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#1 A BleachStory Christmas on Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:48 am

Welcome to A BleachStory Christmas, as written, and recited by Saio Hira. Yep, That's me. Rather than spoil the fun now, let's just display the table of contents and get this ball rolling.

Table of Contents

1. I Saw Kokoro Tickling Santa Claus

2. And a Legion of Hollows Did Give Gifts that Night

3. O Little Town of Karakura (Open Snow Topic)

4. A Very Gotei Christmas (Open Snow Topic)

5. Unto You a Whiskey is Given (Ika and Tenketsu)

6. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (Tatsuya, Noziel, and Camillia)

7. The Snow Melts on the Ground (Bogota Open Snow? Topic)

8. Warriors Born of Lost Christmases, Snow Spilled (Accel and Misaka)

9. Here's to Savings, Here's to Last Minute Shopping (Open to all)

10. Children Hidden in a Land of Snow (Winderlin, Sol'Elis, Akane, maybe more?)

11. Stranger Things We Have Heard On High (Ika Self-Insertion Go-Go)

Oddly enough, the stories seem to be writing themselves as the month drags on, so maybe things will turn out differently than it looks to be. Even so, This is a tale which is best told a la old leather highback chair by the fireplace with a side of cocoa and marshmellows. I'm not going to disclose my cocoa recipe to you people no matter how much you ask so be silent and drink up while I share this little picture book with you all.

... Wait a minute. Doth my eyes decieve me? Usually do, but not this time, even the Hell Guardians are taking it easy! Could this mean? YES, Sinners can run through the snow too.

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