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#1 [Private] Reunion on Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:27 am

It had been some time now since the shinigami had lost the soul society, and Akane had been more than a little down about it. Or she would be if given a moment to herself. However, today she wanted to get out and away from the people she felt she had failed. As much as they wanted her to try and think positively, there was always a small voice in her head reminding her off that failure. So, she had managed to escape their compound to get out into the world. Of course the captain's urged her to take a guard, just in-case, so Kaede had come along with her.

The normally bubbly little redhead was silent as she walked along through Tokyo, apparently being quite cautious, with a hand resting on Arashi's hilt as they strolled along. Another side-effect from the sneak attack it seemed. Akane would need something to cheer her up, and soon, if she was going to come back from this.

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