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[Open] A Captain Retuns To His Family

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on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:35 am


9th Division
9th Division
The time had finally come. He had gotten acclimated to his new body. His new powers are restored, rested, and ready to go. The weather was sunny with a few clouds here and there. A tiny breeze but it was warm and made it perfect for walking. Tokyo was always beautiful in this part of the year and brought one light memory back to Captain Shingen Minamori which made him smile. Then...the memory was cut short by a familiar scent which brought him back to the present.

That scent reminded him of that day...the day he met Desmond. Desmond was the personality that Shingen now shared bodies with due to Desmond attempting to cause harm to Shingen's girlfriend and kill him through a soul sacrifice. The problem here is that messing with other planes never end up right when trying to use them for other means than which they were meant to be. Desmond's plan backfired and the two ended up merging souls instead. This forced a new being to come out in the end. Shingen was the host and now has Desmond's powers housed in his Zanpaktou.

Shingen shook the past from his head as the red head turned toward the mass of signatures which is where the Gotei 13 post is residing. He began to trek toward it with a small smirk on his face as he imagined reactions upon faces when certain individuals would see how he looks now. Then he begin to chuckle while trying to contain the full on laugh when others, especially his Division 9 would meet Desmond. Desmond is going to cause such issues for people but it will give Shingen reasons to go drinking at the bar more...hmmm. Could be a win/win for him if he and Desmond could get on the right page. Well, all of that would have to be settled at a later date as Shingen was now at the camp.

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