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#1 Satoshi Makishima on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:11 am


Espada Tercera
Espada Tercera


Name: Satoshi Makishima
Apparent Age: 28
True Age: 28
Sex: Male
Personality: Satoshi is a charismatic young man and is well regarded by those who knew him in life. With more than a handful of friends and a new lover every other week. Known to be well spoken and learned, often carrying whatever book that had caught his interest at the time while calling upon this knowledge to quote his favourite pieces.

Peel away these lies however and it becomes clear that Satoshi is a pure psychopath, or at least that’s what one of his colleagues would have titled him. Capable of heinous crimes with absolutely no remorse, using his intelligence and charm to manipulate and plan around people, whom he sees as no more than pawns in his game.

He enjoys manipulating people, even in small ways, predicting how they’ll react to certain situations or what he can get them to do without them realizing what exactly is at play. He feels that people need to take what is theirs, and act on their own instincts and desires rather than allowing others to govern their lives.

Though he has a few of the traits of a psychopath, he doesn’t quite have all the traits required. Most notably, he lacks the impulsive behavior that those with this condition are known to have. Really, there isn’t a word to describe what he is.


Height: 5’11
Weight: 143lb
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Satoshi excels in close combat, using his innate ability to tank damage and respond with swift counterattacks empowered by the damage he absorbs. Generally, attrition is the name of the game, allowing his opponent to tire themselves out before finishing them.

Weapon: Satoshi carries a single straight edge razor, it seems to be strong enough to withstand a full force attack from a zanpakuto without breaking. It has no inherent abilities otherwise.

Strengths: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Hakuda Master
Weaknesses: Reiatsu, Sensing, Reiryokyu
Boosts: Strength x4, Agility x4, Endurance x4


Ability Name: Energy Absorption
Description: The cornerstone of Satoshi’s powerset, he is able to sap the energy of any attack that hits him. From the kinetic energy in a punch to the chemical energy produced through acid burning through his flesh to the energy produced by spiritual beings for use in kidou or other such attacks. Acting as a dampener, it softens blows and prevents major damage, while powering his own ability at the same time.
- Damage is partially mitigated (Reduced by 30%)
- Charges are gained depending on the power of various attacks
- Instead of simply mitigating the damage of an attack, Satoshi may completely absorb an attack. Negating any damage while gaining charges for his other abilities. Though there is a cooldown for the complete mitigation ability as shown below
- Full-Block can only be used for one level attack in a turn.

Charge Gain and Cooldowns:
Basic Attacks
- 4 = 1 Charge
- 4 Full-Blocked attacks per post

- 2 = 1 Charge
- 2 Full-Blocked attacks per post

- 1 = 1 Charge
- 2 Post CD for Full-Block

Gran Rey
- 1 = 2 Charges
- 3 Post CD for Full-Block

- 1 = 4 Charges
- 4 Post CD for Full-Block

- 1 = 6 Charges
- 5 Post CD for Full-Block

Ability Name:Transference
Description: By spending 1 charge, Satoshi may add a x1 boost to any stat of his choosing.
- 1 charge = x1 Boost
- Maximum of x6 total boost allowed.
- After 3 posts, the stat boosts will degrade by x1 every subsequent post unless a stat has been increased, which resets the timer.
- This degradation can also be postponed by 3 posts by spending one charge

Ability Name: Regeneration
Description: While he has stored energy in his body, it regenerates from wounds much faster than it normally could.
- Has enhanced regeneration by default.
- May spend 2 charges for temporary high-speed regeneration for 4 posts

Ability Name: Retribution
Description: As long as Satoshi has energy stored in his body, his regular physical attacks cause more damage, hitting harder the more energy is absorbed.
- 1 Stored Charge: Equivalent Bala Damage on physical attacks
- 2 Stored Charges: Equivalent Cero Damage on physical attacks
- 4 Stored Charges: Equivalent Gran Rey Damage on physical attacks

Ability Name: Surge
Description: A equivalent to a shinigami’s shunpo or arrancar’s sonido, Satoshi is able to use a quick burst of speed to quickly close distances or avoid attacks. He may use this ability to airwalk should the need arise.
- Equivalent to shunpo/sonido
- Can leave an afterimage by expending 1 charge (Think Utsusemi)
- 4 post cooldown on the afterimage

Ability Name: Equilibrium
Description: By utilizing some of the energy absorbed through his abilities, Satoshi is capable of emitting a powerful crimson beam from his body.
- 1 Charge: 5 Bala Equivalent projectiles Per Post
- 2 Charges: Cero equivalent beam, 2 post CD
- 3 Charges: Gran Rey equivalent beam, 3 post CD
- 4 Charges: Oscuras equivalent beam, 4 post CD

Ability Name: Criminally Asymptomatic - [i]Passive[i]
Description: Unlike most sinners, Satoshi’s psychopathy in life allowed him to blend in with regular people, whom he learned to emulate in an attempt to fit in. This has transferred to making him completely indistinguishable soul by others, no matter how keen their sensing is. (He seems like a normal plus, or spiritually powerful human)


History: Satoshi was one of three children from the Makishima household, the third-born in this case with an older brother and sister before him. A bright young lad, years ahead of his peers when it came to a thirst for knowledge. Though a little withdrawn compared to his siblings. At least at a young age,  

Nevertheless, he would excel through school but grew increasingly bored with the state of things. Though he had seemed to have come out of his shell as it were, surrounded by friends. Oddly charismatic for such a quiet child, but noted to be a little more devious than his fellow students. Graduating at the top of his class, he had quite the prospective career in front of him.

Completing his studies, Satoshi would go on to complete his PhD in Psychology in record time, focusing in forensic psychology. The most recent case he had been assisting with was a string of connected murders, though no matter who was brought in and questioned, the team couldn’t seem to stop the killings. They were infrequent, sometimes years went by without a hint of resurgence. When it was finally thought to be over, another death would surface.

Through careful planning, manipulating and scheming Satoshi had managed to arrange for the murders. Most of those questioned had been those that he had gotten to first, impressionable individuals who he coaxed  into violence. Just pieces in his little game, to see what humans were capable off with the right push. He wanted to see the splendour of human souls when all their inhibitions were taken away, to take what they really wanted.

It was only when one of the lead detectives worked it all out did the spree finally stop, though he did this by taking the law into his own hands and putting a bullet through his head. Without the evidence to back up his claims however, he had to go into hiding soon after. Satoshi was considered innocent of these allegations and died an innocent man, but he was promptly dragged to the gates of hell where he belonged rather than being allowed into the afterlife. Not that he was held long though, unlike most of the denizens of that realm, he practically walked out the gates and was back in the world once more.

Side Notes: -

Roleplay Sample: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

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#2 Re: Satoshi Makishima on Tue Sep 19, 2017 8:23 am

Ika Mazi

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Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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