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#1 The True Stories of BleachStory on Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:20 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Ika, Maki, Akane, and Iris sit down to play a game of Poker (Texas Hold 'em). Each of them have $10,000.

Ika glares at Maki, silently reminding her that the two of them are allied, and that he's pissed on her door before in a very literal sense, and will not hesitate to do so again if she fucks with him.

Maki rolls her eyes and starts dealing the cards, having been resigned to be the dealer because she can make the cards out of crystal and no one thought to bring a deck of cards to a fucking poker game.

Akane looks around the room, deciding whether or not to use Mugetsu on Ika or anyone else, holding back for now because she doesn't know who Iris is, though she makes sure that Ika is between the two of them.

Iris daydreams about what she'll do now that she's the Cero Espada, ever since Alicia was brutally murdered by Maki. She makes a mental note to thank Maki for that later on.

Maki knows she's going to have to keep this peaceful because of the rivalry between Shinigami and Arrancar, and makes sure she's ready to put a crystal wall between them.

Ika, with two Aces in his hand, lights one of Avon's cigars with his signature Byakurai trick and places his cards down, having memorized them. He opens the bet with 500.

Akane, with a 2 and a 6 in her hand, places her cards down as well and matches Ika's bet, though is confused on why he opened the bet when she was to the left of the dealer, but decides not to say anything to the violent acid man.

Iris doesn't even look at her cards, and raises Ika 500, bringing the total bet to 1,000.

Maki, knowing Iris has two Aces in her hand, makes no action of giving it away and simply glances over to Ika to respond.

Ika calls the bet, knowing that he had a good hand, but not wanting to put too much out there just yet.

Akane folds, already down 500 and not trusting her hand to come to anything good.

Iris smiles and nods to Maki to continue the game.

Maki burns the top card and flops the next three: a 2, a 6, and a 2.

Ika, knowing he now has 2 pair, bets another 2,000. He hesitates dropping it, knowing that's a lot of money, but trusting his hand and his luck.

Akane curses herself, knowing she could have had a Full House, but stays stoic for presentation purposes.

Iris matches Ika's bet, not caring about the game and just seeing if she can make Ika sweat.

Maki burns the next card, and the Turn bring another 2 to the table.

Ika has a Full House now, and goes All-In. There's no way anyone can beat this amazing hand.

Akane curses herself again, fighting the urge to Mugetsu the game, and glaring at Maki.

Iris matches Ika's all-in, bringing the total pot to $20,500.

Maki burns the final card, and the River brings in an Ace.

Ika smiles: 3 aces and a pair of sixes.... He was unstoppable. Maki was doing good.

Akane shrugs and sits back, waiting for the hand to end.

Iris watches Ika carefully, still not having looked at her own hand.

Maki realizes what she just did and silently curses herself.

Ika reveals his cards, and stares at Iris to back down.

Akane sees Maki and looks confused.

Iris flips over her two cards, and looks at the board confused.

Maki facepalms hard, sighing.

Ika looks at his hand (2 aces), the board (1 ace), and Iris' and (2 aces). He does this several times, until it finally clicks and he looks at Maki, halfway between confused and pissed off.

Akane starts laughing.

Iris doesn't care and starts taking half of the pot, since their hands were even.

Maki apologizes and says it won't happen again.

Ika agrees that it won't happen again, stands up, pulls out his dick, and starts pissing acid on the table and the cards, and the chips for good measure.

Akane laughs harder.

Iris freezes Ika's acid piss solid and glares at him.

Maki puts up a crystal wall between them.

Ika goes into Full Hollow Form and shatters the wall, going after Iris' throat.

Akane uses Mugetsu on Ika from behind, but misses and hits Alyss who walked in to see what her mother was doing.

Iris goes into Segunda and stares down Ika, neither of them willing to take it a step further in the human world right now, but both of them wanting to.

Maki creates a crystal hammer and hulksmashes Akane for hurting her daughter.

Ika says "Fuck this shit, fuck you" and leaves.

Akane is unconscious.

Iris shrugs and takes all of the remaining chips, turns to Maki, and asks for them to be exchanged for money since she apparently won.

Maki facepalms so hard she knocks herself unconscious.
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#2 Re: The True Stories of BleachStory on Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:31 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
These are a thing I'm gonna be doing occasionally. If you want any of your characters, or you yourself, written into one of these, message me on Discord.

Also, these stories are written as *my* interpretation of the characters/people used in a given scenario. They do not represent how the character may truly act in such a scenario, but are intended to be humorous and bypass normal actions occasionally.
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#3 Re: The True Stories of BleachStory on Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:56 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Inari, Reno, Ika, Maki, and Masamune sit down to play a game of Risk.

Reno and Ika glare at each other, Ika attempting to silently warn Reno that he can kick his ass whenever he wants.

Inari stares at the board and gets confused, only knowing what Japan is and not recognizing anything else on the board.

Maki closes her eyes and considers her strategy for the game, knowing Ika is ruthless and realizing she has to take him out first by any means necessary.

Masamune sits back and falls asleep.

Reno lights a Weed Cigarette using Byakurai.

Ika yells at him for stealing his trick, and lights one of Avon's cigars using Byakurai.

Inari says that she wants to start in Japan and doesn't care otherwise. The other players, realizing Inari doesn't know what Risk is, let her take Japan and split the rest of the territories amongst themselves.

Maki starts off playing aggressive towards Ika, who bitches at her and says "We're allies, you cunt"

Masamune snores, still asleep.

Reno plays carefully, building his armies and setting things up for the long haul.

Ika blows smoke in Maki's face and matches her aggression.

Inari makes Fox noises.

Maki continues playing aggressively towards Ika.

Reno takes Masamune's pieces, since he's still asleep.

Ika takes one of Maki's territories.

Inari makes more Fox noises and wags her tail. Reno gives her a territory so she doesn't feel bad. Inari is happier.

Ika stands up and pisses acid on the board when Maki takes the territory back, saying "This game is bullshit, play me in real life fgt"

Inari makes Scared Fox Noises, not understanding what Acid is and why the board's disappearing. She starts crying when Japan disappears.

Reno shakes his head and leaves.

Maki creates a crystal Hammer and smashes the board into Dust.

Masamune continues snoring.

Inari, Saria, and Legion sit down for a game of Poker.

Saria stares at the other two, deadpan, scanning their emotions to see who's got a good hand.

Legion wiggles and tries to add the cards to the collective.

Inari noms them, thinking they're flat chips.

Saria realizes neither Inari nor Legion know what Poker is.

Legion wiggles away, having eaten the cards. And the board.

Inari makes fox noises at Saria and transforms, trotting away.

Saria sighs, realizing she's alone in this god forsaken world.
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#4 Re: The True Stories of BleachStory on Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:21 am

Ika Mazi

I am Ika and I support this message.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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#5 Re: The True Stories of BleachStory on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:48 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Ika, Accelerator, Aaron, Kokoro, and Marik go out for drinks.

Ika orders a round of 4000 year old whiskey for all of them, threatens to piss acid on the bartender if he doesn't provide it on the house. (The bartender agrees.)

Accelerator uses Vector Manipulation to pour everything out and get the cups in front of everyone.

Aaron watches some girls dancing a few feet away. One of them's a 9, the other's a 4. He tries to figure out how to get the 9 and ditch the 4 on Ika.

Kokoro bitches about being an old man, says he never wanted a kid in the first place, but he grew attached to her, dammit.

Marik takes a single sip and passes out.

Ika laughs at Marik, then takes his drink and downs both of them. He glares over to Accelerator, a silent yet forceful command to pour him another.

Accelerator shakes his head, sipping as his own glass as he uses Vector Manipulation to pour Ika another glass, this time with only 75% as much as the previous. It he's gonna waste it, he's gonna waste less.

Aaron continues watching the girls. He glances over to Ika, motioning towards them, having his plan made.

Kokoro rest his head on his arm, shaking it solmenly. He missed her, dammit. He was the daughter he never knew he wanted.

Marik snores, still passed out from the single sip.

Ika downs the third glass and gets up, walking towards the two girls before Aaron could even finish his sip (did he fucking use Shunpo?)

Accelerator doesn't even bother looking, knowing what's going to happen next.

Aaron finishes his drink and uses Blur to dash over there, but it's too late. They're already both leaning on Ika and smiling. He groans and looks around for someone else.

Kokoro uses a tentacle to pour the whiskey straight into his throat. Fuck the glass, he just wanted to get hammered.

Marik falls off his bar stool and hits the floor with a thud.

Ika taps Aaron on the shoulder and gives him the hand of the 4, telling him that he 'saw you glancing this way, figured she was your type'.

Accelerator laughs and sips his Whiskey again.

Aaron fights the urge to punch Ika in the face, not particularly wanting to get pissed on again. (Don't ask, it's a long and weird story)

Kokoro gets up, says he's got to go see about a girl.

Marik continues snoring, even as Kokoro steps on him.

Ika suddenly drops interest in the 9, walking through the crowd and sliding into Mei's direct messages personal space. "Hey... don't you know me somewhere?"

Accelerator laughs harder and continues to sip his whiskey.

Aaron sees the other girl and shrugs his shoulders, taking both the 9 and the 4 with him as he leaves, winking to Accelerator.

Mei blushes at Ika, smiling. "Ya know... I think I do know you somewhere..."

Ika grins, realizing he's in, and starts pressing the moves.

Accelerator keeps an eye on it, and sips his whiskey.

Mei narrows her gaze. "I know you from when you nearly killed my Captain Commander." Throws her drink in his face and storms out.

Ika chases after her (No one throws beer in Ika Mazi's face and gets away with it!), already unzipping his pants and getting ready to piss on her.

Accelerator shakes his head and continues to sip his whiskey.
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