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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:50 pm

It was snowing in Norway. Cold winds blew in from the east and the sun had just fallen past the horizon. Although Thor heard from the man on the radio that it was Christmas there was no festive cheer to be seen. No red lights on houses or humans in the street singing songs or any of the bizarre rituals he felt like there should be. Even though Thor didn't like Christmas, he knew that it looked weird without people celebrating it like they usually did.

Just ahead of him was a grand building with four stories made of stone and oak. It looked older than the dirt that surrounded it, and was surrounded by large fields with thick stone walls to separate it from the rest of the town. He swept his fingertips over the gate, brushing off a thick tuft of moss to reveal the brass plate with its name: verneporten. It seemed the garganta had spat him out in front of a long since abandoned  boarding school. How utterly discouraging.

Thor began to push the gate open when he heard a loud pop in the distance. What is it? A gun? A fire cracker? Now that was interesting! He turned towards the sound of the noise and let his mind’s eye guide him towards the souls. He did know what he was going to face, however, hopefully it would be something enthralling.

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