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#1 Camellia Aran on Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:41 am

Name: Camellia Aran
Alias: Violin Girl
Real Age: 6
Phys. Age: 6
Gender: Female
Camellia is just like most children: Adventurous, Clumsy, Energetic, Innocent, and Loving. However, she doesn't come with the bratty "throw a fit" factor when she doesn't get her way. Honestly, Camellia doesn’t seem to get very angry about anything and is normally very calm and can be mature in a sense for her age, nonetheless it’s normally just in random spurts of maturity. Unlike most kids her age, she is can be quite sassy unintentionally but still highly dense. She also tends to speak in the third person and in a British accent. What's up with that?

Considering Camellia has no recollection of growing up and doesn’t necessarily know how most thing within the world works, considering she was developed in a lab or sorts, she likes to go out and explore new things. She likes to let her imagination run wild sometimes to the point where she doesn't pay a single bit of attention to her surroundings. She likes to dream of new things. She normally gets lost (even if she doesn't go far) but always finds her way right back to her family and her home through the songs of nature. What? Camellia never likes for things to be the same over and over again, unless they hold a special memory or value to her heart. Otherwise, that would just get boring, right? Camellia hates being bored, but can normally fill that void by playing her violin.  

Yes, Camellia is surprisingly very clumsy. Often times, she can be found falling on her face sometimes for no reason at all. The child had never been a well balanced little girl, which the lab doctor seemed to take as a sort of developmental error on his part and she still hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. Camellia is so clumsy she seems to be used to it, but still manages to cry when she scrapes or cuts herself. Sometimes, she seems so clumsy she could trip on air, which has happened many times before. Although her body may hit the ground, her violin NEVER touches it.

As most children have, Camellia has so much built up energy and sweets only make it worse. It seems this child is always on the run and always ready to learn new things, however she is normally calmly express excitement. She seems to be obsessed with the idea of finding something extravagant like princesses, dragons, or various other myths flying about for she believes they'll be attracted to her music. She also increasingly loves to eat, however she has a very picky aura to herself. She likes to eat Curry Rice more than anything and it's really hard to convince her to eat anything else. She also vastly loves chocolate milk, hot tea, and apple juice, which seems to indicate she has a wide varieties of tastes along her small tongue.

Camellia is a very innocent girl and she hasn't quite learned enough to make a single drop of her innocence wear off. Every gesture made towards her she sees as normal and usually doesn't spot danger unless it's blunt or she knows to look for it. Camellia always wants to find the good in everything, but doesn't understand that sometimes there isn't, even with the power of her music. The girl simply believes the world is a smiling, happy place and that anything can be achieved through the emotion of a song. However, she becomes a bit nervous when people yell or raise their hands to her too quickly. The girl has a strange irrational fear of being hurt when someone becomes irritated with her or angry at her.

Overall, Camellia is basically a small box of love. She seems to just ooze love and always wants to make others smile and laugh. She adores hugs and affection. She always wants to compliment others and be complemented. She always wants to make sure everyone feels happy. Camellia just wants to feel the love reciprocated that she has to give.

Height: 3’3”
Weight: 50lbs
Physical Traits:

Standing at about a height of 3 feet 3 inches is a beautiful princess almost perfect in every way. From the tips of her toes to top of her head, everything seems completely flawless. Every feature seems to compliment another and every part of her just seems so adorable and so small.

Her small, yet semi pointed chin, is no flaw in the fact that it creates a young and sweet look to her features, considering that's exactly the way she is. Her arms are proportioned rather perfectly to the rest of her yet her strength is that of a toddler, although she seems to be that of normal strength for a child. Her legs hold a wonderfully small and adorable frame to them nicely proportional to her being. Her legs are quite a bit stronger than her arms and she loves to use them to run and run.

Covering her wonderful princess-like frame is skin that is so fair and soft. However, nothing compliments her complexion like her long, blonde hair just a slight bit lighter, yet more natural looking than her mother’s with a bit of a snowy feel to it. It hangs at a length that is just at waist length framing her ever so petite body with bangs that just frame her beautiful face ever so nicely. And what beautiful eyes she has, complimenting her lovely locks with their sky blue, emerald green color mix. Anyone who looks at her can simply tell just how precious of a girl she is. Just under those blue orbs is a small, cute nose and a pair of tiny, soft, pink lips that are normally seen curled into a smile with a natural blush that constantly compliments it.

Upon her tiny person, Camellia has been seen wearing many types of cute dresses with frilly lace and polka dots, however she also loves music designs. Upon her feet, she wears no shoes and honestly prefers it to be that way. Camellia would wear any outfit as long as it's a dress. She would only wear shoes on special occasions or when she was forced. Camellia feels as i wearing no shoes is the best way to feel the Earth and feel the emotion deep within.

General Fighting Style: She doesn’t combat.
Strengths: Sensing
Weaknesses: She doesn’t perform any form of violence.
Music IS Emotion: As Camellia plays her violin, the emotional atmosphere of her surrounding changes to whatever it is her music is trying to convey, whether it be calmness, sadness, happiness, etc.

It’s More Than A Song: With this ability, Camellia has the power to create different sounds through her violin. So, instead of the normal violin music, Camellia can make sounds such as: a full orchestra, a dog bark, a cat’s meow, a crying child, etc.

Sealed Appearance: The violin in the above picture would be her zanpakuto.
Zanpakutou Name: Amati
Call Out Command:N/A

Appearance: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Boosts: N/A

New Name: N/A
Appearance: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Boosts: N/A

New Name: N/A
Appearance: N/A
Abilities: N/A
Boosts: N/A

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about her. The child was conceived through Noziel and Mei together, while Mei was severely unstable. Mei became very sick and disappeared for a little bit from the SS and her husband. A man had found a pregnant Mei was very sick, so he took her in and he figured that she couldn’t get better until the baby was removed from her. So, they agreed to the terms, the man had the power to develope the baby in no time while it was in the womb, and he erased Mei’s memory of it and every memory of Emiko and every memory pertaining to Emiko. Mei increasingly got better, but until the child was fully ready to be with her mother the man had been developing her within his lab in a sort of human holding tube. Once she was released, the child had come out knowing the basic things a child would, but she had also developed a bit of a more mature unconscious mind. This would lead her to her love of music and the pure enjoyment along with the emotion she gained from it leaving her with a violin as a zanpakuto. Now, she is ready to return to her mother and father.
Side Notes: no
Roleplay Sample: Mei

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#2 Re: Camellia Aran on Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:43 am

Approving. If anyone wants to contest they can. Other than that, 3-1, and YAY I HAS A DAUGHTER AND SHE'S CUTE.

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