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#11 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:55 am

"Obviously" Was Fafnir's response, as Maki audibly shattered the ice that had encased a portion of her body, the smoke screen of the Durchdringen making it impossible for Fafnir to tell exactly where the blow landed. But that also gave him the ability to get away out of her reach with blink. The freezing rain was coming down hard, chunks of golf ball size hail mixed in, even with his superhuman durability this weather was not good for him, but the cold should be working its way through his human opponent's body, sapping it of it's strength slowly at first, but as her core continues to drop it will gradually become more noticeable.

Atem whipped up a gust of wind blowing the cloud from the bullet away before raising up his left arm and releasing a torrent of freezing cold water at his already drenched opponent. Should Maki choose to tank it, Atem would raise his right arm, palm open he would release a powerful bolt of lightning that would merge with the stream of water and blast Fafnir's Cybernetic sparring partner with an even nastier bolt than what Atem had released earlier.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Blitz (Lightning Bolt)
Description: Atem can fires a bolt of lightning from his right hand, normally from a pointed finger. This ability is normally equivalent to that of Byakurai, though he can choose to fire it from his palm/fist instead of his finger. Should he do this the cool down is increased to two posts, and it will act more like Raikoho instead of byakurai.

Ability Name: Schwall (Torrent)
Description: From his left hand or mouth Atem releases a torrent of water, it's destructive power would be equivalent to about half a cero.

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#12 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:59 am

Honestly, being unable to see sucks. Being blind with shitty senses? Even worse. Though from what I could tell, he may have been having as much trouble. I hadn't been rushed in my impeded state, nor was he at my throat. Though the thing that did suck was the hail. It wasn't easy to block that out, considering that I was slowly encasing myself in liquid crystal. That wouldn't protect me for long though. It became clear his visibility was crap too, as he had his companion clear the cloud of smoke away. Then he proceeded to fire a torrent of water at me. Yeah no, I'm wet enough thanks.

I'd Bringer Light to the side and wail on him with my staff, heedless at this point of any additional effects that may have had. No, at this point, I had my sight back and it was time to punish him a little for putting himself in a position that hindered himself more than it did me. After assumedly whacking him good, I'd just stare him down, a bit disappointed that it had come to that.

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#13 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:45 am

Blinking out of the way of Maki's swing Fafnir would raise his pistols and firing off four more rounds of his reiatsu enhanced bullets before Atem would raise his left hand loosing a dozen spears of ice at he speed of a Bala, enhanced with the power of Gust increasing their speed, and pentration power. Assuming, Maki dodged the attacks Atem would move to try and intercept her lashing out with his right arm, which would shock Maki should it make contact, nothing too nasty but it would be felt especially with how soaked she was.

Fafnir's breath was coming out in plumes, the weather had already gotten cold enough, for his breath to visible. The hail had escalated to almost the size of a baseball, though the stones were less frequent now.

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#14 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:39 am

Points for being able to dodge me, but lots of people can do that. What my main concern should have been is the ice shards, as well as the bullets he'd fired at me. The ice shards were nothing, but the bullets... yeah that's another story. I used my arms as shields for both of the projectiles, only to watch them shatter as one bullet buried itself in my shoulder, and the other, above the center of my chest. "Okay, that hurts a right fucking bit." I said, seeing as that was as accurate as I could describe it. I mean, it'd impacted my inner layers of armor, but that doesn't fix the pain. Stuffing it down for a moment, I stopped, took a deep breath, and used my inner armor to force the bullets out. That hurt a fucking lot worse. Even that being said, I could recover from that.

I held up my hand, giving him a sly gaze. "Not bad. You could use a bit of focus. I wonder just how long you've had that doll. Either way, it looks like you're approaching your limits. You did well to shatter my arms and wound me, though. Welcome to the Committee, Fafnir. I look forward to seeing more from you." I'd try to piece my wounds closed, as much as it hurt to do it slowly. The easy part was reassembling my arm. That took mere seconds. As he too picked himself up, I'd see him out.

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#15 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:17 am

Fafnir smirked as his bullets struck the mark even through Maki's guard, his guns while not actual hand cannons were not exactly weak. She raised up her hand calling an end to their brawl. Fafnir signaled to Atem calling an end to the hailstorm that it summoned calling in a warm dry wind to warm them up and dry them off. "I have been with Atem probably far longer than you have been alive, and I suppose better focus would allow me to be unaffected by the weather he generates. And so long as you keep paying the bill I will keep on delivering results."

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