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#1 [Open] Evil Uprisings on Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:33 am

A chance of starting chaos just because humans having such the rivalries in the world something caught his attention. The job was given because of the last person was threat to some organization, Trevor didn't care however was completed with the person dead. A rival faction was being bribed for too long and they wanted the big cheese of the their rival gone from the face of the earth. Why this concern Trevor??? They promised him a certain artifact of great value if the job was completed but they did want the target dead but the added bonus. If the target dies in the cruelest deaths ever someone the sinner could actually work with but the bonus would be sweet as blood. He needed time to prepare the first part was studying his prey get a feel of the person's movements until finding a right time to strike the bastard. The target's life seemed normal going to work, talking to girlfriend, paying the bills as time went on until the sinner found a pattern. Every Thursday was target goes for a job in a secluded spot on the city thinking this has to be an accident somewhat. For Trevor to get that bonus it had to be in the worse way possible this might take some cunning, flawless timing and gore. "I may need a few days to prepare this personal hell for my prey better get to work."

Four days later...Thursday the 12th, Trevor created a few demonic weapons getting himself ready to unleash something gruesome. One of his demon weapons, Trevor calls the Ravenous Dreamcatcher a weapon which plant demons into a person brain while their asleep. Creating a ungodly assortment of nightmares putting that person in a personal hell putting them a sleepwalking state. Trevor's plan is to use the weapon on the target then get him to certain spot and watch the bastard fall an accidental death. If that doesn't work paying off a family member to whack the bastard was the second scheme planned at up  if Plan A doesn't work.

The plan seemed pretty good picking up some binoculars, Trevor was luck the target was sleeping this his chance. He aimed the weapon some distractions stopped him for firing right away then after waiting when the aim was perfect enough. Trevor shot the weapon as it attack the human's brain as various demons started entering it now all the sinner had to was wait. Twenty minutes later, He watched the human walking not just any type of walking this was sleepwalking it was working. "He's under the spell??? Excellent, I've got him now his bitch ass is mine. Walk upstairs to the roof it's only chance to escape."

Trevor watched sleepwalker started bashing his head in the wall for the most part and then going up to stairs. The demon attack worked as the human made it to the roof ready to fall from the tallest building, Trevor deactivated the weapon just then the human lost his balance. "Fall, Just like Optimus Prime did....fall and go splat like a fucking egg." A sad moment the human was falling, Trevor was hoping he would hit a taxi or a bus whatever just make sure it bloody and it gets on the news

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