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#1 [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:13 am

Touching down int the big Apple, Fafnir readied himself for his little introduction to this Committee who had contacted him, basically shutting down all lines of work he had spent the last seventy years setting up after taking up the moniker of Fafnir. The name, was something he had set up to make changing his identity easier on those who fed him his work.

But after the incident with his last employer Fafnir had received a letter from this Committee, and his handler had left him a message about canceling the contract between them. Fafnir's other lines for work had gave him similar responses leaving him high and dry. With that the Black haired Bount was pissed, he really hated it when people messed with his way of life. Using his considerable funds, and what resources he had at his finger tips Fafnir did some digging in on this organization finding out who they were and what they did, as well as blueprints of their office building with a pretty detailed schematic of their security system, complete with camera placement and rotation cycles.

Going over the plan in his head at least a dozen more times before arriving at the building he approached the building with a large crowd of people sticking a pin into the jacket of one of the employees on their in for their regular day at work. Before slipping in at the rear of the crowd waiting for his mark to walk through the metal detectors and catch that pin and distract the guards. Sure enough the man walked through the archway alarms went off and the security guards moved into place, as if this random paper pusher was some kind of threat.

Distraction in place Fafnir blinked his way into the open stairwell avoiding being seen by the guards or even picked up on the camera's unless someone slowed them to a crawl, and even then he probably wouldn't be anything more than a blur. Blinking his way up to the top floors of the building he slipped through pass the secretary, coming to the stop in front of a door marked Maki Kessho, Gently rapping his knuckles on the wood paneling Fafnir got himself ready to meet the person at the head of this organization.

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#2 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:19 pm

A quiet and sturdy knocking at my door, as usual, not an issue, but judging from the timing, I had a few ideas as to who it would be. As I opened the door, I saw him. Smirking, I had to make sure he wasn't primed to attack, which he wasn't. "So you're as good as they say. Good. We're glad to have you. As for your other contracts, they've been paid off. Those that refuted the plea deal? Well, they were pummeled. In any case, all contracts you get from here on out will be through us. Funds won't be an issue, you'll have a place to stay. Oh.... and next time, just use the front door. It'd be a bit simpler that way. Come with me."

I'd lead the assailant simply noted as Fafnir to a room that I'd lead countless others to, our pre-established training room. I'd leave the guards out front to figure out what the hell was going on, mostly because it was pleasing in the back of my head. "Let's see what you'd be able to do were you ever in deadlock. Come at me with everything you have, unless you'd like to die where you stand!" The buttons I'd press on the console would trigger a transition to a mountain range, amidst sparse grassy terrain, snowy peaks, and craggy edges, it'd be interesting to see his plan of attack, considering the heavily varying elevations and surface structures.

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#3 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:46 am

"Oh but I did, not my fault if no one noticed me... Well I suppose it is." Fafnir responded to Maki's Jab about him being a bit sneaky on the way in. His voice was deep and sophisticated, with a slight British accent, his face held a slight smirk. He would follow Maki to the training area which as soon as the young woman was done messing with the buttons on the wall changed into a large battle field, a thigh-high grass covered the ground and there was tree's off in the distance. Close at hand off to his left stood a mountain range with snowy peaks. All in all it was a relatively perfect place for a battle, though seeing as far as he could tell they were still inside of the building he wasn't sure how well his partner's main ability would function.

"Seeing as you know what I am there is no point in hiding it, Zeige Dich Atem" As Fafnir called out the name of his Doll his pocket watch glowed from within his pocket, Fafnir's reiatsu spiked and elements swirled together creating a djinn like element, a tornado swirled where his legs should have been, his body was made of a cloud, one arm made out of lightning that crackled and sparked arching out randomly, the other was made of ice, with swirling and churning water at the joints. The creatures head was made of more swirling and churning water with a pair of glowing green eyes.

"You Called my master." came a voice much like rolling thunder from the Djinn like beast.

"Yes, this nice lady over there would like to test us." Fafnir responded, Atem's head bobbled letting out a rumbling chuckle as he called in a change of weather. A bank of storm clouds rolled in, lightning flashing between the heads as wind the wind started to blow. "This is my power, the ability to change and control the weather."

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#4 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:09 pm

So he was a bounto. Good to know. The doll came to life, with a regal air similar to the man himself. One constructed of what seemed to be a bastardization of elements... odd. I wasn't sure what to expect, so I'd be on my guard. But wait. What? After his surveying of the area I'd generated, he looked at me and explained the question I hadn't asked. It controlled... the weather?

To be honest, I wasn't sure what a doll like this would lead him to be useful as a contract merc, but I guess I was about to find out. "Alright, Fafnir... Dragon of Greed. Let's see what made your notoriety what it was, aye?" I'd begin with simple stones, pulled out from several alternate locations within the mountains. All the stones, about the size of half a car, would take turns striking the place he was currently standing. I meant to test his reaction timing, to see how he would handle such obstacles, and his retaliation tactics if he had any. All the while, I'd be smirking, enjoying this.

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#5 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:31 am

With a wave of his hand Atem called upon a gust of wind knocking the boulders from one side to the next, Fafnir himself however pulled his knives from within his sleeves, using blink he closed the distance between the two in an instant his blades in a reverse grip stopping immediately in front of Maki spinning and slashing on his heels before Flashing away again with Blink.

Atem remained immobile, lowering the temperature gradually as the storm clouds thickened to the point where they blotted out the sun, turning the bright day almost into night. Lightning arc'd across the clouds and thunder clapped, the suited bount smiled, Atem was working his magic perfectly, and the blades would test Maki's ability to protect herself. Which he needs before pulling out his weapon of choice.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Gust
Description: Atem can create and fire gusts of wind, even at their most concentrated they are nothing more than a rank twenty equivalent of Sho.

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#6 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:41 pm

All in all, Fafnir was fast, though he seemed deliberate in his movements. He wasn't doing anything that was actually capable of harming me, and I think he was aware of it. Through everything he did, it seemed as though his facial expression never changed. The knife swipes were easily deflected with my arm, which caused the knifes to clink harmlessly off of me. Returning to his original position, I realized what he was doing. Buying time. Weather manipulation was his doll's ability, and he had told me that. Figures it would have a windup time. I'd need to be ready for whatever he threw at me next. In the meantime, while the sky grew dark, I shoved my foot firmly into the mountain face behind me, pulling out two sizeable chunks of stone, flinging them at his general location. In the meantime, I'd pull up some liquid crystal, ready for the next cycle of movements. Rather than say anything to him, I gave him a smug look. Just because he came across as patient and unemotional didn't mean that wasn't a weakness. I wanted to test him in that aspect.

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#7 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:03 am

Fafnir had returned to Atem's side after his slashes glanced off of Maki's arms like it was nothing proving that she would be more than able to endure his weapons of choice. Sheathing his blades back up his sleeves Fafnir opened up his coat drawing out both of his beloved pistols, a pair of .45 caliber Colt 1911's all in all, they were nothing fancy, well aside from the fact that the both of them were made in the year 1911. The gun's and their ammo was exactly like you could get from just about anywhere, what made them useful in his line of work and occasional tangles with spiritual beings was his ability to infuse the bullets with his own reiryoku.

Drawing a bead on the young woman before him he pulled the trigger of both gun's twice, firing four rounds at her from his powerful hand guns. Meanwhile Atem blasted the rocks that were thrown at them with more gusts of wind diverting their paths enough to bypass them completely. The storm he had been brewing was ready, and rain started to fall from the clouds, the cold of the air causing them to be borderline freezing with some small chunks of hail mixed in. Atem continued to drop the temperature

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#8 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:52 pm

Easily, it could be said that Fafnir was resourceful. The level of skill he displayed in combat was exemplary, and I took note of his strike patterns, as well as his methods of dealing with my attacks. That didn't matter after a few minutes, when he showed off his 1911. To most people, it's a cool gun, but what happened next floored me a little. When he was firing the gun, I attempted to swat the bullets away, only to have my arm rippled open. It wasn't enough to completely shatter it, but the fact that there was any damage at all was astounding. Eyeing the bullet for a minute, I realized he'd infused it with his energy. That's why it did so much damage.

I plucked the bullets out, repaired the damage, and looked at Fafnir, scoffing mildly. Now, make all the jokes about being cold because I have metal arms and legs that you want, at your expense. This was different, it felt as though I'd been covered in ice water, and it was only getting colder, as rain, sleet, and even hail began to form. "This isn't exactly what comes to mind when I think of a storm, but it'll do." I'd say, waiting for the storm to intensify. I felt it coming, and instead of simply allowing it, I'd make a dash into him to see how he'd handle a melee combatant when preparing a storm. I'd focus my attacks on Atem, not Fafnir.

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#9 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:24 am

The bullets struck Maki's arm hard enough to cause noticeable damage revealing that her arm wasn't coated in metal, but was made out of the stuff which brought a smirk to Fafnir's face. With the freezing rain coming down on them combined with the fact she had a metal arm to act as a lightning rod. Then the woman before him did something interesting, and started to charge at them to fight close range. Apparently she wanted to get closer in an attempt to keep Fafnir from using his pistols. Though as she got close to them rather than coming towards Fafnir she instead went after Atem. Not her brightest move, especially with the storm Atem was brewing was just about completed, and was mainly left to it's own devices now.

As she attacked the Doll Atem reached up with the crackling right arm of his to block the blow with his palm and give her a nasty shock in the process by firing off his Blitz. Fafnir would also fire off two rounds, one from each gun to strike Maki through Atem. The first bullet he fired would pass through Atem's torso picking up the cloudlike effect striking maki like a punch before bursting into a smoke screen. The second round would go through Atem's left arm gaining a freezing effect.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Blitz (Lightning Bolt)
Description: Atem can fires a bolt of lightning from his right hand, normally from a pointed finger. This ability is normally equivalent to that of Byakurai, though he can choose to fire it from his palm/fist instead of his finger. Should he do this the cool down is increased to two posts, and it will act more like Raikoho instead of byakurai.

Ability Name: Durchdringen (Permeate)
Description: This is more of an ability Fafnir can perform than Atem. By shooting his gun's through Atem, Fafnir is able to apply special effects to his bullets based on where they passed through his doll's body. Each location has its own cool down separate from the other locations.
- Head/Left Arm - Fafnir's bullet takes up a freezing quality encasing one foot around the impact zone in ice equal to a Rank 60 Bakudo Cooldown: 3 posts
- Right Arm - Fafnir's bullet takes on a lightning effect, causing electrical damage and overloading the nerves in struck area causing a massive surge of pain followed up by 2 posts of numbness and sluggishness in the effected area. Cooldown: 3 posts
- Torso - Fafnir's bullet will take on a cloud-like form losing it's punch (will hit kind of like a punch instead of a bullet) upon impact it will create a smoke screen in a sphere with an eight foot radius. Cooldown: 1 post
- Legs - Fafnir's bullet spins faster increasing its penetration power, allowing it to go through up to rank #70 shields and still hit its target on the other side. Cooldown: 3 posts

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#10 Re: [Private] The Committee Hires a Mercenary on Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:52 am

As I charged in headlong, my particular specialty, I noticed a rather nasty shock on my arm. While it wasn't anything serious, I did feel it all the way up to my shoulder. It was mostly due to the fact that it was a weak charge, and conditions were good for conductivity, up until that particular spot on my body. Additionally, two small pinprick sensations would hit me. One creating a cloud of smoke emanating from my torso, and the other hitting my arm, having gone up out of reflex by this point. The last shot however would freeze my arm up to about the shoulder, making it a bitch to move. I'd give it a while to loosen by pumping traces of reiatsu into it, but aside from that, leave it. My next step would be purely defensive, pouring crystal out of my pores. The substance would merely look like sweat as it oozed out, but some might be able to guess what I was up to. "Alright fine. You're resourceful, but don't get cocky. I'm not one of your paltry targets."

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