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#1 ALL MIGHT - Toshinori Kamiyama on Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:06 pm

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Name: Toshinori Kamiyama

Apparent Age: 18

True Age: 17

Sex: Male

Personality: Toshinori's personality, simply put, can be explained as Brave and heroic. He is a prideful individual, which means he also has a slight arrogant nature about himself. However no one would ever call him too prideful. He is seen by his peers and others as a fun loving big brother, with a heart of Steel. He is a very moral inspiring individual, and has a unique atmosphere about him. His mere presence is enough to give courage to those around him. Toshinori wouldn't be described as the most smartest individual however he is no fool. He isn't the kind of person you'd be asking to solve complex questions and situations. But he is definitely the kind of person you would want to be around when you're feeling down. Toshinori is a walking and talking symbol of Inspiration and Bravory. It can seem neigh impossible to crush his spirit, which is why he is looked up to so much.

Toshinori's Personality can be put into several traits. These traits include; Brave, Confident, Human, Selfless, Honest.

Brave - Possibly Toshinori's most obvious trait is his ability to deal with his fear. To others it can appear as if he is fearless, But he has just simply overcome his fear. His Courage is one of his most defining traits. Putting himself in harms way to help even the most petty of people. Most would avoid situations where they were put into harms way, but Toshinori wouldn't hessitate for a second, he would become the Hero they needed.

Confident - Another one of Toshinori's traits that is highly respectable is his confidence. He has little to no doubt in what he can achieve and follows his heart through and through. He is a very idealistic person and has dreams of becoming a great Hero who will be recognized by the world. His dream is his passion. His passion gives him strength. The strength to make a change. A change in the people. The people who will carry on his dream. The dream of becoming a Hero.

Human - A very important trait that is very common among people. Whether he likes it or not, Toshinori is human and has this trait himself. Toshinori isn't made of stone, no matter how strong he may have to appear. He's human just like everyone else, and just like everyone else he cries, fears, and hopes. Toshinori shows care to most around him, and will respect them no matter how far from themselves they have to run. Toshinori is an extremely caring person, and has no real boundaries when it comes to other's personal lives. He see's a spark of love and hope in everyone's eyes and will go to any lengths to open their eyes.

Selfless - A trait that is seen in all heroes. Toshinori is as selfless as they come. You could call it stupidity, you could call him an idiot, you could say he's foolish and simply throwing away his life. Although all these things are falling upon deaf ears. Regardless of what others say, Toshinori is willing to die for his beliefs. Without hope you have only but a cold harsh reality to face, and the constant gaze of death staring at you through the mirror of your own dead existence. Selfless as in to give the people a future, something to be able to fight for. Devotion inspires bravery. Bravery inspires sacrifice.

Honest - Everyone lies, that's just a constant. However to be Honest with yourself and others can be the bravest thing of all. Toshinori has nothing to hide about himself, and shows that openly. He is proud to be who he is, and wants to show others why they should be to. His honesty can be painful and tormenting, then again what truth isn't as painful as knives? Toshinori is Honest with others because sometimes people need to know the truth, and sometimes they need to know that they are lying to themselves.


Height: 183 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Toshinori is a Close-Quarter-Combatant through and through. He utilizes strong devastating blows to overpower his opponents, and also has the speed to match. He has no real fighting style, but he isn't a stranger when it comes to a fight.  

Strengths: Durability, Strength, Agility, Reiryoku.

Weaknesses: Reiryoku Control, Zanjutsu, Sensing.  


Ability Name: Embers of Might
Description: While in his Normal state, Toshinori has access to a small amount of his power. Which makes him abnormally stronger, faster, and more durable than the average person.

Ability Name: Pain is Might
Description: Toshinori feels pain a lot less than most, he essentially has really high endurance levels. He also feels pain in a much different way than others. When Toshinori is inflicted with pain (Be it psychological or physical), his willpower grows greater and greater with each instance of pain.


Ability Name: HERO FORM!!
Description: To be able to use his powers Toshinori must transform into his 'HERO FORM!!' which is where all his power comes from. Transforming into 'HERO FORM!!' grants Toshinori vastly increased Strength, Speed, and Durability. His Strength allows him to lift several tons, His Speed allows him to outpace and beat his opponent before they even know how many times they were hit(he also has his own version of 'Shunpo'), and his Durability allows him to take a monstrous beating. (Constant x6 Strength and x6 Agility)

While in 'HERO FORM!!' Toshinori's Height and Weight change Drastically. His height changes to 7'4" and his weight changes to 729 lbs.

Ability Name: [Passive]Heroic Might
Description: Toshinori has a 30% damage reduction from all damage inflicted upon him.

Ability Name: [Passive]Fury Impact Body
Description: Anything that Toshinori hits is dealt upto a Cero's worth of damage. This ability can be sub-consciously de-activated as to prevent hurting the wrong people or destroying something he doesn't want to.

Ability Name: [Passive]Hero's Might
Description: Any major action performed by Toshinori cause(s) massive bursts of energy to be released. These energy waves are highly destructive and can cause massive pressure and wind changes (Toshinori can change the weather with one punch, or cause tornadoes, ETC). These energy waves will always be released into the direction at which Toshinori performed these actions. Additionally these energy waves will be as Desctructive/cause damage equal to the applied force of said action.  

Ability Name: Vanity's Might
Description: Once per post, Toshinori can punch a Cero or something of equal power out of existence.

Ability Name: Fists of Might
Description: Toshinori can deliver punches/Kicks of varying strength, which can be utterly devastating to both people and the environment. Each punch/Kick is classed from it's power, and each have separate cool-downs based on their power.

Punch/Kick Super - A double cero punch that has a 2 post cool-down.

Punch/Kick Mega - A Gran Rey Cero punch that has a 3 post cool-down.

Punch/Kick Hyper - A Cero Oscuras punch that has a 4 post cool-down.

Punch/Kick Ultra - A Forbidden Kido punch that has a 5 post cool-down.  


Ability Name: Hyper Heroic Might
Description: Toshinori has a 50% damage reduction from all damage inflicted upon him.

Ability Name: Ultra-Enhanced Physical Condition
Description: All Un-Enhanced physical stats are boosted to a constant x5


Ability Name: Heroes Never Die
Description: Upon quite literal death, Toshinori can resurrect himself once per thread. Will restrict him to second stage.  


History: Toshinori's life isn't that much different from most his age. However he did struggle with having to grow up without a mother, as she was killed mysteriously when he was just 5 years old. The killer was never found, and it was just simply written off. Toshinori didn't suffer from any mental problems from the event, simply because to deal with the trauma he simply forgot the memory completely.

Toshinori grew up with his father, or atleast he sorta did. His father being a business man didn't really help at all, meaning Toshinori was alone a lot of the time. Its a wonder that without any guidance he turned out the way he did.

Toshinori's school life was pretty average, he wasn't really an outstanding student when it came to school work. However Toshinori was very popular with the people, especially the girls.

Toshinori's life took a change, good or for worst, when his powers awoken. Now the path he walks on is only going to get tougher.    

Side Notes: N/A

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#2 Re: ALL MIGHT - Toshinori Kamiyama on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:16 am

Fix that, and All Might Man is approved at 2-3, keep punching people in half to a minimum please.

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#3 Re: ALL MIGHT - Toshinori Kamiyama on Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:35 pm

All Might is All Right, Re-Approved. Just want to add the tidbit that All Might's revival will push you OUT of Hyper Mode.

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#4 Re: ALL MIGHT - Toshinori Kamiyama on Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:18 am

Bump !UPDATE! Tag

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