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Name: This unit is designated A.H.S.S., Artificial Hollow Super Soldier.
Apparent Age: This unit looks as if it has just left the assembly line, ready for use.
True Age: This unit was made five years, three weeks and four days ago.
Sex: This unit identifies as an autonomous robotic soldier.
Personality: Made to follow orders to the letter, this unit has no independent personality. How this unit acts relies upon whoever is nearby. The owner of this unit will be treated with respect and haste attention to commands. There is not a command that this unit will not follow through on so long as it is within that it is programed to do. (Please see “List of Commands” below under ‘Side Notes’ for further details on available commands.) Those who are allies of the owner, or those the owner tells the unit are to be labeled ‘FRIEND’, will not receive hostile action, and will converse so long as it does not reveal information the owner hasn’t labeled ‘CLASSIFIED’ in this unit’s database. Those having no significance to the owner will be ignored by this unit, and will be watched intently when close to the owner. Should they turn aggressive they will be labeled ‘HOSTILE’ and Owner Protection Protocols will engage to secure the owner’s well-being.  

This unit will remain ‘alive’ so long as two qualifications are met. One, maintenance is performed on this unit once each year to ensure that contaminants are cleaned from the air filter and any coolant that is low is topped up. Two, that this unit has an owner to give it commands. The owner is determined by whoever owns the terminal it is linked to. Ownership is determined by inputting a unique username and password, followed with a sample of spirit energy. Once the link is formed the terminal will absorb a continual strain of spirit energy from the owner. This strain is so small that it will not affect combat ability for the owner in any way, this is just to ensure that the owner is still alive. Should one or both of these conditions not be met this unit will shut down until the above requirements are met.

Height: This unit stands at five feet and four inches tall.
Weight: This unit weighs five hundred and sixty six pounds, consisting of metal, rubber, plastic and various circuitry.
Physical Traits: This unit is composed of circuits, rubber, plastic, steel and glass. The circuitry is bound in rubber and plastic tubes to prevent exposure to corrosion. This is all supported by a steel frame and casing surrounding the core. The core, shaped like a sphere, acts much like a Mod Soul Pill. The core is the source of power for this unit to draw from which recharges itself with spirit energy sent to it through the terminal and what it refines from spirit particles in the air around it. Hence why it’s air filter needs yearly cleaning. This is all covered by steel armor plating that has been painted green. It’s head has one lone ‘eye’ camera which it uses to see. This location is also where it fires out it’s Cero energy attacks. On the top and either side of it’s head are focusing coils which are responsible for focusing its spirit energy for energy attacks, made of steel and shaped like tesla coils.

General Fighting Style:
Strengths: This unit is skilled in Spirit Energy Attacks(Cero, Bala, etc.), Physical Strength, Stamina and Endurance.
Weaknesses: This unit is unable to use Sonido and Hierro(See “Metal Body” for detail as to why) entirely. As well, this unit does not have any skill in utilising its Spirit Pressure.
Boosts: This unit has a two times boost to ‘STRENGTH’and ‘SPIRIT ENERGY’.
Ability Name: Metal Body
Ability Description: The metal plates of this unit hold a spiritual link to it’s core, replacing the Hollow/Arrancar Hierro with steel plates that provide defense in much the same way. This is a passive ability which gives this unit a strong resistance to physical damage and moderate protection from attacks using Spirit Energy that are equal to a Cero in terms of damage and lower.

The fact that this unit’s body is made of metal, plastic, rubber and circuits means it is heavily resistant to Poison(Lacks organs and blood that poison would effect) and Electric(Rubber protects its system from frying) attacks. However it is more susceptible to corrosive materials such as Water, Acid and the like. Retained in both releases.
Ability Name: Sensor Module
Ability Description: In this unit’s chest is a small data chip which allows the sensing and measurement of Spirit Energy and Spirit Pressure. It cannot account for what the target may be suppressing but can pick up on the slightest fluctuations. As such this unit can sense anything so long as there is something there to sense. This can pick up on anything within 50 feet of this unit, even under ground. Retained in both releases.

Sealed Appearance: This unit’s core is it’s Zanpakutou. It is shaped into a sphere and continuously rotates within its chamber. It lets off a soft red glow and feels of raw Hollow Spirit Energy, as if taken from the environment of Hueco Mundo itself.
Zanpakuto Name: Protocol 453.5
Zanpakuto Call Out: Protocol 453.5, Threat Level Increased (First Release)
Protocol SE5576.7, Reduce To Dust (Second Release)
Cero: Bala (bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.
Cero (sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Gillians, Adjuchas, Arrancar, and the Vizards have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently.
Gran Rey Cero (If Ranked as Espada)
Cero Oscuras (Only when released, Can’t be used on Segunda)
Sanran(Scatter) Cero (Only when released, Cannot be used in Segunda): Instead of focusing the energy of this unit’s Cero being focused at its camera, the energy forms separately at the three coils found in it’s head. Once ready it fires off the cero beams in the direction of the target as a scatter-shot. Fires a total of six beams, two from each coil, each as strong as a Bala.
Shi no Shinsen(Gaze of Death): The power of an average Cero condensed down to a more precise and lethal beam. It is still as fast as a normal Cero, but is nowhere near the usual size. It is about as thick as a softball. The force behind the more concentrated energy however would cause nearly double the damage of an average Cero blast. As such, the time needed to charge the attack is doubled to make sure the energy is focused down effectively without becoming reactive too early. This has a 1 post charge-up and is as destructive as a double strength Cero.
Your Defeat Is... Inevitable!: This replaces Cero Oscuras once in second release. This unit fires off a dark red Cero that is as powerful as a Cero Oscuras, and can maintain firing the Cero for up to four posts. However, for each post it is maintained it needs an equal number of posts for it to charge up. Once it is finished firing it has the same cooldown as a Cero Oscuras.

Appearance: This unit undergoes multiple physical alterations. It retains its same frame and wiring, however it’s metal plating is upgraded with serrated edges. Over its face is a human skull, the jaw forced open as if the skull was forced on. It retains the coils from before since they’re attached to the frame. On its back is screwed on wings that also has serrated edges. Despite the rushed and rusty appearance this unit is quite sturdy in this form.
Serrated Armor- The serrated edges to this unit’s armor deals damage to the the target dependent upon the strength of melee attack that is made. This returns 10% of damage dealt to the target, much like the average ‘Thorn’ themed ability. This scales with the strength of attack made by the hostile target.
Laughing Skull- If close enough, this unit can force the humanoid skull to close its jaws to bite down and through a target’s flesh, much like a real Hollow would when trying to eat. This is capable of biting off entire limbs, and as such is as strong as a level fifty Hadou. This has a 1 post cooldown.
Basic Flight Protocol- The wings on this unit’s back allow for basic flight.
Self Diagnostic Repairs- Lacking flesh, this unit does not have High Speed Regeneration. As such when damaged repairs need to be made. This unit has internal systems which are capable of self-repair before, during and after a fight. It acts just like High Speed Regeneration to fit her inorganic structure.
Boosts: This unit gains a three times boost to ‘STRENGTH’ and ‘STAMINA’, retains previous two times boost to ‘SPIRIT ENERGY’.

Appearance: This is a last resort made by this unit when an opponent is considered lethal towards the owner. The core of this unit casts off this old frame for one bigger, better and stronger to match the threat it faces. Designated ‘Protocol SE5576.7, Reduce To Dust’, this is the second release this unit is capable of. The core takes on a stainless steel frame that stands a solid sixty feet tall, covered in six inch steel plating and is strengthened through hydraulic limbs. It lacks the coils of the previous two states of being, however it can still form focused Spirit Energy attacks.
Chance Of Enemy Victory, Zero Percent!- This unit, while in this advanced state, can fire off one of it's fists at a marked 'ENEMY' target as a homing missile. The fist will follow the target until it hits the target or something equally powerful in it's way, at which point it will explode with the force of a Gran Rey Cero. This has a 3 post cooldown, and the fired fist will be repaired after 1 post. During that one post, the hand cannot be used.
Mark 28 Nuke- This unit throws one of its nuclear payloads at the target which would explode upon the first thing it contacts. The explosion would be equal to a level 70 Hadou, and leaves a residual ‘Spirit Radiation’ in a 30 foot radius from that spot for 2 posts, that would deal damage to a level 20 Hadou to anything within each post. This can only be used once each post and also is limited to a total of three uses each thread. This isn't an actual Nuclear Payload, only mimicking the visual effects and leaves behind an invisible burning spiritual energy.
Hydraulic Stomp- Focusing all of its energy and systems on its leg, this unit is able to stomp down at a target with enough force behind it to equal a Gran Rey Cero. This has a 3 post cooldown.
Boosts: This unit has a four times boost to ‘STRENGTH’, retains its previous three times boost to ‘STAMINA’ as well as its two times boost to ‘SPIRIT ENERGY’.

History: This unit does not have an extensive history. It first registered conscious thought a short time over five years ago, marking it’s ‘creation’. Its first registered image recorded through its camera was the face of its maker, classified under its own command to prevent it from ever being unlocked and deleted by future owners. At this point there was only a head.

Three months after that point its torso was made and connected. It brought such happiness to her creator. It registered happiness and excitement in its creator’s progress.

Ten months after this point it was given limbs and was linked to its core. It was able to move, and was set previously with various command protocols. It followed the creator wherever he went, the first owner.

After one year it was given upgrades to fight like an arrancar. An artificial soldier made to be a personal guard.

After another year and a half her creator gave her a command to ‘SLEEP’. Her camera recorded him walking out, and never returned.
Side Notes: List of Commands:
-Attack: A simple command, this allows the owner to direct this unit to be hostile towards an intended target. This excludes those the user has labeled ‘FRIEND’ or ‘ALLY’.
-Defend: Another simple command, this allows the user to direct this unit to defend either the user themself or a particular item or person. Will not work for those labeled ‘ENEMY’.
-Hack: This unit is capable of hacking most technological devices and read the information. From which point the user can have information they choose to be downloaded for further use on the terminal. The terminal can only hold 600 MB of information at any given time. For further information to be downloaded old documents would have to be deleted.
-Stand/Stay: Used mostly to keep this unit out of the owner’s sleeping quarters, this commands is to keep this unit in one place until ordered otherwise.
-Sleep: This unit will temporarily power down, allowing for maintenance. This is another option to not be disturbed while sleeping. However, this unit will have to be powered back up using the terminal.
-Add/Remove ‘FRIEND’: Adds the person directed by the owner as a ‘FRIEND’, and as such is to be for the most part ignored by this unit unless spoken to. The opposite is also possible, removing the person from this list.
-Add/Remove ‘ALLY’: Adds informed organisation as ‘ALLY’, marking those within the organisation with ‘FRIEND’ privileges. The opposite is also possible to take the organisation off this listing.
-Add/Remove ‘ENEMY’: Will either label or remove the label of ‘ENEMY’ to or from an implied target. Those under this listing will not be trusted to get near the owner.
-Classify Information ‘---’: Information given to this unit with this listing will not be given to anyone but the owner.
-Follow: The opposite to the Stand/Stay command, this will direct this unit to continue following the owner or an implied target.
-Find Me ‘---’: This command will direct this unit to find the item the owner asked for. It will search a limited area before stopping and reporting back with either positive or negative results.
-Define: This unit will define a term when asked with this command.
-Search Area: When given this command, this unit will use its Search Module to scan the area for possible threats or hidden targets.
Roleplay Sample: The terminal was covered in dust. A cobweb hung loosely against the left-hand corner of the screen and the desk it sat on. A.H.S.S. stood three feet away, it’s upper body limp from being shut down. It has been two years since its last maintenance session, and as such needed care before it could be used. Dust clung to it’s painted green frame just as it did everything else in the undisturbed room. The lab this room was a part of was hidden within one of Hueco Mundo’s sand dunes, and belonged to an arrancar scientist who had one day walked out only to be never seen again. Now it remains sitting, waiting for a new owner to command it.

For two years it waited. Now after so long the door opens, and the flickering hall light reveals who has come to claim the hibernating battle-bot.

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Alright, So you've got cool idea with alot of RP potential. There's nothing wrong with the app visually, and the history is short, so not much to really comment about XD.

Righty, lets get on with the abilities then, shall we.


Cero Section: All of these look fine, and are APPROVED.


Ability Section: All of the Resurrection Abilities look fine, and are APPROVED.


Ability Section: Now this is where some of the Abilities become iffy.

Chance Of Enemy Victory, Zero Percent!- This unit, while in this advanced state, can fire off one of it's fists at a marked 'ENEMY' target as a homing missile. The fist will follow the target until it hits the target or something equally powerful in it's way, at which point it will explode with the force of a Gran Rey Cero. This has a 3 post cooldown, and the fired fist will be repaired after 1 post.

This Ability is mostly fine, although the homing effect could be questionable. Since this Ability would scale with Tier, and lets say you were 0-5, if you were facing an opponent who was 2 or 3 tiers lower than yourself. It'd be a bit hard for them to use an ability on equal power. they'd have to use an ability of Cero Oscuras or Above to actually stop it which is fine. But Then if we take into consideration that you're 0-5, there is not much terrain that can really stop an ability of that caliber, coming from you, easily. Then we take into consideration that it infinitely homes until it hits.

Simple solution to this. Give it a 2 post 'homing timer' (how long it will follow the target for?), then she'll be all good. Also just saying, if your fist is still able to be used in some maner after it explodes you should state so. Unless of course you want it to be completely inoperable for 1 post, which is fine.

Mark 28 Nuke- This unit throws one of its nuclear payloads at the target which would explode upon the first thing it contacts. The explosion would be equal to a level 70 Hadou, and leaves a residual ‘Spirit Radiation’ in a 30 foot radius from that spot for 2 posts, that would deal damage to a level 20 Hadou to anything within each post. This can only be used once each post and also is limited to a total of three uses each thread.

This ability is mostly fine, although one of two things need to be done. The use of all "Nuclear" and "Radiation" mentions must be removed (since both are banned on the site). Or... simply state that the ability simulates the same visual effects as a Nuclear payload, but in the end is a massive Spiritual energy explosion, that leaves behind an invisible mist/ray of burning spiritual energy.


Once any of the things mentioned have been fixed/changed/resolved, then the app will be considered 'APPROVED'.

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Seconding and tiering attttt eh...


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Confirmed: *Edits have been Made*



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