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#1 Balancing Concepts on Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:19 pm

So I kinda had this idea that people want to take a really cool concept and use it for their character, and I really love seeing creativity come around. But whether something is simple or complex, naturally wide-spreading or very slim, it still needs to be balanced. So with that stated, I'm gonna attempt to take a rather interesting concept, and balance it in a way that suits this site.

Our example is Alchemy. Those of you who have watched FMA, probably know what kind alchemy I'm going for. Converting one substance to another, etc.

But how?
How can I balance this?

It's simple. First we need to decide what level of detail to take with this? Do we want it a simplistic form of alchemy? Or do we want to be a total nerd?

Being a total nerd would probably be okay, but to make this easy to understand, the simple form would probably work better.

Base Power - Alchemy
Traits: Can commit a material's ingredients to memory and convert something to that material later. Can change the density of a material to cover more area. Cannot change states of matter, cannot take something like Osmium and convert it to a hydrogen bomb. Material changes must be simple, one material change at a time, and not turning something very dense into a complex structure.

Make sense so far? I hope so.

Before I begin, since we're dealing with altering of materials here, Organic objects are exclusively immune to these effects.

Material Memory
The user commits any material they touch to memory, having learned things such as its density, element composition, other additives, and coatings. This also means that if there is say, a layer of paint or something on the object, the reading includes that, and extends beyond it.

Material Conversion
The user converts another known substance within a 20 meter radius to another, this can be done in quick succession, but it does require that one conversion be finished before another begins. This means that a material can be summoned and shaped, but it cannot be finely molded or made into a complex structure. It also cannot be forced into a specific state of matter, only the state it would have under the environment it is under.

Any material that has been altered by the user can be moved telekinetically and formed mildly, this does not however give full manipulation. It does however fall into the same range that conversion does, and allows the user to impart enough energy to some objects, making them projectiles.

Another note that is important to take into consideration, our rules state that 'radiation' is a banned ability, so any radioactive isotopes you could generate from this ability would be instantly noped. While it'd be just as much a risk to the person creating it, it'd still be too broken to allow.

On top of this, things such as toxin generation would 'technically' be allowable, but as per a Jeff ruling, one that I agree with, you need to explain how a toxin works properly before using it in your kit. So because of that, toxins are not included either.

That doesn't mean the kit is hopeless, however. Think about it, I mentioned Osmium earlier, and that's because it's the densest metal in existence, at least naturally. It's non reactive, and if you get a good amount of it, you can make a bullet out of it. At that point, it'd be equivalent to something of a Bala, Cero or so.

So for an example....

Osmium Bullets
The user commands a small amount of Osmium, forming the material into small balls, up to a dozen. These impact the target with the force and speed equivalent to a Bala each.

And you can also utilize shape transformation to convert something like a lamp-post into a sword. But as we can see, these abilities are pretty broad and far reaching. You could leave it like that, but it's better to filter them down into specialized techniques as a sort of 'This is what my powers can actually do' sort of thing. Now this isn't even factoring in releases, but that should be common sense.

Hopefully with this, it's a little bit easier to understand what our review and balance process, including how people like me put together kits in a way that's pretty fair and balanced. Though I didn't fully flesh that out to a proper kit, that'd be fine, on the general assumption that I myself couldn't abuse it too badly. Especially considering a character like that would most likely be human, and not want to vastly destroy cities to finish a mission.

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#2 Re: Balancing Concepts on Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:51 am

As a side-note please keep in mind that while we value your opinions as members, staff has final say on what is /actually/ balanced and fair. That's all.

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