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#1 Divus [WIP:Sinner] on Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:23 pm




Name: Divus
Apparent Age: Young adult
True Age: 16,831 Years
Sex: Male


"You stop feeling the weight of what can't be undone."

To Sin is to violate divine law. A Sin, by definition, is an offense the non-divine cannot understand. Sin is regarded as a permanent tragedy entailing unending punishment. As an old, long-time resident of Hell, the Sinner called 'Divus' knows something about what eternity actually means...

Enduring the punishment of Hell is almost a divine experience in and of itself, but of the worst kind. He entered as a plain mortal: he was so tormented his hair paled and his skin turned bleak white, forever horrified at the ever-escalating scenes of wretched woe and incurable suffering which constituted his afterlife.

An expectation many religions levy on Sinners is that they will know and forever remember their crimes; Divus does not. The thought of his eternal punishment and the divine crime it warranted seldom crosses his mind. Instead- ... he is an aloof, free-spirited character within Hell. He smiles on the lost and maddened. He greets young Sinners falling into damnation. He makes conversation and idles beside tortured wretches with warm tea and cozy finery.

In essence, Divus is comfortable within Hell. But he is far from out of place. The endless screams, the gnashing of teeth, the torturous madness inflicted on the mind by what is witnessed on the worst plane of existence: these terrible things are Divus' sense of normalcy. Although he is always keen to make a new Sinner comfortable there with camaraderie and conversation- ... He will also lie to them to strain their troubled minds. He will subtly mislead them to pursue the worse depths of Hell. And, especially, he will plant dangerous notions in their mind to make them malignant beings unafraid to kill or die.

Hell has a status quo of its own, and Divus very much likes it the way it is...
But he is more than just a happy, morbid little resident of the inferno.

Divus fell into Hell because he could not forgive. His heart loves to hate, and hates to love. He forsook others with a tragic passion; it is natural that he is forsaken. He knows very well what evil feels like- because at the dawn of his life, he knew fellowship and love, but when dusk came over it he slipped forever into the worst existence mankind is capable of.

Divus hates the invention of law. He despises the crown of Hell, even though he once wore it. He mistrusts women, he dislikes friends and loathes peace. As far as he knows it, true harmony exists only in chaos: no man can trust another with their fate, no man can trust a woman to carry their heart, and no man can dare shoulder his burden with another. Divus believes solely in a world of nihilistic anarchy governed by power, destruction and chaos.

In his heart, Divus carries close to himself the utter root of evil; he seeks to corrupt good things and tempt the mortal world into torment. Although he knows well by now that he cannot overpower the other worlds and their champions by himself- he knows he can sow discord and strife between them, and eventually teach him his own ways that will put his dark agenda into every heart he can make sick with new Sin.

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 183 Lbs.


With a lanky frame and a lithe build, Divus' appearance betrays his bodily mass. Although he moves smoothly his footsteps often carry with unnaturally heavy clicks upon the ground; most of Divus' body is comprised of glass - a substance far heavier than the flesh of men. Because of this, he has an eerie quality to his appearance somewhere between lifelike and statuesque; were he to stop moving you might confuse him for a sculpture...

Divus' skin, resembling an enamel of porcelain, refracts light as if to give the illusion that his pale form is always glowing. A faint gloss about his features hints at the truth of his constitution: most of Divus' body is comprised of silicon dioxide, the universal composition of glass. He has a gentle, angelic beauty to his archaic smile- though numerous bizarre scars mar his face and neck, trailing low to streak across most of his body in the likeness of thorny brambles.

Long, flawless white hair flows down from Divus' head like snowy trails descending the peak of a mountaintop. They hang in wild, silky abandon over his vace; between their icy-white strands, the piercing gaze of his golden-green chartreuse eyes is easily spotted in direct contrast with his dreary black-and-white attire.

Each of Divus' fingers is tipped in a long nail of jet-black obsidian. They grow directly from the quicks of his digits. Sometimes, Divus wears rings- always of silver and jet, never gold or any other gemstone. Similarly, multiple black earrings are set in Divus' ears, from rings to studs as well as a single dark barbell piercing the crest of his right ear. One accessory he always wears is a long necklace of pearls worn in the likeness of prayer beads, which hang in two loops around his slender neck.

On the outside, Divus wears something like the coat of a Roman Catholic priest. There is the indication of a white collar underneath the black garment, which hangs light and wispy over him rather than with burden. The clothing itself is remarkably plain: it fails to genuinely imitate priest's attire, and serves mostly to guide the gear Divus wears underneath it.

Under his faux-priest's coat, Divus wears many items of polished black leather. They go as far as the top of his neck, to his wrists and ankles, buckles binding his glossy black boots to the harnesses of his calves. Chains, studs and pins- all of bright untarnished silver- glint across his attire, just under the veil of his counterfeit clergyman's jacket. If seen bare, the leather attire evokes the image of a science-fiction biker, or perhaps a post-apocalyptic raider.

Strengths: Divus' abilities are very rounded; he is able to deftly manipulate his Sinner's Chains, may proficiently utilize Ranzig and has a skillfully honed mastery of his own unique powers. But, none of these aptitudes shine more than any other among themselves; Divus' greatest strength is using all his abilities in tandem and compliment, rather than exploiting a single ability or aptitude.
Weaknesses: Although Divus' abilities are all equally as formidable and used in balance- his most glaring fault is his lack of a defining strength. There is no actual one thing he is exceedingly good at; even competitively, he does not excel in any area against other combatants. It could be said that his weakness is a lack of a real strength... or that he has no weakness to exploit.
Boosts: 4x Boost applied equally to all stats.

Fighting Style
"All warfare is based on deception."

Divus is acclimated to fighting as a Sinner; their kind lacks the great surges of power provided by the spirit-weapons utilized by other races, and so many learn to utilize nefarious tricks that hone the vile abilities a Sinner is capable of attaining. All but epitomizing this strategy- Divus views battles as puzzles rather than sport and games. Every opponent he faces is treated as a knot to unravel...

Divus' abilities center on unpredictability, concealment and foreknowledge; he is most powerful when he can deceive his enemy- and so he will subtly lace his performance with falsehoods when fighting. If faced with multiple enemies, he may create the illusion of a struggle against an inferior foe, only so that their betters will underestimate him. If he's confident his enemies are playing into this deception- Divus prefers to make an ensuing victory look like an accident.

For most of a battle, Divus prefers to remain close but not in direct contact, studying his enemy and keeping them busy with empty assaults. He adapts extensively to his opponent and so does not show what he is capable of until he has identified a weakness in his enemy. He plays his hand very carefully up until this point, rarely expending more energy than necessary and relying on safe tactics...

... but when Divus does exploit an enemy he abandons restraint. He strives hard to make full use of surprise, deceit and exploitation. He will quickly and decisively punish an enemy at their first mistake- be it a show of weakness or the onset of fatigue. It is at this point he will usually drop the act of being weaker than he is, and should he overwhelm his enemy, he will not end them quickly: Divus enjoys drawing out the final phases of a battle as so to torment, torture and slowly end his enemies in a bloody flourish.


Divus' abilities are based on three fundamental powers- or elements- which comprise each ability he uses. All three of them are listed below.

Hexen is a force of suffering, lamentation and fear- or in abstracted terms, it is the atmosphere of Hell itself. Hell has a way of turning good into bad. More than turning dreams into nightmares, Hexen is used to torment and terrify enemies and its more powerful uses can defile the mortal world to transform it to a Hellish state, mutating objects to take on evil and malignant forms based on what was already there. It has a similar effect on the living - drawing out their pains and bringing out the worst in them. To some extent, Divus can control what Hexen begins as, but there is also a distinct lack of control as Hexen is ever-changing and chaotic once unleashed.

Erebus is a force of darkness and umbrakinesis. In essence- it is an ability to control darkness, or to create it and manipulate it. The mechanism for this is somewhat complicated: Divus is able to nullify light within an amorphous sphere of mental influence. This area varies and relies on Divus' concentration;Erebus can consume more than visual light, and its extreme uses focus on severing far more than that.

Silicosis is Divus' affinity for glass and its manipulation. This could be argued to be his primary element. With it, he is able to influence all forms of silicon dioxide, as well as create or transform it into other glass forms. The exact use and its limitations vary greatly depending on the ability in use and its function.

  • Despicable Zone: Within a roughly line-of-sight range around Divus, a terrible presence of Hellish influence corrupts his surroundings. This effect is initially subtle; people may feel uneasy, water will begin to slowly turn stagnant and insects might become frenzied. However- these effects all rapidly become much worse. All living things near Divus will feel agitated or distraught increasingly: this can manifest as depression, grief, rage or vice of any kind. Prolonged time spent near Divus temporarily lessens a person's ability to deny impulses or achieve virtue and incites them to suffer, panic and Sin. But more than this: Divus is able to sense anyone who is either suffering or experiencing a negative emotion within his Despicable Zone, allowing him to sense the location of such a person as well as what they are feeling and how bad it is. This can apply to moderate to severe pain too, allowing Divus to sense the injured within a medium range.

  • Joy of Pain: When anyone is harmed within Divus' Despicable Zone- be it an enemy or himself- Divus will recover an amount of stamina and spiritual energy proportionate to the amount of harm suffered. This is accompanied by an intense sensation of sadistic pleasure felt by Divus. If moderate or worse injuries are dealt in this same area, the benefit received by Divus is strong enough that for a single post only, he'll be temporarily freed from any binding spells, debuffs or inhibiting effects currently upon him. However, these effects will be returned to effect directly after he completes a single action. Joy of Pain has a downside in that it offers diminishing returns; it will give Divus less each time it comes into effect until someone is killed nearby, which will 'reset' its decline back to normal and allow Joy of Pain to be used to its full effect again. When Divus kills someone, Joy of Pain will greatly hasten Eternal Torment, allowing Divus to rapidly heal some moderate injuries or a single severe wound.

  • Glásfel: All glass within a few hundred feet of Divus can be manipulated by his influence. In addition, he may quickly conjure it from his own body and project it outwards; Divus' powers over glass are elaborate and complex, refined enough to alter its basic structure as so to turn plain soda glass into obsidian, mirrors or porcelain. It is possible for him to move it through space on willpower alone; this is used often to create weapons, small structures and underlying traps of spikes and simple mechanisms such as gears and hinges. Although spiritually influenced- Divus' glass is as brittle as natural glass, easily broken in normal combat. All uses of it- whether offensive or defensive- are always single-use because glass will shatter on collision. But Divus is able to utilize the potential of glass to be sharper than steel, enabling him to create glass edges capable of cutting-through armor and slicing into tough enemies. In addition, even broken shards of glass objects Divus has already used can be reformed into new forms or manipulated as they are.

  • Shroud of Erebus: Divus is capable of creating one shapeshifting zone of complete pitch-darkness through his umbrakinetic affinity. It's possible for him to cover a large area in this darkness; foes trapped within cannot see visually by any means, but the pitch darkness has more effects on a person than just that. Within the Shroud of Erebus enemies will also lose the ability to sense spiritual pressure, and all sounds from outside the darkness will sound muffled, shallow and unclear. Those outside the darkness cannot sense into it by any means other than powerful sensory abilities- racial powers such as Pesquisa will not suffice, unless they are being used by masters of them. Victims of the dark shroud will retain sense of touch- ... but, anyone caught inside the darkness will feel a prickling sensation of chills across their skin constantly. Divus is effected by the Shroud of Erebus in the same way as his enemies, but if they are within his Despicable Zone, he will be able to sense them through that ability in the same manner it normally affords.

  • Bewitched Nightmare: Using a single post's time with no other actions except movement, Divus can enchant another one of his abilities with the powers of Hexen to deliver a very specific effect to an enemy. So far, this only works using either Glásfel or the Shroud of Erebus. However- once enchanted, either a cloud of darkness or a single object of glass under Divus' influence will begin to exude frightful sounds and faux-spectres of malignant nature. If it was an enchanted piece of glass- this ability will trigger the moment it strikes an enemy, whether it hurt them or not. If it was a cloud of Erebus' darkness- then this ability only triggers after an enemy has remained in the enchanted cloud for two complete posts. Once such conditions are fulfilled... a powerful surge of pure Hexen is channeled into an enemy, causing them to hallucinate a waking nightmare torn from the memories of Hell's own Sinners. This nightmare will stun the enemy for their next post entirely, but it will also cause a moderate wound to manifest on their body in correlation to what they see; Divus crafts the nightmare, but cannot create an injury with it that severs a limb or will be mortal. In addition, Divus can perform other actions during the same posting round in which someone is suffering a nightmare he has created.

  • Chains of Condemnation: Divus' ability to conjure his own Sinner's chains is mostly unremarkable. Just like other denizens of Hell, he can extend the chains which connect to his body and manipulate them as if they were appendages, although only temporarily and at the cost of some stamina for so long as they are extended. But, beyond this capability, Divus is able to channel Hellish influence through the chains and directly into an enemy. Anyone struck or ensnared by his chains- even if they are a powerful adversary- will experience brief, but indescribable pain of horrid intensity. In addition, Divus can temporarily attach his own chains to anyone he grapples or is grappled by, which will remain upon them for two posts. Anyone suffering these damned shackles will experience burning pain and an increased effect of Divus' Despicable Zone for the duration of this effect. Non-sinners cannot pull or manipulate the chains, rendering a foe unable to move them; however, as the chains will connect himself to an enemy, Divus can pull the chain to drag an enemy closer or slow them down if he's physically able to overpower them.  

  • Black Ranzig: Divus' use of Ranzig is otherwise unremarkable except for his ability to infuse it with his powers of Hexen and Erebus. While using Ranzig- Divus leaves behind a streak of pitch-darkness in blurred silhouettes of his own body, which will remain for three posts afterward. These inky shapes appear innocuous and exude no spiritual pressure from the outside: however, anyone who makes the mistake of touching them will slip into a brief seizure-like state, experiencing an eclipse of total darkness over their senses before visions of Hell torment their minds. This effect is very temporary and easily recovered from- ... but it will cancel any other actions a foe was attempting in the same post they entered one of Divus' silhouettes in, effectively stunning them.

  • Eternal Torment: Sinners possess an ability to reincarnate their bodies in Hell; Divus has the same capability for regeneration and rebirth as other sinners, but he is able to do this in more places than just inside of Hell. Wherever he brings his Despicable Zone Divus brings the very atmosphere of Hell and a parcel of its influence with it. This enables him to make use of diminished regenerative abilities anywhere he goes; this is far slower than high-speed regeneration, but does perceptively work as anyone watching Divus can observe seeping currents of molten glass slowly pouring out from his wounds to restore his body. More than this- Divus is able to reattach severed body parts in this way, is able to survive longer with worse injuries than other Sinners and is generally less vulnerable to poisons and other bodily impairments for his ability to simply recuperate.

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Mei's 4th Squad
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