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#1 The Snow Melts on the Ground on Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:26 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
All over the world, it snowed, brilliantly and heavily, as if by pure magic. Even sweaty and scummy Bogota was not immune to this spell of sorts. Well.. Sort of. The snow fell, but within minutes, it melted, even faster within the jungles that Chaos called home. Many would manage to scoop up handfuls of it, only to be disappointed in the slush that remained. A few might be able to maintain the snow for a while, but most were saddened. Selica especially was annoyed, not because the snow melted, but for another reason entirely.


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#2 Re: The Snow Melts on the Ground on Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:32 am


2nd Division
2nd Division
Shana had heard the unthinkable, it was snowing in this hellish little jungle that the members of Chaos had called home, though most of her hated the cold that the snow represented, she still was a little girl at heart who found it's purity to be quite beautiful to look at. However when she stepped out of the base into the jungle she was rather disappointed, the snow was already melting from its beautiful pure white essence to well yuck. Of course the presense of the fiery little red-head out amongst it did not help things in the least as her very pressure caused the temperature around her to rise making the snow melt even quicker. "Great, just great, so much for stepping out to enjoy the snow for a little bit"

With that little bit of grumbling Shana would turn and return back into the base to go dry off her boots, grumbling the whole way, her agitation causing her pressure, and the temperature she let off to rise even more. So much so that she had already steamed the water off of her by the time she returned to her room.

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