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After Toshinori's good efforts to destroy the Robots, they began to convert into shrapnel. Both the robots and their shattered remains had turned into razor sharp blades. Toshinori's Smile didn't change and neither did his stance, however in his head, Toshinori was sorta thinking he was fucked. The razor sharp shrapnel then suddenly all shot at Toshinori at once, leaving him to quickly determine his next move. Just as the razor sharp shrapnel made its way towards Toshinori and had just made contact, he just vanished into thin air. Re-appearing ten metres in the opposite direction to where the shrapnel was heading.

The left sleeve of Toshinori's suit was torn, but his arm was left unharmed. "Seriously, these things aren't exactly cheap", Toshinori would say in a vastly deeper and manlier voice than usual. He was slightly pissed off about his suit being torn, but it seemed more like he was annoyed.

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The man seemed annoyed by the fact that his suit had been ripped and this caused Aaron to smirk, "Thank you for falling into my trap, and apologies in advance for what I'm about to do to your suit." Aaron snapped and a box formed around the boy. The problem was it was filled with iron dust, and microscopic holes for Aaron to put a charge through. The box had Cero-level durability, not that it would matter since the man was currently being fried with enough electricity to make Albert Fish cum 3 times. "You didn't do too bad, but let's not forget where you stand next to me.."

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"Thank you for falling into my trap, and apologies in advance for what I'm about to do to your suit.", Aaron would say Instantly forming a box around Toshinori. Toshinori should've been paying more attention to his surroundings, and was about to pay for his mistake. Toshinori wanted to slap himself for his mistake, but it seemed that Aaron's punishment was more than enough.

"You didn't do too bad, but let's not forget where you stand next to me..", Aaron said, as a massive surge of Electricity lit up Toshinori, and pain pulsated instantly through his body. Toshinori didn't scream or yell, but it was apparent that the pain was more than excruciating. His clothing became singed with holes, and the sleeves of his suit burnt away. Toshinori was unable to move as he was quite literally being cooked alive. His muscles didn't want to respond to his commands. It was a good while before Toshinori told himself that he needed to get out. He concentrated deeply on moving any part of his body, desperate to get of the hell chamber that Aaron had put him in. For what seemed like forever, he was finally able to tell a part of his body to move. His neck ever so slightly moved. He concentrated harder and harder, until he got to point of headbutting the box. The side where he'd headbutted made a massive thud. Slowly but surely, he was able to headbutt the box again. The side where he'd headbutted instantly exploded, and a massive torn sheet of metal flew towards Aaron's.

Toshinori fell out of the box onto the ground, still being shocked. Atleast he'd gotten out of the box. His vision was blurry and it felt as if there was no water left in his eyes. Aaron was a Man who was way out Toshinori's league in terms of power. Regardless, Toshinori was even more inspired to get stronger.

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"Oh good, you survived." Aaron snapped and the electricity stopped, "If you hadn't that would've mean you weren't suited for this field of work. Nice to see you're still alive though, and I'll speak with you more in the morning." Aaron smirked, glaring at the man in front of him. "Oh, might wanna get cleaned up a bit." Aaron nodded slightly, and walked off.

-Thread End-

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