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#1 [Open] Quiet for the Holidays on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:16 am


Having no regrets a vizard was walking quietly remembering stuff the Seireitei and his times within the Soul Society knowing it all over. He rejected the organization known as Chaos and left their grounds in secret thinking it was a mistake still maybe it was his choice to find friends. It seemed like an idea to find others who had the same thing that he was going through but still something was very wrong with it.

Kade didn't believe that he would fit in at all the decision was clear to leave Chaos and pursue something else for the time being which was a good plan. Playing a little detective finding a lost woman and returning her back home to her husband with some horror problems along the way. But after being confronted by a member of Chaos about leaving, Kade was finally alone again this was a month to be celebrating with family. The only problem...Kade didn't have a family well not anymore the lone vizard thought Christmas was going to come soon enough.

What was the deal about Christmas??? Something that was never explained or talk about with him a lot of things didn't make sense anymore but still alone. Walking the streets, Kade started seeing people being happy as humans we're getting into this Christmas holiday stuff some it about presents. While others just enjoy the holidays with loved ones a day for family to become close which was troubling to him.

"Human culture...Something I will never seem to understand, Just mind my business and move on"
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