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on Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:22 am


Kade was dealing with the changed zombie Mia what could have happen to her now if he uses the axe on her that's it she'll be dead for sure. But really who was responsible couldn't worry about that right now she was attacking with her knife as the detective tried block her attempts. She managed to stab him a few times then in a fit of rage the detective brought the axe down on her. Then Mia stops reverting back to normal in pain wondering why the detective stabbed her in the neck/shoulder area. She fell to the ground, Kade realized that Mia was dead the thing that shouldn't have happen what was he going to tell the husband Ethan. Whatever happen it a sad moment failing as a detective but Mia was dead leaving the room in sadness the phone was ringing. He was too depressed to answer it but really what else does he have to lose better just answer the phone. Answering the phone the woman was really nice and southern yet family accent on her.

"You really shouldn't have come here"

"Whoa, Who is this??? I'm not doing well right now so please tell me what's going on here."

"My name's Zoe...There should be a way out through the attic"

"The attic??? Who placed the Vitamin Z into Mia"

"Go there...NOW"

The attic but if he leaves now their no rescuing the girl and finding out what's going on with here that should be the last thing. He needs to find out what's going on and hopefully the kidnapper won't come after him as the guy goes out the door. Something was needed to activate the attic stairway it might have something to do with the fuse box a fuse was missing from there. The only other place that wasn't check was the cabinet near the kitchen it was chained it was a good luck, Kade found the bolt cutters. He cuts the lock open and grabs the use and begins heading back until he stops. It's Mia and she was walking a bit funny feeling as something was controlling her maybe a parasitic organism as the guy went to take a look. She was gone again pulling a houdini on him this shit was getting crazy by the second as the guy placed the fuse back into fuse box and it was working again. He started making his way to the attic and Mia reappeared out of nowhere explaining that everything was alright and that it wasn't his fault to hurt her that way he did.

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on Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:37 am


Then she grabbed him by his shoulders beginning her evil transformed face again yellow "BUT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT". She managed to slam him into a wall in some sort of zombie hellbent rage but then the chainsaw came into play this wasn't good. Eric had to get the fuck out of here remembering that there was an attic upstairs. He bolts running up the staircase pressing the button activating the attic ladder and climbing up hiding in the first room. This was insane what the hell was wrong with Mia anyway did Night of the Living Dead want their brains back with a bit of Texas Chainsaw Massacre sneak preview. But really Eric had nothing to fight her with it was pointless to use his zanpakuto it wasn't right either but something had to be done. Looking around on the table seeing a good item which could be used against the chainsaw freak but it could really kill Mia but it has to be done. Eric picks up the gun and some ammo from different sections of the attic waiting for Mia to come up the attic but something was wrong she wasn't following him. She disappeared again now the former human was thinking the ball was in Mia's court did she had saiyan powers. Eric looked around then seeing a ladder that must be the exit and started climbing up then hearing the chainsaw behind the exit door and started quickly climbing back down.

He gave Mia a few shots to the head and body but she started slowly coming after him. But finally after 18 shots the crazy woman finally went down saying that she loved her husband but she was crazy. She managed to hurt him a little with the chainsaw but the question remains how was he going to tell the husband about what happen to his wife.

Eric was about to leave until someone.....

"Welcome to the family, Son"

A deranged hobo sucker punch from behind knocking Eric down to the ground then big booted him right in the face.

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