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At least a week ago, Toshinori was offered to join the Committee by the Committee's board. He was sent several letters with each containing info brochures and one of which that was a personal written letter. The Committee was a pretty well known organisation, or at least that's the impression it gave.

When his power's first awoke, Toshinori wasn't exactly aware of it. He'd noticed that he'd got stronger and faster, but he thought that was just as a result of playing lots of sports in school. His power's were first apparent when he'd been attacked by a hollow. He had no clue what the monster was, and when the monster had attacked him, he was shocked to realized he'd survived. He'd been knocked through his apartment wall and fell at least 10 floors. He was cut, he was bruised, Bleeding profusely, and he obviously didn't feel great. But he survived. The sheer look of confusion on his face was obvious. He was found by several people walking by from the street. His wounds were treated, and the damage to the apartment was written off as an attack.

Then the letters arrived a few weeks later. He was told that he had a gift, and if he wanted to perfect it he should join the Committee. Being a teenager and all, Toshinori ignored it at first. But then came the news reporters and large crowd's. This made Toshinori have a second thought on his decision.

He sent a reply back to the Committee board with his response, to which they organised to fly him to New York. Upon his arrival he was given a ride to the Committee's Head Quarters, Their Operation Center being one of the most expensive buildings in the world. Then that's where Toshinori's story goes from here.


Toshinori was surprised at how large the Committee's base was, and how fancy it was. Not something he was necessarily used to seeing everyday. At this point all he had was a face of sheer amazement. However he couldn't take time to explore any of it. He had to find a man named Aaron Satetsu or find his office anyway. Making his was through the halls of the facility and elevators. He followed the signs which pointed to the direction of where the mans office was.

Toshinori was pretty sure he found it, I mean what makes it more obvious than having 'Head Office of Aaron Satetsu' on the front of the door. Toshinori neatened himself up and took a deep breath. On this occasion Toshinori was wearing a yellow suit and blue tie. The odd thing someone would state is how big it was, as it was baggy and looked too big for someone of Toshinori's figure. Toshinori was at a pretty good height himself, but the suit was made for a bigger man than him.

Toshinori was a bit nervous for the meeting, but then again wouldn't be for their first time. He knocked at the door, 3 big knocks, almost sounded like he was trying to break the fucking door. He neatened himself again, and waited for a response.

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Aaron rolled his eyes as he heard a thunderous pounding on his front door, it sounded like some fucking gorilla was trying to cave the thing in. "If you're trying to break my fucking door you're doing a fantastic job, now come in.." Aaron used his iron manipulation to convert the door to an arrow, which was pointed towards the seat in front of his desk. Once the man had been seated, Aaron would reform the door out of the same Iron Dust, and shuffle some papers. He was an official, he had to seem busy and uninterested right? Right. "So, You're.. please tell me your name again sir?"

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While waiting for a response, Toshinori wasn't sure whether or not anyone was in the Office or not. It was a moment before he heard a voice, "If you're trying to break my fucking door you're doing a fantastic job, now come in..". After hearing what the man said, Toshinori felt a little embarrassed. Toshinori needed to keep an eye on his strength. After hearing what the man had said, the door suddenly shifted into an arrow which was pointing towards his desk. Toshinori's eye's widened after seeing this, as this wasn't something he was used to seeing everyday. He thought that is was 'awesome'. He walked into the office bowing at the man before taking a seat, looking back at the door as it reformed back to normal. He then looked back towards the man, thinking to himself "So this is Aaron".

He saw as Aaron shuffled some papers around his desk, he seemed like a busy man. "So, You're.. please tell me your name again sir?", Aaron said seeming uninterested with the meeting. Toshinori straightened his tie and said "My name? My name is Toshinori Kamiyama", he said firmly. As Toshinori Awaited a response, he folded his sleeves and relaxed into the chair a bit.

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The man seemed a bit in awe of what Aaron had performed in front of him, and as amusing as it was Aaron couldn't help but wonder why they'd recruited someone whom appeared to be on the mental level of a toddler.. The man began to relax a bit and it became clear he at least somewhat understood manners, though proper etiquette might be a step above his level.. "Nice to meet you Mr. Kamiyama, so.. what exactly do you do?.. What makes you a valuable asset to an organization such as our own? Sell yourself to me a bit if you could please, and if I have any further questions from there I suppose there's always the practice area.." Aaron reformed the Iron Dust yet again to point towards a nearby corridor which would lead to an arena, a simulator which exactly replicated New York.. "So.. shoot."

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"Nice to meet you Mr. Kamiyama, so.. what exactly do you do?.. What makes you a valuable asset to an organization such as our own? Sell yourself to me a bit if you could please, and if I have any further questions from there I suppose there's always the practice area.." Aaron would say while yet again reforming the door. He had it point towards a nearby corridor, which had a sign with the words 'Practice Arena'. Toshinori saw this, understanding that a visual test may be necessary.

"I myself am not one hundred percent sure what the extent of my power's are, although if I was to explain it in anyway I think I would have to say Enhanced Physical Condition". Toshinori was truly unsure of his full capabilities, and truthfully had agreed  to come to the Committee in hopes of changing that. Well. Although that wasn't the only reason, the other reason was more a personal thing that others would easily laugh at, if they heard him say it. "As for what I could bring to the table. I'm not the smartest man alive, I don't have political power, money or anything of that caliber. However I am not easily discouraged. If I was to compare the mental strength of the current Committee members with me. I'd easily be the last one standing any day", Toshinori said this with confidence and almost seemed cocky when he said the last part.

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Aaron chuckled a bit as the man summarized his powers as being 'enhanced physical condition', this caused Aaron to quit writing for a moment and turn to the boy across the desk from him.. "I hope you understand we all are enhanced physically in comparison to the average human being, I mean for Christ sake.." Aaron half-ass punched his desk and smirked as it split in two, "I've done that by accident, this is the 4th desk this week over dumb shit like that.. And it's a fine desk might I add, Mahogany!" Aaron called the staff to clean up the mess as he listened to the man give his observation on his own mental resolve. "Well.. I'd like to test that resolve you're so willing to boast about.. come with me."

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Toshinori's head perked up as he heard as Aaron chuckled over his summarization of his powers. Aaron then suddenly stopped doing what he was doing and met his gaze with Toshinori. As both their gazes met, Aaron spoke, "I hope you understand we all are enhanced physically in comparison to the average human being, I mean for Christ sake.." Aaron said Bluntly. Toshinori was sort of expecting a negative response in the way he summarized his powers. But jeez, this cunt was brutal as hell. However even with what the man said, Toshinori wasn't deterred from his 'want' to join the committee. In the end, someone needs to do something to change the world for the better. Even if everyone around him didn't care, this was Toshinori's undying drive, this is what made him who he is.

Then suddenly out of no where, Aaron bashed his desk in two like a fucking idiot. Toshinori should've been surprised, but he was more concerned with why the fuck Aaron did it. If at any point Aaron was thinking toshinori was a retard, well... now Toshinori thought the man had fucking tourettes. "I've done that by accident, this is the 4th desk this week over dumb shit like that.. And it's a fine desk might I add, Mahogany!", Aaron said not really acting surprised at all. The only thing going through Toshinori's head was 'Well... If you liked it that much then why break it like a retard?'. But then his attention was drawn to something that Aaron had said, what did he mean by 'over dumb shit like that?'. Have other people had meetings with him and said the same thing? Toshinori really wanted to slap himself, if he'd said anything else then maybe Aaron's desk would still be in one piece. He could've just said something like, "When I punch people, their heads explode, is this fucking normal?". Then at least if Toshinori had acted half-retarded the man would've at least spared his fucking desk. Or maybe more than the desk would've been destroyed. At that point, Aaron was better off ripping his cock out of his pants and breaking his desk that way. At least he would've looked prideful of his cock strength, than looking like a dumbass. But perhaps that was his intention. Who the fuck knows anymore, people complicate things too much.  

Aaron called in his staff to clean up his so called 'accidental mess', Aaron seemed like he was on the brink of frothing at the mouth from pure stupidity, 'seemed' like it. Regardless Aaron seemed more interested in what Toshinori had said in the end. Aaron continued, "Well.. I'd like to test that resolve you're so willing to boast about.. come with me." He said. Toshinori wasn't hesitant at all to follow Aaron. He might have been a bit ballsy when said it, but fuck it. Toshinori had nothing to loose, and everything to gain. "Sure." , Toshinori said with a big smile on his face.

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(OOC, don't make me fuck a desk in half you fucking n00b.)

The man smiled, as he walked onto the field of battle and true enough to his word, his resolve and confidence seemed to be incapable of being shaken. So Aaron smirked, using his Iron Dust infused into some of the nearby vehicles. "Hope you're ready kid.." Aaron leaned back against the wall behind him, pointing towards the two cars which were now transformers under Aaron's control. He couldn't help but smile a bit, as they both charged the man and aimed to punch him into dust, their metal fists descended on the man in an instant with deadly intent. Hopefully, if the kid was as advertised, he wouldn't be a dead man at this point..

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Lead by Aaron, Toshinori made his way into the Arena which was replicating New York. If it weren't for the lack of life, the Arena would've felt almost real. They made their way into the replicated city, and suddenly came to a stop. "Hope you're ready kid..", Aaron would say as he transformed 2 random car's into robot transformers. Toshinori having not seen what Aaron had done was a little confused by his statement. Aaron took rest against a wall while pointing towards the two transformers he'd made, which were both charging at Toshinori. Toshinori saw Aaron smirk as the two transformers made their way to Toshinori.

Both of the Machines raised their fists, about to strike Toshinori, and as their metal fist were just about to reach Toshinori a massive burst of steam went around Toshinori. It would almost appear as if the transformers had beaten him with one punch. That was until the steam cleared, revealing a massive muscular frame. A large man with hair slicked back and a suit that now fit perfectly was standing where Toshinori just was, and had caught both the transformers fist's within an instant. It'd take an idiot not to tell, that this was Toshinori. With a big grin on his face he crushed the fist's of the transformers, the entirety of their arms slowly crushing as well. He then quickly took a step back, and prepped both his fits. With a quick movement, he punched both of the transformers squarely in the chest simultaneously. Their metal insides shooting out as high velocity shrapnel, completely shattered.

Toshinori didn't say a word as all these events happened, he simply waiting for what happened next.

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Aaron's eyes were agape as he looked on at what just happened. The man who once stood in an over-sized suit now possessed a perfect fit. He crushed the arms of the transformers in an instant, shrapnel shot out in all directions. So this was what he meant by super strength eh?.. Not bad, but let's see how well he can dodge.. Aaron slowly formed shrapnel shards out of the transformers and the discarded pieces the man had created, and launched it towards him at Bala speeds to see if he could dodge it in any reasonable way shape or form.

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