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That's right fuckers, Ika is now Soul King and by decree of the God Emperor himself? You all have something to post about. Meet up and indulge yourselves in a whole new world that for one day, one simple, stupid, ridiculous day, is now raining penises. I'm not even talking strap-on's/dildo's, I'm talking floppy human cocks and the occasional horse-cock for variety. Ika doesn't play folks, and your worlds are now upside down. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh also, ha, you all live in a world run by Ika

He is now to be addressed as God Emperor Mazi.

Oh fuck this is going to be fun..

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Seralin was beside herself with a mixture of amusement and rage. If she had nobody else with her she would just laugh this off as the childish antics of Ika. She knew nobody else that would do this if they had the power. However, she was not alone. Her mod soul creation, Sol'Elis was with her. They were up in the bookstore when it started, and it was only thanks to Seralin's quick thinking to have Sol go to the basement with her that the girl only seen a few of them. However...

"Seralin, what was that thing that fell from the sky?" She had never told the young female about humanoid anatomy. Or any anatomy, considering Sol'Elis didn't need to know about any of that. She didn't even have any genitalia.

"A joke, little one. A silly joke played by a silly man." She knew it wouldn't contain Sol'Elis' curiosity for long, and could already see her refine her question to something more direct. 'God damn i-... Ika...' In her mind she was cursing the man's name. This was not a frustration that she needed.


Silbern was normally a place of tranquility. A home for Quincy to train and refine who they are. The castle's many marble hallways and fantastic stone walls normally look like something from a majestic painting. On this day however... The majestic painting now looked to be ruined by graffiti. Human and horse members littered the castle walls, hung in the trees and flopped on the smooth reflective floors.

The Princess who called this realm home was absolutely livid. She stood on top of the castle's highest point and had her bow out, firing arrows at any penis that dared try to get close to her castle. It was going well... Until one that she didn't notice smacked her forehead before continuing it's descent.

"... Prepare my forces. Gather what Quincy you can. We are going to war with the Soul King." She did not know who it was that took over ruling the heavens, but if they were childish enough to do this then they did not deserve the position, and she would see to it that the job opened up for someone better to take the job.


"... Tell me this is mt imagination." Those were the words spoken by Gregor when the dick-rain started. The store was quiet and they hadn't recieved work orders for a solid week. So sure, the man was bored. This wasn't what he had in mind though to entertain himself. He didn't really care if there was a reason, considering how impulsive Gregor himself was, and he certainly could understand if this was for shits and/or giggles. But... Why dicks? "If it was a guy that did this I am so calling him gay to his face!" The man started to happily skip around the store, and was already planning how he could possibly top what this person did. He'd have to do something so ridiculous, so out of the norm that even the Hollows would question what sanity truly was.

"... But where can I get that many goats?"


Herminia was the most rational person about all this. Upon seeing the rain of penises she decided that day would be an inside day. At her forge. Hammering away at metal to try and distract herself from the sound of flesh pounding on the walls and roof outside.

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I'd be careful to not step on any of the now-raining-from-the-sky dicks as I made my way to my favorite bar with Kokoro, which if you're wondering, yes, he makes the perfect umbrella. Anything that touches him gets rightly fried to a crisp. Granted fried penis was not on the list of things I wanted to be smelling right now. Still, I had to give it to him, for being such a wild card. Followed by a giant middle finger.

Well, it'd finally come around. Personally not my kind of weather, but I'd embrace it the way any non-respecting clown would. I opened a plastic egg to contain some of the raining appendages as gags for later. After all, these were going to be a commodity soon, thus be valuable. It'd be the equivalent to getting slapped in the face with ten grand. wew.

Clownpiece: Lewd. But I approve.

So as I looked to the sky, I freaked out. Not because I wasn't into hardware, but I preferred mechanical things instead of fleshy things.. Though I was curious. Just not that curious. I left myself under a sturdy shelter to wait out potential death by dildos.
(Jeez, Velvet...)

I heard it before I felt it. A clap of thunder, followed by strange shapes falling. That is, until I realized what was going on. I took Mei and Camillia inside and simply groaned. "Unlimited power, and this is what he does with it? Ika damn it..."

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Selica had been wandering around the garden path of corpses that lead up to the enterance of the Bogota compound, which now brought rage and loneliness into her disgusting, lustful heart. Bright, blue eyes were filled with tears and her hair had been unkempt to the point of tangles, frizz, and stray strands galore. Screams would be emitting from her mouth as she cursed the man that supposedly loved her and destroyed the persecuted bodies leaving the garden a wreck. However, a clap of thunder would leave her thoughtless for a few moments as she looked to the sky. Her first thought was on rain, then it turned into thoughts of craze and confusion ince she saw the fleshy appendages falling from the clouds. Within moments her eyes would sparkle, "My love sent me presents!"

(Aaaand we'll let your imaginations soar after that one. Yikes.)


Mei had been standing outside watching her child stare at a bug for what seemed like twenty or so minutes. She hadn't even remembered the child, yet she knew it was her. What was funny was that she had the same feeling about- in the middle of her thought, there would be a clap of thunder prompting Mei to look to the sky. Clouds? It had been sunny only monents ago, was it supposed to- wait.. what? Mei would squeal frantically covering her child's eyes as she led the girl back inside while Noz assissted in the endeavor. "Alright. Sweetheart, let's play inside adventures, but stay away from thw windows because.. the monsters will get you! Ready,
Mei would distract the child before gritting her teeth, "What a dumbass.
How could we let this happen?"


Misaka would be roaming outside running ahead of Accelerator filled with excitement at the thought of exploring. She loved to be outside with the sun on her skin and the smell of randomness filling her nose. From food, to flowers, to fresh air, but not so much gross things. Anyway, the girl would be having a blast, until she heard a blast come from the sky. She would immediately squeal before running back to Accelerator. Her brown eyes would look up at him and then to the sky, except the rain looked weird. "Uhm. Assellerator. Misaka wants to know what that is," her small voice would say as the objects began to fall around them. "Are those toys for Misaka?"


Emiko would be following close behind Kokoro having been waiting for his endeavor to kill the Soul King to end. She didn't wish to interrupt him and his companion, so she simply stayed behind at a pleasing distance, which was recommended from an internet search. Without so much as a flinch, thunder would roar and Emiko would watch Kokoro, until she noticed objects falling around the areas. Emiko would scan the objects upon the ground only to have her systems begin to overload with inappropriate content. The small child would scream before spouting off commands to end the information overload. After moments of flustered feelings, Emiko would begin shooting lasers from her eyes destroying any object that even got near her being, "This is inappropriate to a disgusting degree! How could I have programming like this?!"

(Tatsuya would probably be confused and has no idea about male genitals.. and Akira wouldn't care. She would live her daily life with penises randomly bouncing off of her.)

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Accelerator's face turned a bright red as the male genitals began raining from the sky, and as Misaka asked her question he had to think quickly. "Uh.. no Misaka those are very dangerous, we need to get inside.." Accelerator used Blur to get them inside the nearby building, carefully redirecting the penises that landed on or near him and Misaka away from the two of them entirely.. Ika.. You fucking buffoon..


Aaron looked outside and out of pure annoyance covered the city in an iron dust dome, effectively protecting him and the bulk of the Committee from the ridiculous rain.. What the fuck had caused this...


Kokoro used his tentacles to block the barrage of penises and became horribly upset about the fact that he ever knew Ika in the first place. God dammit Ika. God fucking dammit...

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