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#1 The Same But Different on Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:56 pm

They had sparred once before, Gael and Kaede. Both of them were captains of the Gotei but Kaede clearly had the advantage in terms of strength. Even more interestingly Kaede had copied Gael's zanpaktou during their last encounter. As a result Gael was eager to go up against the man again to see what other tricks he had up his sleeve. After all, the only way to grow as a combatant was through combat.

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#2 Re: The Same But Different on Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:56 am

Kaede had received a message from Gael, the captain of squad 13. He wanted another sparring match, away from the collection of the other captains. The coordinates he sent was for a forest clearing just outside of Karakura town, the red-haired captain of squad two was familiar with the location. It was the same one that he had found Shingen in during Rena's Reign.

Kaede arrived shortly after sun-up finding the blond captain already there. "Good morning Gael, how are you doing?"

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#3 Re: The Same But Different on Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:19 pm

Gael smiled as Kaede arrived on the scene.

"I'm doing quite well. Hopefully, you are also."

Gael figured he wouldn't waste any time this sparr since the two had become acquainted last time. Gael unsheathed his zanpaktou and ascended to Bankai in a flash of orange reiatsu that quickly dissipated. Gael raised his finger at his sparring partner and started out with Bakudou.

"Bakudou 61, Rikujōkōrō."

Six rods of light split from a single burst of yellow light originating from Gael's finger attempting to bind Kaede in place. To follow this up, Gael immediately used Arguere to charge several pieces of ground in front of him as well as a large portion of air. Gael flung his hands up causing the ground in front of him to burst upward into millions of tiny pieces of shrapnel the size of grains of sand. Without hesitation, Gael also pushed the air he had charged forward at maximum velocity to send the wall of razor-blade like earth at Kaede. It was a simple opener but Gael believed it would suffice.

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#4 Re: The Same But Different on Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:58 am

Gael seemed to be rearing to go as the red-haired captain of squad 2 arrived, elevating to Bankai immediately after their greetings, and using a mid-level bakudo to try and bind the speedy captain in place before shifting to an offensive strike with his magnetic zanpakuto, kicking up a bunch of earth and sand. Kaede, being the captain of one of the fastest squads in the Gotei handled each as expected evading the six rods of light through the use of shunpo, shifting into Bankai as well, a single edged black blade appearing in his right hand, the silhouette of the Captain of the Squad 6 captain appearing behind him, a gust of wind blew through knocking the attack off course of him.

With a single step he flashed off to Gael's side a good ten feet away before swinging the blade in his hand releasing a wave of compressed air in the form of a ranged slash.

Techniques Used:

{Copied from Noz with Toresu}
Call of the Winds:
Noziel can bend the winds to his will, at least enough to shape them, and contain objects in the air. He will use this to further boost his already dangerous movement speed, force of impact, and near-perfect velocity/inertia control. Long and short, full-on wind manipulation.

Vacuum Blade- Noziel fires off a wave shaped blast of wind where the area within is an area of negative pressure. As such, it behaves as though it were able to tear through most objects when it comes into contact with them. The overall damage at the point of impact is equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero. This can be used once every three posts.
Alternatively, it can be downgraded to a weaker power for multiple uses.

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#5 Re: The Same But Different on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:58 pm

Gael wasn't surprised when Kaede dodged his opener with ease. Actually he was prepared for it. By the time Kaede had launched his attack Gael had leapt off to the side to avoid it. As he did so, he used the range of his Bankai to place several charge factors underneath where Kaede had landed before activating Trahere to pull up a shell of earth around Kaede in an attempt to trap him. Simultaneously, Gael prepared a follow up hadou should his trap be successful in the from of Hado 33 Sōkatsui.

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#6 Re: The Same But Different on Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:14 am

Gael had dodged Kaede's counter, but his maneuver was going to be kind of obvious, and if Gael couldn't dodge that, well he didn't deserve his haori. The magnetic captain would go and place his charges on the ground and pull up a wall of earth which would appear to trap the red-haired captain of squad two, though as the shell was finishing to close around him Kaede would use Noziel's zan to cut a small hole to shunpo through and reappear behind Gael who was blasting at the empty cluster of earth. Pointing two fingers at Gael's left knee he would release a bolt of lightning muttering "Hado#4 Byakurai"

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#7 Re: The Same But Different on Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:09 pm

Kaede's movement was clever however, Gael wouldn't be taken by surprise so easily especially given he had sparred with Kaede once before. Gael counter with his own Bakudou.

"Bakudou 8, Seki!"

A blue orb appeared on the back of Gael's knee to protect him from Kaede's incoming Hadou. the blue orb deflected Kaede's own attack back at him as Gael placed a charge factor on the captain's back before activating Praeter to push Kaede down towards the ground and the attack. In symphony with this Gael activated another Kidou.

"Hadou 31, Shakkahō!"

From Gael's right hand erupted a pillar of flames that hurdled towards Kaede. Gael was hoping this combination would be en ought to at least put his superior off enough to allow him to follow up with something more powerful.

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#8 Re: The Same But Different on Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:41 am

Hearing the incantation Kaede readied to dodge, twisting out of the way of the reflected lightning bolt the captain of squad two felt himself yanked down towards the ground, flipping mid air Kaede caught himself on a platform of solidified reishi, flashing out of the way of the incoming fireball, rushing the blond-haired captain, the wind literally urging him forward as he did slicing across Gaels chest as he went to pass the blond captain.

It didn't matter whether his slash hit or not, Kaede would rapidly turn on his heels swinging the blade once more, releasing a slash of wind as he did.

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#9 Re: The Same But Different on Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:25 am

The gap between their raw strong was evident as Kaede was able to dodge and counter all of Gael's attacks with relative ease. As Kaede's own counters barred down on Gael he activated his own Kidou.

"Senkai Suru Kaze!"

The created a swilling torrent of reiatsu infused wind around Gael 15 meters in radius, 2 meters in height, and 0.5 meters in depth that traveled at 300 km/h. This vortex of wind formed on Kaede's first attack and if he did not act quickly, the maelstrom would sweep him up and launch him out and away from Gael. The compliment Gale's custom Bakudou he activated Trahere on the charge factor on Kaede to pull him towards the outer wall of the wind. Gael followed this up with five Hadou 4, Byakurai that he launched out over top of him while applying a charge factor to each individual attack.

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#10 Re: The Same But Different on Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:34 am

Kaede got caught in the maelstrom, and was flung out of it, though with the help of Noziel's zanpakuto's ability to control the wind it didn't take much for him to recover, flipping around in time to see the bolts of lightning being shot his way, not wanting to risk the shenanigans that Gael's magnetic zanpakuto Swinging the wind based zanpakuto an arc of condensed wind sheared into them clashing against Gaels cyclone before vanishing.

Staying airborne Kaede created a swirling shield of wind around him, pulling out another blade, this one european in design with a golden crossguard and pommel, blue hilt, and intricate gold and blue design up the blade. "Well you are doing better this time, who knows I might actually have to pull some fun ones out of my armory."

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