn't going to happen the big hollow was in a rage. Having it full attention the horse hollow started attacking forcing his hooves down going to rushing attack bashing the vizard into the wall. The damn hollow went berserk and continued attacking this was bad, Kade didn't know what to do then something happen "Come on Kade you better handle this or I'll be stepping in. You've had it easy for a long time doing things the safe way when I could have done things the violent gore way. Get with the fucking program and fight"

It gave him a rush that he needed it was his inner hollow being a long time since they talked too. He placed one hand on the beast "Cero" and blasting the hollow hard with black energies from the cero blast. Knocking the hollow creature away from him giving the vizard a fighting chance not knowing how long his hollow mask was going to last but got to make this minutes count.

The monster was coming around from the cero attack and started charging, He waited and attack "Bakuryūha Tengai". Kade had unleashed a powerful shikai ability from his zanpakuto slashing the horse hollow cutting it apart completely damaging not only but the area as well. Something caught the vizard's attention the horse hollow was crying it's a dirty job but someone has to do it. The big threat was over but Shana was dealing with the arrancar that was the major threat still this was her fight....

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#8 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:15 am

Ever the observant type, the Arrancar could tell that the young women was gearing up for an attack. And so she did, closing the gap between them rather swiftly. The man responded as was to be expected when faced with potential danger. With the palm strike aimed at his mid section. The Jackal side stepped the hand that was raised against him. The Arrancar was graceful in his movements, with none of it being wasted. It was more like a blur, an effortless transition from one spot to another. He too was as agile as they come. The movements of the Jackal took him next to Shana. Meanwhile with one of his weapon drawn, the blade was held in his right hand. His movements had taken him to the right side of Shana. His blade already crashing down in a diagonal manner. A vicious swing it was, aiming from shoulder to thigh. It all came together in one move. His spiritual pressure spiked, providing the man with a means of guarding himself. At the same time of attacking, the Jackal was paying close attention to the young woman. He was most certainly ready to react to her own movements. His blade was swift and carried a lot of force behind it. Only one weapon drawn so far.

"You seem the stubborn type. Would ya be more talkative if I turned my attention to him instead?". The Jackal appeared casual in terms of his approach. But if one was to pay attention to even his stance. They would come to notice that he wasn't the type to leave himself open. This Arrancar was particularly interested in the Hollow like abilities that the other male demonstrated. With each passing moment, he was becoming more and more curious. It was almost maddening for the Jackal. He just had to know what this was all about. Now that even his steed was destroyed, the Jackal had no reason to show mercy. As per usual though, it does take him a little while to grow into his fights. For one, he knew that the male was capable of utilising a Cero.

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#9 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:38 am

Shana's attack was dodged as the arrancar gracefully side-stepped, his weapon already at the ready he swung in a diagonal motion. If Shana had been observing this from a distance she would have probably have admired the technique and skill that the hollow was using. Turning and stepping towards Jackal she would go to catch his arm with hers, blocking his blow by intercepting his wrist on her forearm stopping his arm mid-swing. Continuing her motion with another step inwards Shana would take full advantage of her diminutive size aiming an elbow strike at his midsection from inside of his reach. Some times being small had it's advantages, as her being in this close would make any of his physical defenses awkward.

Breaking away after her attempted elbow strike she would smirk at the Arrancar, her eyes seeming to almost come alive as she started to get into this fight. "Oh but that would be a waste of your time, at least around here. Because while we may not be members of the Gotei anymore, we can't stand causing unnecessary Collateral damage. It tends to draw far too much attention to us you know?"

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#10 Re: [Open] New Decisions on Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:57 pm

Now he could intervene but she was handling her own still the vizard he should be on standby because Chaos wouldn't like it if she was defeated. Kade had managed to defeat the horse-like hollow but he was injured from the hollow's attack. Could he risk it though the opportunity of running away sounded good but that was the coward's way out and he didn't want to that. She asked for his help but handling an arrancar at this scale the best way to defeat this person would be working on his defenses and then finding a perfect opening to attack. Shana had strong spiritual pressure but analyzing this arrancar might be difficult but the wounded vizard said he would help her. He needed to calm down and starting an examination of the battle so far the arrancar was strong but what could be used to defeat him in battle. It wouldn't be fair two on one and still his wound needed treatment for now the best he could do was cover up the wound. Now back the examination maybe if he was strong enough perhaps attacking the arrancar went for one of his attacks but the vizard would need to be patience enough.

He was wondering if this was right course the arrancar could be prepared in situations like this. The good part was the arrancar didn't call for his allies hopefully the freak doesn't have hollow bait. This wound wasn't getting any better but the guy couldn't be thinking the worse case scenario not right now maybe after all this would be consider.

Kade thought if he could handle on his own then it wouldn't be a big fucking burden. But allies in times of need are important in situations like this but having friends. Being a lone soldier having a full anti social attitude was wrong being in pain emotional but now physical. Friends come a dime a dozen but the pain was getting worse and Shana needed to have to head focus on the battle. He started walking away then falling crawling over to a corner to a building. Maybe he needed to break the emotional barrier and finally saying "Help....Please Help"

He only believed in himself and zanpakuto maybe that was the problem not depending on others. Not just the perfect world....

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