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#1 [Private] Not so Hot (Kira + Noz) on Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:13 am

Still displaced, still in Tokyo, our shortage of new recruits was understandable, but we did slowly receive them bit by bit. Though we'd receive bits for each squad, I ended up overseeing them as the border of our temporary home needed to be watched more closely. Today, a new recruit to Squad 4 would show up, though I was lost as to her aura. Instead of a calm or relaxed aura like most I knew from that division, this one was well...

She was accurately described as a hothead. Even so, she walked with a sense of duty, possibly out of arrogance, hurriedness, or just simply because she took her job seriously. In any case, I would greet her with the standard for what we have had to do as of late. "Welcome to our temporary camp. We apologize for any difficulties this may have caused, but we do hope you'll find it suitable. Now... let's see, you're Kira de Grey, correct? The file I have states that you've filed for entry into Division 4, that'd be healing, but your powers seem to extend from fire-element junctions. I tend to believe anyone with an aura as sure as yours, but I would like to see how that actually works."

I'd level the paperwork outward and solidify my non-existant gaze, hoping to see for sure what this all meant.

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