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#1 Family Reunion's on Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:17 am

Shojo visited his sister and her children every day for weeks just so he could try and see what's it's like to have a nephew's while also getting to see how his sister has done while he was away. "I have to find a way to make up for not checking in sooner." the young man looked scrolled through a gift book sitting on top of a park bench 'i'm sure she's just happy to have you around again.' Shiro responded with a rather weird tone in his voice that just seemed to be out of character for him. The sun stood high in the sky as they sat around flipping through pages of expensive gifs to buy, "Say Shiro do you think I'm doing the right thing?"

'Honestly, I feel like your over thinking this and putting too much effort into this.'

Their conversation didn't really get far from their as they never found a common ground to end the talk, I hope the Cap'n is okay with all this? Shojo thought hopping off the bench and walking to his sisters home What if cap'ns knows about where I've been?! no way he would never track me... Shojo rushed over to her home at top speed but stopped to at his old high school for a second. It really felt like he was alive again with the way he's rushing over somewhere. Not having to fight for his life or deal with high ranking officer's has done some good for them as they can relax more and take things slow.  

How they looks now:

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#2 Re: Family Reunion's on Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:06 pm

From the shadows the red-haired captain of squad two watched as one of his opperatives went AWOL, leaving the base without permission, going and mingling among the living. Kaede had faith that the young vice captain of squad two was not betraying them, but with the situation as it had been it was better to be safe than sorry. Following Izanami-kun to New York Kaede kept his pressure concealed, and his body in the shadows. The young captain watched as his lieutenant stopped at a high school, almost like he was reliving his past. That was something the red-haired captain could understand, and probably would have okayed Should Izanami-kun had asked.

Revealing himself, dagger in hand Kaede would speak, "You know, I should have you locked up for this right Izanami-kun. Leaving the base like this, and not even bothering to cover your tracks. Your little excursions like this could lead enemies right to our front door, And frankly we are not in the greatest shape to deal with that."

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#3 Re: Family Reunion's on Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:19 am

Shojo had completely let his guard down while he was in front of his former high school 'Man this place is still standing who would have thought.' Shiro commented as the building had better days from the outside anyway "Your right about that Shiro but we should get going..." the wind picked up as they turned and heard a rather familiar voice No way how did he find us and when did he get there they thought as a cold sweat ran down their face "Cap'n I was gonna tell you but then I kinda forgot but- Why do you have that out?" fear had started to set the longer they stood there. They started to calmly walk away from Kaede "Why don't we just go to my place and talk this out Cap'n no need to fight right?" the suggestion was one made from fear that someone would come by and see them or they would break out into a fight right then and there, 'Nice one then we can have the home field advantage if it comes to fighting him.'

I don't think we could fight him either way I mean we've been out the game for some time now.

'True but still that's why you have me for ya dip shit.' they started walking in hopes Kaede would follow them.

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#4 Re: Family Reunion's on Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:35 am

Tossing the dagger in the air as he listened to his wayward VC Kaede glared at him, he wasn't really mad with the knuckle-head but he did wish to impress upon him the weight of what his actions, and the consequences that they could cause. Releasing the full weight of his Reiatsu to press down upon Izanami-kun Kaede would speak, his tone quite firm, almost cross. "You just forgot, We had been attacked, forced from our homes, and it just slipped your mind to let your Captain know that you were planning an outing. Or better yet to ASK PERMISSION before leaving."

"And No we can take care of what needs to be done right here and now." Kaede let his demeanor soften slightly as he continued, though his pressure was still being exerted at it's full force "Don't get me wrong, even I am going a little stir crazy being cooped up, but as we don't know who we can trust, or whether or not anyone is watching for signs of us to find where we are holed up you can not just up and leave on your own like this. Got it?"

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#5 Re: Family Reunion's on Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:48 am

The two boys didn't really want to deal with any of Kaede long-winded speeches right but they owe him that much for skipping out on him like that Shojo fell to a knee as once Kaede had begun to show just how angry he was "I-I didn't know...I'm sorry." the news of the attack wasn't something that anyone could have been ready to hear 'Does that they have your comics STASH!!!' Shiro's was halfway on track. Shojo's cheerful face had disappeared as Kaede finished talking I feel...whats the word umm oh ya sad about all this now dammit. he thought as the pressure had started to fade away even though the situation had changed their mindset was still the same, "Phew that was not how I thought this was going to play out at all thanks for the talk Cap'n!" the young vice-captain smiled at his captain and went to grab his hand to drag him to their home so he's not homeless or something like that.

'Man, I really wish we had been there I mean they must have been really strong to take out the whole 13 am I right Shojo?' Shiro had mad a valid point but at the same time, Shojo wasn't paying him any mind as many other things had started to take over his half of the mind.

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#6 Re: Family Reunion's on Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:12 am

"HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW" Kaede roared, his pressure skyrocketting again, he knew that his vice captain was a bit dense, kind of an idiot at one time. But even he should have had some clue as to the situation they were in. The pressure that the red-haired captain of squad two was exerting would probably be equal on the little brat as if he had found himself in twenty times normal gravity. Being crushed under the pressure that his captain was exerting. "WELL? WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?"

Kaede's pink eyes would seem to blaze with anger, the dagger in his hand shattering under his own reiatsu, his fragile creations while sharp, and lethal were just that fragile. Holding his arm out he created a flamberge, this one made sturdier than his dagger which he would level at his most likely crumpled vice captain it's tip inches from his face.

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#7 Re: Family Reunion's on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:33 am

Shojo suddenly fell to his keens as Kaede unleashed a rather lethal amount of pressure 'Fuck...What is wrong with him now?' both of them asked the same question while trying to think of a way to get away from him as fast as they possibly could but with the amount of pressure around them they could hardly move I've never seen him get this pissed at us before feels like my whole body is on fire. he thought clutching his chest tightly "Cap'n...come on this is pushing it th..there are humans around..." with every word it became harder to breathe. The sound of his dagger shattering echoed in his ear's still while. Their mind had started to become haze but they did their best not to pass out, thankful no one else was round to see or they would more than likely died from coming anywhere near them.

"I wanted to be apart of my family again...I-I'm sorry CAPTIAN!!!" he shouted with tears in his eyes while doing his best not to look at the new weapon Kaede had made 'Shojo w e can't last much longer like thi s!' Shiro tried to keep Shojo awake the best he could but Shojo had already passed out after shouting leaving Shiro in full control of the body 'Fu ck get thic!' hopefully Kaede had started to see that they had started to pass out

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#8 Re: Family Reunion's on Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:53 am

"There isn't any human's in the area that will be effected by my reiatsu, they are all rather spiritually dense. The most they would feel is a forboding making them want to go the other way." Kaede explained, lessening his pressure just enough that Izanami-kun should be able to speak, though moving would be beyond him. "And what do you mean by wanting to be with your family again? Do you mean the human's you have left behind, or the ones who you have sworn to fight side by side, to defend this world and the next with? Hmm?"

To put some more food for thought into his stupid vice captain's head he would continue to speak. "Don't you realize that each time you go see them you leave a portion of your, well for lack of a better term, scent on them? Making them more appetizing for hollows, that you will not always be around to protect them from, and you know full well that while we shinigami are good we are far from perfect. Now explain to me why the hell you decided that it would be a good idea to leave our little base?"

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#9 Re: Family Reunion's on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:52 am

Shiro could felt some of the weight lift off them "Look we already know that it's just we wanted to...see what it was like okay." even though he didn't want to say it he told the truth as they thought back to the day they died when the last thing they saw was the skyline "It was our way of saying good bey to them for good this time, So cap'n ya mind letting us go?' he asked while trying to mentally wake up Shojo but having to keep himself and Shiro awake took a heavy toll on him. Damn it he really did a number on himself this time I have to deal with cap'ns bitchfest, a true fact but Shiro wouldn't let how he was really feeling show even if he seemed slightly more open around Shojo. "To be honest I don't know about Shojo but I wanted to fight some more and being there just wasn't cutting it for me." even though they could hardly move jestered for Kaede to let them stand up and finish their chat. Shojo showed no sign of waking up anytime soon so, Shiro started to get ready for anything that could happen assuming Kaede let them go. "Hey Cap'n just a thought but why not let me go so we can try and find some type of clue as to who attack?" the suggestion was a good one but with everything that happened it wasn't likely.

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#10 Re: Family Reunion's on Sun Apr 08, 2018 12:53 pm

"Hmph" was all Kaede said as he released a bit more of his pressure, not enough to let the bratty shinigami up but enough that he should be able to breathe a bit easier. No point in knocking them out before they could finish explaining themselves. "Fine, but before I let you up, prove to me you understand why I am so pissed with you,"

Kaede let the flamberge rest at his side, he knew the question would be hard enough for these two to answer without having to do so staring down the length of a massive blade, of course he hoped the Izanami's could come up with an answer that would appease him, granted it wasn't like he hadn't already yelled at them for the reason behind his rage. He just wanted to make sure they fully understood it.

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