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#11 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:55 am

Kokoro smirked, grabbing his scythe as the man leveled a full city block. It was impressive, but pointless and unnecessary to put it mildly. The Mod Soul hadn't resisted, and seemed to understand how this level of combat was going to work, which was definitely a perk. He no longer paid her mind though, he couldn't afford to. The man appeared to Kokoro's side and his Reitsu spiked in an yielding manner, but this was him just playing into Kokoro's trap. Kokoro's grin grew larger, and he swung towards the man, hoping to clash blades with him. If this succeeded he would probably be oblivious to the tentacle behind him, which had a fully charged Cero on it's tip aimed to go through Kokoro, and the man before him.

Hopefully that would work..

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#12 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:57 am

Seeing that the man's attention was no longer on her, Sol'Elis decided that it was time to offer more support. Spark Dash carried her off to the side, still a good distance away but with a clear angle at the enemy they faced. Sol'Elis brings her blade up, tip aimed for the enemy, the blade begins to glow blue from her spiritual energy flowing into it. Lightning crackles across the large metal surface, merging with the energy already stored within. The white lightning turns a very light shade of blue once done, after which point the attack was ready. However, she needed to be sure, to fire at the right moment to not risk hitting Kokoro or innocents.

She watched as Kokoro moved in to attack, and could see the signature red glow of a Cero at the tip of one of his tentacles. An attack from two fronts, not bad.

She was going to up that count to three.

In the same moment that Kokoro attacked Sol'Elis fired off the bolt of Blue Lightning. It was fast, quiet, and this time wasn't attracted to metal. The attack was guided by her spiritual energy much like a heat-seeking missile. Of course, with how fast it was it wasn't like she could change the direction anyway once fired. As such she made sure that the attack was aimed properly before firing, to ensure it wouldn't hit Kokoro by mistake. Once the attack was let loose she quickly moved back to behind Kokoro, not wanting to remain vulnerable more than she had to be.

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#13 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:52 pm

Takeo laughed in a way that truly relayed his level of insanity. He smiled as the man lunged toward him for no doubt a powerful blow. Takeo decided now would be a good time to unleash another ability. All the roman numerals on his zanpaktou began to flash a blood red as Takeo permeated through all possible combinations of reality.


The structures separating realities melted together to allow an overlapping of existence. The result was another Takeo stepped out from behind the original smiling just as insanely as the first. The original Takeo paired the incoming strike with his own blade while the second Takeo dealt with the impending attack from the rear with his own Cero. Immediately after firing the Cero the second Takeo to the girl. IT was a good thing he had done so as she seemed to have attempted to launch of a silent attack.

"How troublesome. We should do something about this. No shit idiot that's why we're here. Fuck of you..."

It was amazing how much insanity was being fit into such a small portion of spacetime. Nevertheless The second Takeo's zanpakuto's roman numeral XI began to glow a blood red. Although nothing happened immediately this would be useful for the original Takeo in the near future. To follow up, the second Takeo flew straight down at the incoming blue lightning attack placing his free hand forward and firing an adequate number of Bala to negate the attack in an explosion. The second Takeo burst through the smoke with Junkatsu-Zai active further boosting his speed. It was highly unlikely the girl would be able to counter him as a result and because his time was short the second Takeo held nothing back.

"I wonder if this girl's blood will be electric too? What a stupid fucking question. I loathe you to no end."

The second Takeo thrust his zanpaktou towards the girl's chest. His normal strength combined with the momentum from his flight down would certainly not be good news if this attacked connected.

During all this time, the original Takeo was dealing with the larger threat. The disc behind the original Takeo began to vibrate rapidly leading to undefined behavior in the space around him. This resulted in 5 beams of concentrated reiatsu forming around the original Takeo. Each beam was 1 meter long and 3 centimeters in diameter. With their weapons crossed Takeo pointed at the man's head causing one of the beams to rotate and fire at Cero speed directly at him. If he was able to dodge that level of attack at this range it would truly be impressive. Secretly Takeo was hoping this wouldn't kill him he was actually starting to have fun.

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#14 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:44 am

The man said something and structures began to seemingly melt together, it was as if this man was redefining the cosmological constants of reality before Kokoro's very eyes. It was an irritating power to say the very least, but one Kokoro was certainly amused by seeing in person. Such power over universal properties like this were simply not something one saw every day, even in this plane of existence... What law, what part of the universal equation was it that this man seemingly bent to his will, knowing that would change everything but.. Kokoro was quite simply incapable of piecing it together!

The man seemed to have shit on the Multiverse, and another version of himself stepped out to face Kokoro, two on one was not Kokoro's worst situation, but it wasn't something that he looked forward to dealing with either. The original Takeo parried Kokoro's attack with his zanpakuto, and the second one seemed to block the rear attacks with Cero's galore. The man was still insane, both versions were in fact and they continued to talk to themselves through some miracle of psychotic behavior. The minute the man went to launch the second Cero, Kokoro had already made a plan to stop him and it went into action. A tentacle grew up from the ground right in front of the second version of Takeo, and if the Cero hit it would trigger a Cero level explosion effectively leveling the clone.

Unfortunately for Kokoro the real threat to his health was in front of him, as discs began to appear above the mans head and to his back, and an energy blast was launched towards Kokoro in an instant, leaving him little to no time to evade such an attack. The beam went through Kokoro's throat, causing him to hit the ground and gargle in his own blood, tendrils were held off from repairs. He didn't need the blood, he needed to look like he was dying here.. The illusion was necessary, and if all went according to plan this would be Kokoro's best opportunity to strike..

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#15 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:50 pm

'Shit!' She didn't have the time she needed to properly dodge. As such she tries her best to evade to at least not die outright from the man's attack, and as expected is not fast enough. She could feel the man's blade cut right through her leg, skin, bone, muscle and all, cleanly like a hot knife through butter. She is unable to keep back a small cry of pain, falling out of her maneuver from the damage taken. She tumbles a short distance, blade still in hand, before being stopped by a building in her path. Her foot wasn't far from where it was first cut off, lifeless and bleeding out what bodily fluid it had.

She takes a short moment to steady herself. With some focus, she forms lightning over the wound and forms a new section of her leg and replacing her foot with an energy substitute. She pushes herself up, her pained state making it a lot harder to do. Her blood slowly started to mix with the energy provided, turning it a light red. Once up, she rushes right towards the male. At the last moment she uses her Spark Dash ability, becoming a blue blur as she quickly moves behind the male. She swings for his back with a lightning coated blade. If she could at least keep this copy's attention for Kokoro to handle the original, she would have at least been some sort of help.

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#16 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:52 pm

The second Takeo easily parried the tentacle's first Cero. However, as the second one arose, the copy Takeo maneuvered to the side and charged a Gran Rey Cero which was strong enough to decimate the tentacle and direct the explosion safely away from he pair of Takeo's. This allowed the second Takeo to successful land his attack on the girl below as he laughed with glee upon cutting her flesh.

"Aww man that was great. That's bitch's body was like butter."

As the second Takeo carried on a conversation with himself the girl attempted to land a counter attack after healing herself. However, the second Takeo say all her movements and turned to wave bye to her just as she was about to strike. The second Takeo phased out of the current reality and back into his own leaving the girl to strike nothing but a void where he once stood. While all this was occurring the original Takeo had seemingly dealt with the hentai tentacle man as he fell to the ground gargling blood like mouthwash. Having no main opponent now Takeo used Sonido to position himself behind the girl on the ground just as her strike missed where the copy Takeo. He positioned one of the reaming rods of reiatsu from his Zero Josan at the back of her neck dead center with her brain stem.

"Your lights show is getting old. Dude you're such a dick. This bitch's electric shit is really cool. Are you fucking kidding me? She's the enemy and you're stroking her dick? First off she doesn't have a dick. Can't you tell by the tits? Second.... Holy shit I'm about to use one of these beams on you."

Takeo had really gotten into with himself this time. Unknown to him the man who had just eaten one of his rods was merely playing dead and if he was looking for an opportunity to strike now would be the moment.

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#17 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:20 pm

Kokoro's tentacled immediately jumped from the ground, restraining the man at a Bakudo level nearing 80 before he Shunpo'd to his position, placing a finger in his back. "Gran Rey Cero.." This would put a hole in the man, a brutal fucking hole if all went as well as it probably should. This crazy bastard was only going to be defeated by deception and deceit, and this was one of Kokoro's oldest tricks in the book, presuming the man survived and got up Kokoro would smirk. "I'm a lot harder to put down than that you fucking cunt. Bury your head in the sand, cower like a cunt and flee and you might even get to leave.. Stay and I end your life.."

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#18 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:53 am

Sol'Elis knew that if her body was killed she would still survive in her Soul Pill, but on the same token the pain what would have come from her death and the mental stress it would put on her still unstable mind wasn't something she wanted. In fact she felt afraid, and much like a child did when scared she uses her Spark Dash to move behind Kokoro, now that the man that was about to kill her was bound. She ignored the pain from her leg, too focused on what Kokoro was doing. If this man could survive what was sent at him... Sol'Elis dreaded to think what would be required to take this man down. "Is... is he down?" Her voice slowly regains some stability from her earlier panic. "Should I contact Seralin...?"

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#19 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:51 am

Takeo had been so caught up in the blood lust of battle that he hadn't bothered to check if the man was actually dead. Of course, he found out rather quickly when he was bound and the man appeared behind him chagrining a Gran Rey Cero as the girl scurried in fear to hide behind the man. Just as the Gran Rey Cero was released upon Takeo, the Roman Numeral II on Gyanburā began to glow blood red.

The reiatsu from the man's Gran Rey Cero enveloped Takeo in a glorious display of raw power. The kinetic force from the blast leveled any weakened buildings that were somehow still standing. As the smoke and dust began to clear the man decided to say some more bullshit. The air was still filled with echoing sounds which drowned out the blood drops that hit the ground originating from Takeo's back. The force from the Gran Rey Cero had pushed Takeo about 100 meters from the origin of the attack and a large trench from where Takeo had stabbed his zanpaktou into the ground was evidence of this path. However, Takeo's quick use of his ability reduced the damage he took by 20 percent essentially cutting the damage down to only a Hadou 65 level preventing the blast from puncturing clean through him.

"Fuck that hurt. You should've been paying more attention dip shit! Thanks for the advice dad. I really appreciate it! Can you just shut the fuck up and return the favor to this guy"

As soon as the arguing stopped Takeo turned back to face the duo. His eye's that were previously clouded in insanity now had a different hue to them. They were focused and lethal. Takeo's reiatsu spiked again as he placed his free hand out to his side to summon one of the four remaining rods to his palm. He gripped the rod like a sword and began to charge another attack on his zanpaktou. The attack appeared be a Cero but suddenly the reiatsu condensed into an extremely small volume along the edge of Takeo's blade. This was Takeo's Cero Nami. Takeo lashed out towards the duo with his zanpaktou unleashing the wave of reiatsu upon them both. Although this attack brought with it the power of a Cero its condensed nature and smaller volume allowed it to travel at the speed of a Bala. Additionally, the ability damage Takeo had previously received activated his Rōma Sūji "L" giving him a now constant 2 percent damage reduction.

As Takeo's Cero Nami approached the pair Takeo dashed in behind it while simultaneously activating his Rōma Sūji "IX". This ability would bring a nasty surprise for the pair if they managed to survive this onslaught.

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