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#1 Takeo's Funtime on Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:59 am

Takeo had been suffering from an extreme bout of boredom recently and had spent several hours arguing with himself about how to solve this unfortunate problem. In the end Takeo decided to come to New York City to essentially cause chaos.

Takeo walked through the air above the skyline of the city and was surveying for any buildings that particularly annoyed him. He eventually came across a building who's architecture didn't set quite right with him. Takeo flicked his zanpaktou into his left hand as he perpendicularly placed his right hand over his face. With a smooth put powerful movement of his hand gray reiatsu condensed to form a black mask that only partially covered Takeo's face. Only one of Takeo's eyes blackened with the pupil turning red while the other eye remained normal. Takeo charged up a single Cero and leveled the entire building with a single well placed blast.

The resulting cloud of dust and debris shot up like a geyser of  destruction as the humans below scattered screaming. Takeo began to laugh maniacally falling over on his back in the air grabbing his stomach. However, Takeo quickly stopped laughing and yelled at himself.

"That's not fucking funny. You missed the real eye sore of a building over there! Shut up this one was way worse than that one but if it will shut you up..."

Takeo charged another Cero and prepared to level another building. Would this be enough though? Would he level the entire city block or more? More importantly would anyone be able to stop him?

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#2 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Oct 17, 2017 5:17 am

A man had waltzed into New York while Kokoro was out and about, taking in the sights and sounds of a city he never really had the opportunity to experience before when he was a Captain. Kokoro kept tabs on the man somewhat, but figured he was harmless. Well, Kokoro's been wrong before and this was certainly one of those times.. Kokoro felt the mans energy quickly turn from Shinigami to Hollow in an instant, and he immediately saw the debris, the destruction, and the overall damage that had been caused by this man. Screams filled the air in an instant and Kokoro was taken aback by the fact that this was just one Cero the man had used.. Just one..

As scattered screams filled the air Kokoro sighed a bit, drawing his Zanpakuto from it's sheathe he released in an instant before throwing his own mask on. Kokoro saw the man about to charge yet another Cero and quickly launched his tentacles out to drag the finger towards the ground right before he was about to fire. If the mans reaction time was good he might be able to save his leg and lower arm from being a charred mess, if not?.. Not Kokoro's problem. "I can't allow you to destroy this city while I'm around, surrender and leave or I will end your life now.."

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#3 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:27 am

She had been sent by Seralin to act as a silent, unknown guard for Kokoro. As much as he felt that he could handle situations on his own Seralin knew better and kept to reality. A leader out in the open, alone, was just as vulnerable as anyone else. As such the little lightning child was sent to just keep an eye out. She didn't expect their new leader to find someone so... scary. She buried her feeling of fear and uses her Spark Dash to move to Kokoro's side. "I will provide support." Was her silent statement, meant only to reach Kokoro's ears. She couldn't tank attacks like Kokoro could, but her attacks could prove painful if they hit and she was fast. She needed the experience, but this... she feared this might be a bit much for her first real fight.

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#4 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:45 pm

Although Takeo was textbook insane, his battle prowess was impressive. As his assailant's tentacles wrapped around his wrist Takeo immediately canceled his Cero and glared over at the man. With a quick jerking motion, Takeo freed his arm from the grip of the tentacles and batted them away with his sheathed zanpaktou. Takeo noticed that another had joined the man and they were babbling. Takeo really didn't listen as the man attempted to force Takeo's surrender. Instead, Takeo had a conversation with himself.

"This guy seems like a real asshole....That's just like you to jump to conclusions maybe we should just talk to him....actually the idiot is kind of gross with his tentacles and shit. We should probably just kill him or something. What about the other one? We'll figure it out later. God you're so lazy you...SHUT UP! Yuragi, Gyanburā!"

Takeo unsheathed his zanpaktou as a surge of gray reiatsu enveloped it. Gyanburā had transformed into an impressive blade with Roman numerals embossed on it. Takeo raised his blade towards the man so that the center hole on the back of his zanpaktou aimed right at his head. Takeo pushed the sheath he held in his left hand through the hole before activating Ibento Seigyo. A powerful gust of wind carrying debris from below shot up towards the eyes of the men. The debris included glass and shrapnel, two items that would surely wreak havoc on anything as sensitive as their eyes. As this happened, Takeo fired off two Bala - one for each of them from the tip of his sheath. Takeo continued to talk to himself during this time.

"Don't fuck this up. The one guy seems like he'll actually be annoying to deal with. Fuck off. All you do is talk just be quiet and watch!"

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#5 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:05 am

(OOC: Sol'Elis is a little girl, Mod Soul)

Kokoro grimaced as Sol came to join them. "Listen kid, run off, now. Go get Seralin or you're going to fucking die, I cannot protect you in this battle and you're not able to contribute much to this whole ordeal. Hurry up before you get yourself hurt!" Kokoro looked up to notice the man had swatted away his tentacles and ceased the usage of the Cero Kokoro was hoping would take his leg off. Oh well, can't win every battle right? The man seemed to be having an internal conflict of sorts, what was worse was the fact that it seemed it had made it's way to the open air, as Kokoro heard the man seemingly arguing back and forth with himself.. He had apparently decided to kill Kokoro, a task easier said than done.. "I've never seen a man so confident in their attempt to dispatch someone whom stands as their superior... tell me.. will you regret that when I remove your fucking head?.."

Kokoro's Reitsu poured outwards, matching the gray output his opponent was giving off from drawing his own Zanpakuto. The mans blade transformed and for a moment Kokoro admired it's appearance, before he noticed that it had been raised towards him, a centered hole on the Zanpakuto was pointed towards Kokoro's head.. a powerful gust of wind shot out, launching debris towards Kokoro's face. Kokoro reacted properly, using his tentacles to form a fan blowing most of it away, but he noticed that his face had been cut in about 3 places, the evidence? Blood trickled down his forehead, and both of his cheeks. Some trickled into his eyes before the wounds were stitched shut and Kokoro wiped the rest away with hundreds of tiny tendrils from his skin.. The Bala were quickly dispatched, as Kokoro used two Bala's of his own to match them. "Is that really all you have, this is your grand-plan to dispatch me?.." Kokoro laughed maniacally, approaching the man at a leisurely pace, his scythe dragged the ground behind him. "Let's make this fun, yeah?"

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#6 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:26 am

This was a benefit to having a sword that was as large as you were. When the man raised his blade Sol'Elis had drawn hers. When he made to attack she brought her weapon up to block. The barrage of debris pelted her blade before falling down around her. The debris didn't seem to pack as much as the wind though and it pushed her back crashing through the wall of a building. She steps back out, a little winded but otherwise okay. "... I am not a child needing to be looked after. Do not prioritize my safety, ignore that I exist." Her voice was completely monotone, like how it was back when she was first made.

Lightning trailed the ground behind her as Sol'Elis utilized her Spark Dash ability, allowing her to movement speed to be on par to that of a Sonido or Shunpo. She tosses her sword at the man, purposefully missing. She raises her palms up at the male and, within moments of having thrown her weapon gathers lightning into her hand for an attack. "Finger of the Mountain!" The gathered energy discharges. Normally the unruly lightning would fork off, but her sword would act as a lightning rod, focusing the attack towards the masked man. She was not as strong as the others, but she was capable of exceptional outbursts of power, as evident in this attack. The enemy Vizard was in for some pain if this attack hit.

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#7 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:50 am

Takeo continued to ignore the man's harangues. They were trite and quite frankly annoying. Takeo had never expected such a level of assault to reach a man who's reiatsu rivaled his own. No, he had simply intended to see how his second opponent would react. The girl's counter was quite clever and probably would have been effective against normal opponents. However, as she would soon come to find out, Takeo was far from ordinary.

"You sure can make some pretty lights...shut up why are you complementing her? Fuck off!

As Takeo watched the surge of lightning bare down on his location he formulated a few options. He knew he could tank the attack with negligible damage but decided to be a bit more flashy. Takeo once again activated his Ibento Seigyo. A nearby building who's large 10 meter lightning rod was swaying suddenly gave in to the probability manipulation of Ibento Seigyo as it leaned slightly more into the battlefield than before. This minor shift caused the rod to buckle a bit in the middle snapping it in the process. The large cylinder of metal fell between Takeo and the lightning attack the girl had released.

This new metal obstruction drew the lightning into it causing it to travel through the rod before multiple smaller arcs surged from the rod and struck several power transformers below the three. The power transformers overloaded with storms of sparks flooding the air. The power in the surrounding area flickered menacingly with each period of darkness emphasizing the hollowfication of Takeo and the other man via their eyes.

With all the theatrics, it was almost easy to forget that Takeo was just getting started. The lightning rod that had deflected the girls attack had become super heated from the flow of electrons that had just passed through it. It was so hot in fact, that it was ionizing the atmosphere around it as it continued to fall. Takeo rapidly spun his zanpaktou before Shunpoing forward just within striking distance of the rod. Takeo spun his entire body around rapidly becoming nothing but a blur of gray and red before striking the lightning rod with his own zanpaktou.

The resulting transfer of kinetic energy sent the lightning rod flying perpendicularly to the ground between the man and the girl. This caused a thin and brief sheet of super heated plasma to form between the man and the girl effectively giving Takeo a small window to act upon the girl in isolation for if the man wanted to save her, he would first have to deal with the plasma created by the super heated lightning rod.

Takeo had already raised his blade to the girl as the lightning rod flew between the pair. A large amount of reiatsu charged at the tip of Gyanburā while the Roman Numeral "III" on Gyanburā began to glow blood red signifying the activation of this formidable ability. In an instant, the charged reiatsu erupted towards the girl in a continuous stream. Any contact with the beam would yield Cero level damage that would compound up to Gran Rey Cero levels if she was hit by the entire beam.

Additionally, Takeo factored his second adversary into the equation. Despite the barrier Takeo created via the lightning rod's plasma trail he knew a person of this man's caliber could still find a way to be problematic and was ready for a counter from the man at any moment.

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#8 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:24 am

The man kept talking to himself and Kokoro smirked, wherever his tentacles touched the nanobots within him had already spread out. It seems that through some level of manipulation of chance, probability of sorts, the man was able to manipulate the world to his liking to a point. It was truly a fascinating ability, one Kokoro made a mental point of studying in the future. He ignored the little girls chatter and smirked as the mans little theatrics show went on.. and on.. and on.. he really was a fucking show off, "All that for a lightning rod? Looks like someones compensating.."

Afterall the theatrics it was a little to o easy to forget how powerful this man was, and as he launched the electrified rod between Kokoro and the girl he gritted his teeth, being forced to Shunpo back to avoid it, and he felt the overwhelming energy from the man as he attempted to rip the girl in half with an energy blast. Thinking fast Kokoro's tentacles shot out of the ground, safe non-poisonous ones pulled the girl away from the attack at light speeds, throwing her with all the force he could muster, and the other ones launched forwards attempting to knock the mans attack off center and to wrap around his arm. If they wrapped around his arm he would feel pain unlike anything he had ever felt, and if he severed any of the tentacles?...

He'd be in for a surprise at the very least..

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#9 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:49 pm

She would have brought up her sword to block had she not used it in an attempt to make her attack more accurate. She did not have the time needed to properly block, so when she was moved out of the way thanks to a few tentacles she did not resist in the slightest. Sure they felt weird, but it was loads better than dying.

After being flung she used her Spark Dash to close in on her sword and reclaim it. Blade now in hand she could devise a better strategy. 'I need to avoid his focus... let Kokoro keep his attention. I am here for support, not to be the focus.' She remembered her orders and begins to act accordingly. She stabs her sword into the ground and activates her Spark Field ability, sending sparks of electricity across a 150 foot area. With this she could direct Kokoro of anywhere the man might try hiding nearby. She keeps herself behind Kokoro, so long as his focus wasn't divided between both her and his target he could properly handle this fight.

As such, she would now wait for an opening to properly assist. Should Takeo land anywhere within this spark field Sol'Elis would alert Kokoro of the location immediately.

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#10 Re: Takeo's Funtime on Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:25 am

Takeo started laughing as the girl was flung away. To him is was comical watching the man throw her like a rag doll. Takeo could've attempted to counter but decided that would be too boring and instead, let his attack decimate a city block below in a flash of gray reiatsu that was accompanied by a shock wave the cleared the clouds in the immediate area. The fallout from the shock-wave created a pressure differential that cause a massive amount of air to rush back into the battle field surrounding Takeo in a sort of maelstrom of chaos.

As the man's tentacles made their approach used Shunpo in combination with his Junkatsu-Zai to reposition himself away from the tentacles off to the side of the man as the girl played with her sparks below. Takeo's reiatsu spiked and crashed down over the battlefield like a torrent of lead cracking the ground and crumbling destabilized buildings.

"Fukōna Gyanburā"

A mute gray reiatsu seeped from Takeo's body and surrounded his entire being along with his zanpaktou. To accompany this change, Takeo's hair faded to a bright white and a large black and gray disc with the Roman Numeral 'L' materialized behind him, just above his head.

"You fucking moron. The way you announce that always sounds retarded...Fuck off no one asked you. Why does it matter either way these two are getting cut up."

Despite his self arguing, Takeo was excited that he didn't have to hold back with this man and could have a little fun. Takeo awaited his opponents moves as he had a huge surprise in store for them.

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