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In the Christmas season, there are two things that are inevitable, shopping too early, or shopping fairly late. No matter which held true, the stores were flooded with countless people attempting to find gifts for others who were precious to them. Some even from other places. Karakura Towns shopping markets were surely a place to find both commonalities and oddities alike.

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Seralin was a late shopper. Only a week until Christmas and she had nothing to give! "Sol, do you have my list? I will need to make sure I get everything before I forget again." In her kind she begins contemplating how she would afford all this. The store was in it's off-season and her funds had to go towards repairs to her personal training area for Sol'Elis. SPeaking off...

"Sol?" She looks back and does not see the familiar head of blue hair she was expecting to follow her. Instead she only sees other people she neither knows or cares for walking across the snowy sidewalks. "Damn it. I hope she didn't wander far... she knows her way home, I should focus on getting these gifts." She heads into a nearby clothing store and starts looking around. "Lets see... I might be able to get something in here for someone." It was time to walk around and get inspired, seeing as her list wasn't there to go off of.

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On a mission of my own choosing, I wanted to do something different this year, to celebrate the occasion of snow in the Seireitei as well as the holidays. Cami was new to this, so I wanted to get something for her, and to see those bright blue eyes light up as they always did when she was happy. But in my situation, I thought of someone else. I missed Mei terribly, and this would always be true, as one's heart tends to be the most fond of things that we lose. That didn't prevent me from becoming closer to and more fond of Tatsuya, who had much the same spirit and had plenty to keep my head straight. In that sense, I wondered what I would get for her....

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