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on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:00 pm




Name: Artemis de Grey
Apparent Age: ???
True Age: 2483
Sex: Female
[How does your character behave in general, and what is their personality like around others? What drives them forward each day? Are they pacifist in combat, or do they enjoy the thrill of battle and bloodshed? Talk about their defining characteristics and demeanor in different situations with at least three full paragraphs. Bestow insight into both negative and positive sides of your character. We want to get a good feeling of how your character would act in an example situation, when we read the app.]


Height: 5'2" [157cm]
Weight: 104lbs [47kg]
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: Speed, Strength
Weaknesses: Reiryoku
Boosts: 4x Everything


[αιμοδίψης]Aimodipsis [Passive]
Any energy-based attack which Artemis lands on a PC, she restores the energy it took to cast. This effectively makes it high-risk and high-reward, as she doesn't have a large pool of energy to begin with.

[το πέπλο των νεκρών]To Péplo ton Nekrón
Artemis can create a barrier around her, negating all damage from any ONE non-Final-level attack. This has a 5 post cooldown between uses.

Artemis instantly fires off a focused beam of energy from anywhere on her body, 6cm in diameter, traveling up to 50 meters in a linear fashion at Cero speed, exploding identical to a Cero on the first thing it makes contact with. Artemis can use this ability once per post.

Artemis instantly fires off a focused sphere of energy from anywhere on her body, 3cm in diameter, traveling up to 50 meters in a linear fashion at Bala speed, exploding identical to a Bala on the first thing they make contact with. Artemis can use this ability up to 3 times per post.

[κραυγή των νεκρών]Kravgí ton Nekrón
Artemis can charge her energy for a brief moment, and fire off a wave of energy following the arc of any movement she chooses, be it a punch, kick, swing of Vios, etc. This energy travels at Bala speeds for up to 20 meters, and explodes for a Cero if it hits anything. This ability has a 2 post cooldown between uses.

[ο πεσμένος άγγελος]O Pesménos Ángelos
Artemis draws in the nearby atmospheric reishi to her body, granting her High-Speed Regen. This lasts up to 3 posts, ending early if Artemis takes any amount of damage from any source. Artemis cannot use any of her other abilities while this is active, and once it ends she must wait 5 posts before she can use it again.

[Αναπόφευκτη μοίρα]Anapófefkti Moíra
Artemis creates a small solidifed sphere of reiryoku, draining as much from her as casting a Cero would. She can then throw this sphere in any direction, and upon making contact with anything will teleport her to that location, and then deal a Cero's worth of damage exclusively to her. This ability has no cooldown.

[Διακόπτης της μοίρας]Diakóptis tis Moíras
Upon receiving fatal damage from any source, Artemis is immediately returned to her state of body when she entered the thread. This, however, causes Artemis to fall unconscious for the remainder of the thread, and can only function once per thread.

Artemis takes on her true form, releasing a massive pulse of energy 80ft in all directions, dealing damage equal to Hado 80 and traveling at Cero Speeds. For 7 posts, Artemis' Speed and Strength increase by 1x each, and she gains Wings which allow her to effortlessly maneuver in the air. The transformation fully heals Artemis, returning her to the state she was in when she was at her prime; additionally, all of her other abilities now deal 100% bonus damage. While this ability can only be used once per thread, it does not place her in a fatigue state after it's end.


[x] | A blackened steel bow, Thanatos has 30 arrows in a quiver on Artemis' back. This arrows regenerate between threads, but not during them. Artemis can fire off up to 3 arrows per post, each one dealing a localized Cero damage on impact, and traveling through other energy attacks. Thanatos is as durable as a Zanpakutou, but cannot be used to make melee attacks. This drains no reiryoku from Artemis.

[x] | A blackened steel katana, Vios is 5 feet in length from tip to tip. As durable as a Zanpakutou, Vios has no other special abilities.


Sinner history and shit.

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