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#1 [Open] The New Revelations on Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:18 am

Kade was returning after some vacation time and detective work but something was quite weird after defeating the BOW Eveline. He found some small black fragments that we're inside the creature wondering what they are because the spiritual readings were off the charts. He was wondering if this was somehow the hogyoku that he's been hearing about but these fragments were small though maybe by going to the Seireitei. But hold on, This wouldn't work because vizards weren't allowed in there maybe he'll keep it and do some work on these fragments hopefully to discover what secrets could the vizard unlock. Probably nothing but it couldn't hurt to discover something on his own but someone might found out too so this will have to be kept secret for now.

He started walking into town in his gigai looking for some motorcycle parts to fix his stolen motorcycle. Finding the right part might cost at all too but since the vizard has some mechanic skills this shouldn't be a problem.

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