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#1 [Training] Fullbringer School on Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:40 pm

Cai spent his much-needed vacation in the Adirondack mountains working on maintaining his fullbring for more than 3 minutes a day and improving his overall fighting style with the help from his great grandpa that lived just under the mountain that they are currently on. "Oh come on ya little almost got me that time." the old man told laughed as Cai failed to land his front leg kick to the chest but got slammed into a tree face first "The hell did he get all this speed from today!?" the words could not have been spoken with more confusion and anger while he gathered his bearings to get back up his grandpa simply looked at him with a disappointed look on his face. Okay I think I need to stop holding back on him he thought was a good as he called on his fullbring and jumping off of a tree too tree until he went for a flying knee. "Wow their little shit! What have I told you?" the old man ducked under the knee and grabbed hold of his left arm and leg to toss him into the ground.

The feeling of anger started to could his mind as he got back up one more time "I'm done with this!" he shouted lunging at his grandpa with a furry or punches and kicks that didn't really hit any of their marks, all while the old man blocked or dodged the attack's "You need to check your self." the old man took two hops away from Cai waiting for him to notice if anything was wrong with him. Cai looked around to see if he had stepped on one of the many traps that he made two days prior today when a faint ticking could be heard on him "I don't ge..." small explosives went off around his body making him clasp "I still had 1:30 left...ya old fart..." the amount of energy that he burnt through was more than his body could handle while being equipped with his fullbring.

His grandpa took him back to his house and waited for him to wake up, which was normal for him at this point so the amount of time needed for him to wake up would only be a few minutes.

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