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#1 Tenketsu Arata [WIP] on Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:31 pm


5th Division
5th Division


Name: Tenketsu Arata
Alias: [Previously] Shirayoshi (White Demon)
Real Age: 113
Phys. Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Arata is extremely laid back and lazy. He prefers to sit around and do nothing all day. Lounging around is what he does about 70% of the time. Arata is also one who likes to gamble. Simply put he isn't good at gambling and blows all his money away on it. Often he will give fake words of wisdom out if the time comes for it which are rather believable however Arata doesn't know a thing that he's talking about. Despite how lazy he is Arata is still dedicated to his job within the 5th Division.

Arata is generally a kind man who cares deeply for those close to him, willing to even sacrifice his own life for them. Arata isn't one for combat, though exceptional at it, he only really fights if he has too. Instead of fighting he'd rather lounge around reading comics but if it comes to it it's almost like a switch. He is almost like some sort of demon the way he charges into battle.

Arata loves alcohol despite his low tolerance for it and his favorite sweet is cake. For drinks he loves chocolate milk and chugs it down daily. A lot of his diet is even consisted of sweets which if he was still human he would have to cut it out for the risk of obtaining diabetes. However since he is a shinigami he doesn't have to worry about that and indulged in sweets as much as he so desires.

Arata dislikes his natural curly perm hair, he even blames a lot of problems on it such as his lack of any sort of love life. However despite that Arata is rather charismatic with his terrible jokes and occasional sarcastic attitude. When the time comes for it he can be more serious, generally resulting in him being more quiet. Though even when serious he can't help cracking some horrible jokes. However that makes it even more funny due to the serious tone he'll have however despite the situation he is making jokes.

All in all Arata is loyal to his friends and those he cares about, willing to put his life on the line for them without a second thought and does his best to complete whatever job he is assigned to despite his lazy lifestyle. He is somebody you can count on and put your faith in when push comes to shove.


Height: 177 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Physical Traits: Arata is of an average height and weight with his most noticeable feature being his silvery natural permed hair which causes Arata a lot of distress. His eyes are a grey/green color and nearly always half-lidded. His skin has a slight tan to it that isn't very noticeable while Arata has a decent build that hides a lot more strength than his body shows. Arata also has a lack of scars and tattoos on his body

Arata's standard outfit consists of a white yukata with a blue swirl pattern on the bottom and at the end of the sleeves, worn so that his arm only goes through the left sleeve and the right half droops down over his obi. Over this he wears a black belt that is buckled so that there is some leftover dangling from the buckle, from which his Zanpakuto rests. Underneath, he wears a black red-lined shirt with a popped collar and black pants. He also wears knee high black boots, also buckled at the top and above his foot, this appears to add half an inch to his height.


General Fighting Style: To put Arata into a class it would be a Berserker with his only goal being to kill his opponent. While being able to relentlessly destroy enemies that are weaker than him and take down large crowds and groups of opponents easily he struggles more with enemies that are equal to or stronger than him which are able to hold him off or even possibly defeat him.

His style isn't one that could be named as it is something self taught to him. He generally uses a sword in combat but he is well known with multiple kinds of weapons and can use them just as well. His normal close combat is with the use of a sword though and even then he mixes in plenty of hand to hand combat techniques as well to the point that his most consistent way of dealing damage is kicks to his opponents stomach when their swords are locked.

While Arata doesn't try to rely on it too much, his zanpakuto gives him the ability to manipulate energy. He can use this energy to either bolster his own body and strengthen it to be more durable or make himself stronger or faster, or he can use it offensively and defensively. Some defensive ways are obvious like being able to make barriers and offensively there are many ways to be able to manipulate this energy. He generally only uses this against opponents equal in strength to him or stronger to make up for his recklessness as a berserker.


Ability Name: [Characters are allowed 1-2 personal abilities.]
Ability Description: [These can be combat oriented or roleplay oriented.]


Sealed Appearance:
In its sealed appearance Arata's zanpakuto appears to be a bokuto in the shape of a katana. Despite the appearance of a wooden sword it acts just like zan-steel and has the ability to cut and pierce like a normal sword. The sword itself is the length of a normal katana however it doesn't have any sort of hand guard due to having the appearance of a wooden sword. The only significant feature that is noteworthy about the sword is the name of the zanpakuto inscribed upon the handle.
Zanpakutou Name: Hoshikudaki
Call Out Command: Omae wo moe shindeiru, Hoshikudaki.

(Strengths and Weaknesses)
Strength: x2
Speed: x0.75
Stamina: x2
Durability: X1
Endurance: x2
Reiatsu: x0.5
Reiryoku: X1
Reflexes: x0.75
Sensing: x1


When released into Shikai Arata's zanpakuto makes the change from a wooden bokuto to katana with a red scabbard. The Katana itself has a black handle grip in the normal diamond pattern however the hand guard is a golden dragon coiled around it to separate the blade from the handle. The dragon is the only significant feature to the katana.
Energy Manipulation:
Arata is able to manipulate energy, he is able to use it to do many thing. If he forms and sort of construct then it can be shattered by anything of Hadou 20 or higher.

Arata is able to manipulate any attack or ability that is within his power. The same costs apply as if it were his ability.

Dragon's Wrath:
Arata thrusts his sword at his opponent and from it a silvery mass of energy shaped like that of a dragon launches towards them. However the farther the distance the stronger it gets as it grows larger and longer the further it travels. From 0-5 meters it has the power of hadou 35 and a diameter of 2 feet. From 5-25meters hadou 45 and a diameter of 2 meters. From 25-50 meters hadou 55 and a diameter of 5 meters. And from 50-100 meters Hadou 65 with a diameter of 10 meters. It is fully capable of moving on Arata's will. 1 post CD.

Unlocked Potential:
Arata can channel energy through his body and focusing it to enhance himself. By doing this he can provide himself a 3x boost into any stat, however this 3x boost completely overwrites the previous one. e.g. Arata boosts his speed x3, making it become x3 instead of the x1.5 he normally does. e.g. Arata boosts his durability x3, making it become x3 instead of the normal x1 he gets. This boost lasts for 5 posts with a 5 post cooldown.

(including Strengths and Weaknesses)
Strength: x3
Speed: X1.5
Stamina: x3
Durability: x1
Endurance: x2
Reiatsu: x0.5
Reiryoku: X1
Reflexes: X1.5
Sensing: x1


New Name: Super Hoshikudaki
When released into Bankai Arata's zanpakuto takes the appearance of a basic katana that has a black grip and a cross shaped hand guard. The blade itself is straight with a slight curve near the tip of the blade making it a basic katana. The grip has the basic diamond pattern to it. However the real beauty lies in the simplicity of the sword, not the complex designs. Closer inspection would show the katana is well crafted despite the basic design of it.

Arata's appearance does change though. His new attire consists of a white kimono however it isn't tied down and moves freely as he only wears it with both arms in the sleeves. Under that is a gray kimono that is tucked into a gray pair of pants however it is also tied on by a white belt. Overtop the gray kimono is a black, flexible layer of torso armor that appears to be made out of a durable type of leather. Arata also wears black knee-high boots and on his arms under the white kimono are a pair of black gauntlets, finishing the attire of with a white headband under his bangs.
Retains all previous abilities.

Arata forms a barrier made of energy that can withstand up to Hadou 50. However anything above hadou 50 that makes it past the barrier loses power equal to hadou 50 once breaking through the barrier. This has a 2 post CD

Energy Rush:
Arata channels energy onto the blade of his sword and swings it. Flinging off the blade is a silvery wave of energy that launches towards the target. This wave of energy has the power of hadou 75 and from top to bottom is 4 meters in length. This has a 2 post CD.

Shunpo Rush:
Arata grips his sword with both hands before charging past his opponent at shunpo speeds. Arata as he moves past his target swings his sword at them. After stopping 3 meters past the target he has completed the swing of his sword. This deals damage equivalent to hadou 70 in damage with a 2 post CD.

Unlimited Potential:
(Can't stack with Unlocked Potential)
Arata is able to channe energy into his body and enhance one stat by x4, replacing it completely with x4. Arata gains a silvery hue to his body while using this. It lasts for 5 posts with a 5 post CD

Energy Shockwave:
Arata releases a silvery hued shockwave of energy from his body outwards in all directions that can push anybody or thing around him away from him. The closer you are the more damage you receive and the farther back you're pushed. Within 3 meters it deals damage equal to hadou 40 with a knockback of 50 meters. 4-7 meters hadou 35 with 45 meters of knockback. 8-12 meters hadou 30 with 35 meters of knockback. 12-20 meters hadou 25 with 25 meters of knockback. 2 post CD

With energy flowing through his body Arata can speed up his regeberation so that light wounds heal rather quickly (1 post) while larger wounds such as large gashes or even broken limbs heal in a short amount of time. ( 2 posts)

(Including strengths and weaknesses)
Strength: x4
Speed: x1.5
Stamina: x4
Durability: x1
Endurance: x4
Reiatsu: x1
Reiryoku: x2
Reflexes: x2.25
Sensing: x1


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: [History goes here.]
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]
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#2 Re: Tenketsu Arata [WIP] on Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:54 pm

Mei T

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Application Announcement:

This application has been without an update for nearly 6 months. Due to such it is moved to Inactive Section.


Yuki was here!<3
Noz was here too Razz
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