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#1 Return of Love. (Ika) on Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:27 am

Icy blue eyes stared through the wide, cowering eyes of a man bound in vines from head to toe. His muffled screams and panicked breaths caused a smile to creep up on the white haired advocate of death. Click. Click. Click. could be heard from the boots of the woman as she slowly brought herself closer to the disgusting vermin that had offended her. His body would squirm leaving the vines to tighten as thorns began to grow with every movement leaving, yet again, only the muffled screams of his wretched voice. "Men like you... aren't men at all... You're all beasts, animals, corpses of disgust... You just.. think.. you can objectify a woman and it's okay... you think she won't fight back... you think she's weak.. well, tell me, 'sweetheart' do you think I am weak?" A grin would cross her face so fair as the thorns grew substantially larger on the vine impaling the individual who had dared to violate her with words. His eyes, his voice, and his body all screamed with agonizing pain as blood trickled along her plantlife. "Yes. That's more like it." The woman would say circling the man running her hand along his back in only the places that were left untouched. She would stop before coming close to his ear, "Now, I just can't let this go. You need to learn your lesson." Blue eyes seemed to gleam with excitement as a thorn all of its own grew from her palm stabbing it straight through the side of the mans hip directly out the other side.

The man's face was growing white as the blood continued to pool onto the ground. "Oh dear, is something wrong? You look a little flushed.
Maybe if you weren't so dirty, I could see."
Selica had made her way to the man's side before running her finger along his torso, along her plants, and right through his hair. Then, the woman would slowly lick the blood dripping from the man's forehead off his cheek. Her tongue caressed his features before she would slowly pull away grinning with blood stained lips. His body would shake with fear and terror, however the arrancar had frozen completely. What was this feeling? Something wasn't right. Something was familiar. Something had made her furious to the point of ceasing her play time. "Sorry 'darling' but it looks like play time is over... and I don't play with the same toy twice," Selica would growl before the vines would squeeze the man's torso completely in half while thorns penetrated his body in multiple places making his 2 halves unrecognizable. "Did you enjoy yourself?" the white haired woman would frown as her blue eyes pierced the dark alleyway sensing HIS presence.

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#2 Re: Return of Love. (Ika) on Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:55 am

Ika smiled slightly as he felt the woman's eyes in his general direction, and he quickly whispered and used Bakudo 26 to regain an element of surprise. He appeared behind her, but reached into her chest and in his hands was her beating heart. "I've had this for quite a while, isn't that right Selica?"Ika smirked, feeling it pulsing in his hands, knowing he could end her at any moment was somehow satisfying to him in his own sick, twisted and otherwise demented way.. It was as though he had her world in his hands and he loved it.. "So, I see you've handled my departure with.. grace." Ika glared at the deadman the woman had killed and giggled a bit. "Woo, he must've really had a good time eh?"

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#3 Re: Return of Love. (Ika) on Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:46 am

She had been so sure that he was in front of her and that he was watching from the dark abyss that she could only sense into. However, his hand penetrated her flesh from her back just where her heart was sitting within her chest. Blue eyes swiftly changed from ice cold to wide with shock. Had he killed her? The woman would feel nothing but sharp, horrid pain leaving internal screams echoing through her mind, while she processed every action with the slowest of realization. The pain eminated from her back to her heart, yet her heart didn't pulsate with pain it simply twinged with it. The feeling of having someone's hand surrounding such a vital organ was unnatural and felt as though the still pumping organ was crying for helo as it attempted to flee the grasp with each continuing circulation. As Ika spoke, Selica barely listened to his words for her ears were loud with the sound of her heart's cries for aid. However, Selica's brsin seemed to have another option in mind. The woman filled with rage, but her body stayed frozen still. He left didn't he? Why would he think he could possibly still have her heart? Her heart didn't belong to him. Her heart didn't belong to anyone but her. He didn't reciprocate her love, he detested it. He played her like a chess match and ditches his hardworking queen so the king could have easy, swift victory. He didn't truly care for her, she was simply.. his pawn.

Blue eyes would flush to a more empty state as the anger slowly faded. What good would resenting him do? He could kill her now in this moment, yet she's somehow lasted this long. Why didn't he just end her? Why did he continue to make her suffer? The woman would twitch as the pain pulsated through her once more. Her blue eyes opening in shock once more. Then, a comment was made towards Selica's toy, which would lead her emotions to flood with happiness. "U-until... you... in-ter-upted," Selica would force the words out of her small being with a grin and a hysterical facial expression as she surpressed her maniac laughter in attempt to keep herself still alive and her heart still beating. "What.. do you.. want?" At this point, the woman was growing quite aroused by the pain as her body began to grow slowly more accustomed to it in the short amount of time, however it didn't feel all dandelions and roses.

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#4 Re: Return of Love. (Ika) on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:12 am

The woman seemed hurt, perhaps she had a bit of abandonment after Ika had left the first time around.. Eh, she'd get over it. "My dear, I've come to claim what is mine of course..." Ika continued to caress her heart a bit before slowly withdrawing his hand from her chest. "My apologies for leaving so suddenly, I had things to do."


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