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#1 Hagane's Roster of Characters on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:35 pm


Hagane Jaken'na kokoro | 0-4 | The JUGGERNAUT!!!: Hagane was once the Squad 11 Captain of the Gotei 13, until a tragic event caused the death of every child in an orphanage he held dear in his heart. Hagane suffered a severe Mental Breakdown from the event, which changed him forever. He feared to lose the one person he held dearest in his heart, and so he fused with her spirit. The price was that She would become a hollow, She would become his inner hollow. Whether or not Hagane would reap the decision he had sown would be unknown. what is known is that the one Hagane fused with, isn't the same person she was before. Regardless the blind Hagane would listen to any order she gave, no matter what she ordered him to do.

Demise | 1-3 | King of Armageddon: Not much is known about Demise. What is known, is that he is the lost father of Hagane Jaken'na Kokoro.      

Toshinori Kamiyama | 1-4 | ALL MIGHT: Toshinori Kamiyama also known as ALL MIGHT, is a courageous and brave person. Who one day wishes to become a Hero, a symbol of peace. His brave and courageous mindset are envied by others, and his actions are able to inspire others to fight for what's right.


Necrones Triarca | 1-2 | The Necron Primarch: Legends tell of a Garden, the Garden of Necrones. A hidden place which is said to contain the most rarest plants in known existance. Where the tree's talk and move, and they tell you secrets. A place said to be so beautiful that it could change the hearts of even the most evil of men. There it is said resides Necrones, A Mysterious and Ancient Bio-Mechanical cyborg whose name has only been heard by a select few and his face seen by almost none. He who which Possesses technology that is many Millennia ahead of its time. He conducts his research and work in a realm of a mysterious history, assisted by a Psionic Machine (ASI) only known as "The Cryptark" whose very existence is a Mystery. Along with the Psionic Machine, Necrones is working towards an evolutionary goal. To Traverse the Material Realm with an Army so powerful and Advanced, that they could not only explore and discover the outreaches of deep space, but Terraform the very universe itself into a utopia of their own.   

Zuran | 1-3 | Never Miss 'Hit': Known only as the ghost killer "Never Miss Hit", Hit is known for being the most unknown person in the world. No history, no background to speak of. It's as if he was literally a ghost.

Kiahni Hoekstra | 1-5 | Mr. Bubbles: Accompanied by Mr. Bubbles, Kiahni is a kind and innocent child. She suffers from severe amnesia and cannot remember anything about who she was. She was alone and scared at first, until one day Mr. Bubbles offered her a hand of friendship. Ever since, the hulking Protector stays by her side. Mr. Bubbles takes care of her as if she was his own.

Jedna | 1-5 | Conglomerate Psychic Monstrosity: A Conglomerate Hive-mind.

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