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#1 Marik in Egypt on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:47 am

Ika Mazi

Marik Ishtar, a Gate-Keeper by trade and a fucking meme by name. He was an MPD fellow with a side of himself locked away deep in his conscious, it's name of course, was Melvin. Melvin was an asshole, don't talk to Melvin. Hey you mother****** I can hear you in here! Marik looked down and shook his head, rather annoyed with what was going on upstairs. Oh I'm sorry Melvin, would you like to come out and play? Maybe wear these sexy pants of mine? Maybe meet some Die-Curious strangers and give them lots of sexy hugs? Is that what you want?! ....Yes Fuck off Melvin. Kay taking over your body now bye. What? No!

So back to the story.

Melvin was walking around town, giving hugs to strangers everywhere! Don't ask me why they keep turning up dead, it was an accident. Shut up. Fucking tourists.. And holy fuck it was hot in Egypt..


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#2 Re: Marik in Egypt on Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:55 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

Normally, Ketsu didn't particularly mind the heat. Hell, Fire was his whole gimmick... well, not Hellfire, though that'd be kind of cool, just... Fire was his whole gimmick. How he used it was relatively unique, even Maki Kesshou had never seen it before, which was kind of cool. Regardless, heat didn't usually bother him.

That said... fuck Egypt. There was nothing redeeming about this backdesert country he would be fine having never visited in the first place... but no, some people were dying in Egypt, so he needed to go fucking check it.

It wasn't that Ketsu minded Maki sending him everywhere, it was that Maki wasn't sending Naruko with him. They were a team, in more ways than just fighting, and it was getting a little obnoxious that Maki never sent them anywhere together. He vaguely remembered being told that they would be given the same vacation slots, so they could spend extra time together... it made sense, but it still upset him, a little bit.

Stepping off the plane, Ketsu cursed his wardrobe consisting of abyssal black, satanic black, dreadnaught black, and of course, darker than black. He wished, just once, he'd put on something white. Or something not made of leather. Whatever, it was already in place.

Opening his senses, Ketsu felt a few signatures that were easily Captain-class, and figured he'd have to check them all individually. He started walking through Egypt, tracking the Captain-Class signatures.
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