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#1 [Private] A New Friend Casued by One Run im on Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:44 am

Winderlin sat in his spot like he always did waiting for this unknown person to show up. He wasn't sure why he was doing this but he was and there was no real way to back out now. This was a weird feeling coming from somewhere in his stomach about this idea so Winderlin made sure he was somewhat comfortable with his surroundings. He wasn't to keen on the idea and just really wanted to either meet this real person or this fake phony and destroy them, which everyone came first. So Winderlin sat and waited.

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Aaron welcomed the young man into his office and gestured towards the chair in front of him, requesting that the man would take a seat. Aaron reviewed some documents for a moment before beginning, "My name is Aaron Satetsu, and given Ms. Kesshou's resignation, I am the new leader of the Committee. Your name is.. Winderlin, and you're a relatively new member of the organization, is that correct?" Aaron smiled warmly and awaited a proper response, curious as to how the boy might respond.

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#3 Re: [Private] A New Friend Casued by One Run im on Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:17 pm

Winderlin blinked a few times a bit confused and uncomfortable by this person, but then again they ran this place so he had to I guess get used to the warm welcome. He gave a slight smile and proceed to sit down in a chair. He folded his legs since he was just use to doing it no matter what.. got to love his gayness.

"Umm, That's correct my name is Winderlin, and yes I'm a fairly new member of the Committee but I guess you can say I'm quite well known to many people in and out of the Committee of high power." Winderlin said trying to give off this confidence glow but not trying to over power either. He wasn't really sure why he was here either which also really didn't help him emotionally which was driving him insane on the inside. But regardless he sat and wait for the question or for this meeting to further progress into something he might be scared of.

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The man was a bit on the flamboyant side of things, which is to say gay in a more polite manner for those trying to put two and two together.. He blinked a few times and crossed his legs before answering Aaron in a way which seemed a little.. Try-Hardish, but Aaron accepted the feigned confidence for what it was. Aaron smirked slightly and took note of this before looking at the boy, "And you're a newer, younger recruit is that correct?.. And that is to say that you haven't necessarily become an overwhelming force yet, you're still training and trying to become what you could be in the future.. Is all that fair to say?" Aaron looked up and awaited a response, unsure as to what the man might say.

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Winderlin felt his muscles tensing up. He wasn't sure what or even why this was happening to begin with but he knew that he was here and there was nothing he could of done to get out of it now. He wasn't quite sure of this person was toying with them or actually trying to conduct business but that was nothing important. Winderlin sighed and sat back into the chair. he knew that he had to look presentable but he wasn't going to act different for this person at all. He crossed his legs and sat in his usual sassy way.

"Yes, I'm fairly new, I am friends with Sakota, and I have a really great close relationship with Jun, but other then that I don't know and I have been doing some small training her and there with different people but noting really serious. Well with that being sad is there anything else you need to know about me?" He asked giving this person a bit more of a real smile, being a bit more friendly and open mined to him.

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The man tensed up, clearly unsure of what was going on which was to be expected from someone whom seemed so young, six years ago Aaron would've probably been in the same place to be honest, but he wasn't that boy anymore. It seemed like almost in an instant, the boy manifested some level of sassy confidence and swagger, sitting back in his chair with some level of sass. Good, this might be interesting after-all.. The boy spoke and Aaron listened intently, letting the man finish everything he was trying to say before he would finally pitch in, addressing his thoughts in a meticulous manner that only Aaron, and a known psychopath could ever hope to aspire to.

"Seems like you've become fairly acquainted then, but I guess my next question is.. what exactly IS your power? And do you have any interest in honing it beyond what you already have? If the answer is yes, I'd like to help you out in your pursuit of power, and part of that would ultimately require me to know what exactly you are able to do, so any and all information on that would be lovely." Aaron smiled back at the boy in return, hoping to keep the mood pleasant and polite. There was no need to rock the boat here, and though Aaron pretty much knew the boys powers, he wanted to know more before he made any life-altering decisions..

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Winderlin looked and blinked at this man in front of him and shivered a bit. He thought for a a moment and just wanted the thoughts to go away. "I can control water and wind, and last time someone was.... very liking with my powers I fought them and got kidnapped for his experiment.... So let's be very clear and opened about that, but yes I would like to become stronger, I did train smally with someone who was master in water or ice but that ended short. Winderlin said sitting up a bit more remembering what happened last time. He shook his head and smiled slightly at the man becoming confused again about this meeting. "But why me, and what do you plan on doing?....

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Aaron listened to the boys story and responded appropriately, patting him on the head Aaron apologized profusely for how the boy had been mistreated. "I'll see that this issue is properly rectified in time, but to clarify, you've said you do want to become stronger.. I will help you with that to the best of my abilities, and I can't wait to see what we can get started with your training in due time. However, in the mean-time, I will dismiss you and let you go gather your thoughts. Report back to me tomorrow morning and I'll set you up with a mentor so that you can become stronger at a more reasonable pace."

Aaron extended his hand for a hand-shake, and waited for the boy to take his leave.

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