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In the snow amid Karakura Town, there ran a group having apparently left their home behind for a while. They ended up stuck with each other, though Accelerator would rarely admit his fondness of his companion.... Instead, like many other children around, Misaka observed and garnered an idea in her tiny head, grinning all the while.

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Brown eyes would stare at the snow as she danced around in her big, fluffy coat, her tiny jeans, her soft, fuzzy boots, her mittens, and her fluffy earmuffs. Misaka had been so ecstatic to get winter clothes from Accel because she had never had them before. Normally, the winters had been brutal and uncaring, especially in the orphanage. Her small body was now warm, happy, and healthy thanks to Accelerator. He cared for Misaka and she adored him. She wanted to spend every day with Accelerator forever! Her small head would then look to Accelerator who wasn't too far away from the psychotic looking, dancing child. Although, he didn't seem to oay much attention to her other than the look her gave her once in a while to make sure she wasn't in danger or had wandered off.

Misaka would tap her mitten to her chin as she thought of a way to get him to play with her, then she remembered what the other kids would do to her. The girl would grin as she remembered the fun they would have in the snow. Misaka would bend down before packing the cold flakes together into a nice, smooth ball. She would look to Accel, then back to the ball before she would walk just a little closer and throw it. Her little head would then turn away as she pretended she didn't throw it, whether it hit him or not.

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