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#1 [Battle] A Genius and a Juggernaut. on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:47 am

Don't ask how Kokoro and Hagane had ended up in the middle of downtown Tokyo, they did, go fuck yourself. Now then, Kokoro knew he had pissed the big bastard off, though he'd be lying if he said he didn't know why. He had really hoped the big prick would take being called a big daft cunt a bit easier, but instead it seemed he had taken it to heart and well.. Things weren't looking great for Kokoro at this point. But he knew how to handle big fuckers like this one, namely by keeping weapons like that big fuck off hammer away...

Fuck this is going to be a pain..

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#2 Re: [Battle] A Genius and a Juggernaut. on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:31 am

Hagane death stared Kokoro, furious at what the prick had called him. Hagane was usually docile until provoked, to the extent that even looking at him would make him want to kill you. Hagane was definitely not going to ignore being called a 'big daft cunt'. Kokoro knew what he did, and Hagane knew it even better. Hagane's face was painted with rage, his eyes were blood shot red with anger. Hagane drew his sword and released into Shikai. Growing large in size, and his sword changing into a War-Hammer.

Hagane slammed his hammer into the ground, having it break beneath his feet and turn into rubble. Hagane reached down and picked up a chunk of rock. "I'm gonna take pleasure in crushing your head", Hagane said roaring and yelling at Kokoro. As he said this, Hagane crushed the rock in his hand. His facial expression changed from pure rage to a deranged grin, as he stared down Kokoro. The rock had been crushed into a sand like substance, and with a quick movement Hagane threw the sand at Kokoro, with the attempt to temporarily blind him. Whether Kokoro had been blinded or not, Hagane would Shunpo directly behind him and swing his War-Hammer. The Swing being aimed at Kokoro's Ribs.

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#3 Re: [Battle] A Genius and a Juggernaut. on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:43 am

Well this big daft cunt seemed to be a bit enraged, something about crushing Kokoro's head, my lord that's a big rock he just picked up.. Well then, the man crushed the rock and his face seemed to form a bit more of a demented, twisted, and otherwise sadistic look. Not good, not good at all.. He had thrown the sand at Kokoro, attempting to blind him... An elementary maneuver to say the least, but Kokoro was careful to use his tentacles to spin and knock it away.. He then Shunpo'd directly behind Kokoro, and swung towards him with his hammer. When Kokoro went to deflect the shot with his scythe he probably shouldn't have been surprised with the outcome.. It went right through him.

Kokoro was sent flying away, his ribs were shattered on impact with the hammer, his left lung was crushed and one of his hearts had been impaled with his own bones as well... Kokoro pried himself out of the wall he had become embedded in, and brushed himself off, allowing for blood to pour out of his mouth at an unyielding rate. He smiled a bit, motioning for the man to come at him.. "Bring it you big, stupid, daft CUNT!"

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#4 Re: [Battle] A Genius and a Juggernaut. on Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:15 am

Kokoro had attempted to deflect or block Hagane's swing, which ultimately ended in failure as Kokoro had to pry himself out of a wall. Hagane's Deranged grin remained, as he bellowed with laughter. Kokoro brushed himself off, and gestured at Hagane. Hagane's laughter instantly stopped, as he saw Kokoro edge him to fight. "Bring it you big, stupid, daft CUNT!", Kokoro said. Hagane's grin changed back to the lifeless face of Blind Rage, as he Bellowed and Roared at Kokoro.

Slamming his hammer into the ground behind him, he began to charge at Kokoro. The ground behind him being torn apart by his dragging War-Hammer, and the rubble rolling and forming itself around Hagane. Holding his shoulder out in-front of him, Hagane would prepare himself for impact, whether that be with Kokoro or something else. "I WANT EVERYONE TO DIE", Hagane would yell out as he ran at Kokoro.

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#5 Re: [Battle] A Genius and a Juggernaut. on Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:08 am

The man laughed for about a moment till he concluded that Kokoro clearly wasn't done fighting him, nor insulting him in any way shape or form. It was with this in mind that Kokoro would formulate his next strategy, it was clear to him that there was no way he could stand-in toe to toe with this big bastard, but there had to be a way to catch him off guard somehow.. Kokoro was quickly forced into action by the man dragging around rubble and debris, not to mention a giant fuck off hammer and charging directly at Kokoro in some mad-dash shoulder tackle thing that should be illegal in every country ever.

Kokoro gritted his teeth, knowing full well he was about to be walloped for his troubles and had very little say in the matter. Kokoro set up tentacle trip-wires that the man would charge through and if he happened through three of them, he would take on about 3 cero's worth of damage though Kokoro wasn't Naive enough to THINK that would slow this fucking beast down. Kokoro grimaced as the man presumably kept coming, knowing that his options were limited he had a new strategy that was effective against all large foes..

Aim for his fucking knees. Kokoro pelted them with Bala from the protrusions of three tentacles, blasting away at them with what was probably about 12 Bala in total before launching a Cero at the mans right knee, which would probably be his attack target for the fight.. Kokoro didn't really think this would get him off his feet, but it was one helluva start as he stood prepared for a frontal assault, scythe drawn and ready to block what it could, not that it was much..

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