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#1 To all Committee Agents on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:30 pm

Now that the last of my duties was set out of the way, I decided it was time. I'd send a broadcast throughout the entire facility, and a transmission to any agent out in the field. It would not be a disruption though, only a message.

My face would appear to every member, then I would speak. "The recent fall of Gotei was a tragic event, something that I could never foresee. However, many of you know my relationship with Ika Mazi, the perpetrator of the attack on the Soul Society. For the longest time, I felt under heavy pressure by his Chaos, and at a loss when trying to make justifiable decisions, as well as doing what was best for the Committee and all of humanity. However, even that was a bit of a folly. This is what can only be described as a failure that I and I alone let happen, despite warnings and concerns from my advisors. I take full responsibility for the fall, and am hereby stepping down as your leader. In lieu of this, I've already sent operatives to Gotei's temporary camps across Japan. I humbly apologize for my failures."

With a sorrowful bow, I'd click the button that shut off the transmission.
(To everyone in a leader thread with Maki, I will finish those up, no worries. Below, you can post your reactions if you would like, if not, meh.)

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#2 Re: To all Committee Agents on Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:48 am

Aaron took the intercom and spoke dutifully into the microphone. "My job is not to condemn Chaos or the Gotei for their actions throughout history, my one motivation is the protection of the Human World, and a furthering of this organization we call the Committee. If Chaos wishes to be aligned, they will do so within the confines of my wants and whims. Same goes to the Gotei. We will no longer be a second-rate organization, and I will be holding individual meetings with each and every one of you to decide what we will be doing in the near to immediate future. Thank you, and good night." Aaron turned the intercom off and shook Ms. Kesshou's hand, "For what it's worth, I maintain my interest in keeping you on board as an advisor."

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