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#1 Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:36 am

Aaron was in Tokyo on short notice due to a particularly necessary order of business, and that order of business was?.. To drop by and speak with the Captain Commander. He walked up to what appeared to be a camp for the wounded, and noticed that it was what remained of the Gotei.. Such a shame.. Surely Ika couldn't have been that unyielding..? Well.. Perhaps he could have.. Nonetheless, Aaron approached the Spiritual Signature he knew to be the Captain Commander, blocking off all whom attempted to stop him with iron walls formed from the dust that was his trademark ability. "Ms. Akane Makishima?.. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Aaron Satetsu, the new leader of the Committee.. You might have heard of us, as our soldiers have been helping you to recover a bit.. Mind if I take a seat?"

Aaron remained pleasant, hoping to keep her at ease.. He really didn't want a fight at this point..

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#2 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:00 pm

Akane had been dealing with the fallout from their attack, even if it had been some time they really hadn't recovered all too well. It was getting better though, some of those who had gone missing had returned and the injured were doing much better, that included Akane herself. However, when the large iron walls began springing up around to block her people off there was little chance in stopping the young captain commander from being on edge. A vaguely familiar man would approach, she couldn't quite place him but she was sure she had seen him before now. He would find it difficult to ignore the sudden spike in spiritual pressure, that only got worse as he got closer to the source.

"I believe you mean Jun Tomoshibi has been aiding us, one member of the Committee hardly gives you credit" Because as she had heard from the boy's himself all of the aid they had been getting was all due to his own planning and apparently personal wealth. The committee on the other hand, due to their inaction, had aided in their exodus. She just shrugged regardless, seeming rather cold despite reports he may have seen about the generally chipper young woman. She placed her elbows on her desk, resting her had behind her clasped fingers as she waited for whatever it was this Aaron wanted to talk about. Apparently this change in leadership didn't seem to help warm the girl's cold stare.

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#3 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:38 am

Her Reitsu spiked as Aaron approached her and he couldn't help but be put a little on edge in his own right. "My dear, I don't know that you really want a conflict with me right now given I'm here to help you, so if you could kindly drop the scare tactics it would be much appreciated.." As he approached and heard her response, "As I recall, one member of the Committee to help you is still one more person than you sent to help us when the Hollow's were invading Greenland, so I suppose we could call it even yeah?"

The cold stare she gave off was quite unlike what her reported demeanor was said to be, perhaps Ika had changed her a bit.. Bah who cares. "As I was saying before you decided to take offense to my presence, I've come here seeking a truce. I find that the Gotei is a natural ally, and plan to capitalize on this unlike my predecessor Ms. Kesshou. If that is something you'd be interested in, then I suppose we have quite a bit to discuss Sou-Taichou.. Hell, I may even attempt to help you get the Gotei back as a display of good faith, how does that sound?.."

Aaron smiled a bit, and took a seat at the table. Boy, hopefully this went better than the introductions did..

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#4 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:45 pm

Truth be told, it wasn't scare tactics she was after. Akane had been on edge ever since the attack and her automatic response to threats was simply overwhelming them with her spiritual pressure. Though, his taking credit for the help Jun had annoying her more than she cared to admit. Though her eyes narrowed slightly, glaring down towards him as he went ahead and took a seat, her scarf already wrapped tightly around her hand as a way to keep her from snapping.

"An Alliance? We were already supposed to be allied when I was stabbed in the back" She wanted to add 'literally' but there wasn't any time for humour right now. Though before she continued, the girl would take a deep breath, calming herself once more before she said anything she might regret. "Say we took back the Soul Society? What then? That rag-tag bunch of traitors get to run free doing whatever they want? Or are you going to reign them in until the Gotei don't perform to your standards and let them attack again?" Aaron would get the feeling that if Akane set eyes upon any members of that group, she might not be able to hold back, and that peace between CHAOS and the Gotei was all but impossible at this stage.

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#5 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:53 pm

"We didn't help them, we stood neutral since we were allied with them as well. I do not know the nature of the dispute between Chaos and the Gotei and frankly I don't care, Maki put her eggs in the Chaos basket, I'm not quite as willing to do so, and I would prefer to lean more towards the Gotei. As for what then, what now? Do you want to just stay in the Human World because the evil man kicked you out? If so this conversation is pointless and I fully intend on leaving, I expect you to behave, and I hold Chaos to the same standards. If they invade again I personally, will dispatch them. No one is bringing war to the Human World anymore, they aren't exempt to that." Aaron stood firm, countering the aggression displayed by Akane with some of his own.

Eh, worse goes to worse he'd leave. No biggy.

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#6 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:47 pm

The captain commander just sighed, she was getting worked up. Neither of them were being particularly helpful in this conversation. "Behave?" That almost set her right back off. But she kept her cool for now "I want the Soul Society back. I want reparations for everything they did. And if they step out of line, you will back me up when I eradicate every single one of them. In return, I will personally deal with any hollow incursion. If I am aware of it, I will deal with it" Seeing as this man thought a lot of himself, and should she step out of line he would simply be able to back up CHAOS and easily outnumber and overpower the Gotei. It was getting old, to say the very least. But that wasn't important right now, she needed to get their home back. Revenge could wait.

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#7 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:09 am

The woman clearly took offense to the behave comment, and Aaron would be lying to pretend he was phased by that. "I have no problem with you taking the Soul Society back, it's yours. I would never deny you that, as for reparations that's between you and them, not me. I had fuck all to do with it and will not be burdened with starting a war in our world over something such as "Reparations." As if currency could even begin to fucking repair the real damage that was done, and I think you know that." Aaron let the comment hang before continuing, "I will not be picking sides. I am a neutral fucking party. I don't care about your revenge or your plight against Chaos, they've done fuck all wrong to me. Presuming things stay that way any act of aggression from either party will be dealt with however I see fit. As for the Hollows yes, that is last I checked your job and I see no need to impede upon it. Your assistance in the termination of the Hollow's is greatly appreciated but it will not afford you privileges beyond that of any other ally.."

Aaron stood firm, before finishing off what he had said.. "I'm not Ms. Kesshou, if the Gotei or Chaos pose a threat to my realm I will fucking bury said threat where it stands. I came hoping for rational thinking. Not posturing. To endanger those you seek to protect by seeking pointless revenge is stupid. The man whom attacked you is gone. All that remains are those whom obeyed him presumably under threat of extermination if they didn't. Enough of this craziness Akane Makishima. Do you want your home back or not."

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#8 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:53 pm

"Fine" Akane couldn't find it in herself to bother arguing the point, if all he had come to do was declare neutrality then she saw little point trying to get further help. He seemed to think that his power somehow exceeded her own, or whoever was running CHAOS... It didn't seem that way to her, in fact she figured that his true power would simply allying against whoever decided to go against him first and just use numbers to shut them down. Though as it stood, if CHAOS decided to take him on, she wasn't going to lend her own forces if he wasn't going to compromise, he didn't have that kind of leverage. Of course, he wouldn't know that until it was too late. She figured he would just posture some more, but it was very much his issue. "I just want our home back, that's all I ask. There doesn't need to be a fight, and if you could bring this message to Ika's son I would be grateful" She felt like a peaceful discourse between them would be impossible,

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#9 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:14 am

The woman clearly wasn't happy but that wasn't really Aaron's problem at the present time. She agreed, and that was all he could really ask for at this point. "I will give your message to Kazuku, and I will tell him he needs to leave the Gotei if he's still there now or I'll remove him personally. That much I can offer as restitution for the retarded diplomacy of my predecessor. However if in the future somehow risk humanities well-being out of spite, despite my kindness? I will not be as accepting of these terms. Make no mistake, I count this as a truce of sorts not between our factions as allies, but as defenders of what is universally understood to be the greater good. Are we clear?"

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#10 Re: Aaron's visit to the Captain Commander. on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:59 pm

Well, it wasn't exactly what she wanted, but it seemed like she would be getting her home back after all. Getting everyones home back. It was one of the few things she had managed to do right in her short term as Captain Commander so far. "Fine" She wasn't going to make humanity pay for this one man's obnoxious attitude. After all was said and done, she knew she couldn't trust him or Kazuku. Any inkling of betrayal would be dealt with personally this time, she was no longer going to be a victim in all this. "You can go now, and if you could clean up that mess you made coming in I would appreciate it"

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