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#1 Gin de Grey, Shinigami Captain of Squad 3 on Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:39 pm

Name: Gin de Grey
Alias: N/A
Real Age: 307
Phys. Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: Hailing from the de Grey family, Gin is a man raised to be prideful. It is not from how his family tried to model him, but from his own hard work. He takes pride in all that he does because he always does his best. His family would have had him take pride in simply being from the de Grey family, a view he didn't share. If he didn't earn it, how could he have pride in it?

Gin does not accept charity, nor does he support it. If someone wants to betted their position in life they should work for it. He supports and rewards effort and punishes the lack thereof. This does not mean he isn't thankful for his easier start at life. While thankful, he is certain he would be the same way if born from someone common in Rukongai. It shouldn't matter where your beginnings are, but where you push for in the future that matters.

A trait from his family, Gin de Grey carries himself with an air of regality. He worked his way up to his current position and feels he deserves the respect that comes with it. This makes him have confidence in his actions, that he would more than likely be right in his decisions.

Before relying on his blade he will first try to handle a situation with his wit and charm. For anything humanoid anyway. Criminals he will attempt to convince to turn themselves in. Fellow Shinigami seeming to have high tempers he will try to help calm down. He tries to avoid interaction with humans entirely, seeing them as unnecessary to matters relating to Seireitei. Arrancar he will give a warning to leave, followed by a few seconds to take him up on the offer.

Regular Hollows and Sinners do not get this luxury.

When he does resort to fighting he keeps his cool. Insults and meaningless taunts do nothing, for he is secure in himself. Taunts about his clan do nothing to anger him, for he knows his clan better than most anyone from the outside would. There are some things he does not agree with, but he is proud to carry the de Grey name.

He is not much for calculating during a fight, but he does observe his opponent's fighting style. He goes with the flow, and strikes at openings that had previously been repeated. Gin de Grey will spare most who ask for mercy. Hollows, Sinners and Arrancar will have no such luck, not like they'd ask for it.

Height: Gin de Grey stands at 6 feet and 8 inches tall.
Weight: Gin de Grey weighs in at 194 pounds and 3 ounces.
Physical Traits: With his hard work came a body to match. Gin de Grey has a slim muscular body that is augmented by a light tan to his skin from the many days he would spend training outside under the sun. He has short black hair and eyes as brown as wet soil. His lips are thin and mostly hold a neutral expression. He has two rough scars that mar his body, one across his gut from training with his father as a young kid and another on his left shoulder from his first time fighting a Hollow. He wears a wooden badge upon his right arm that carries his family’s crest that he had engraved with silver. He wears the normal Shinigami uniform as well as a sleeveless Captain’s Coat with Squad 3’s Insignia. He wears no jewellery, seeing it as an unnecessary hindrance.

General Fighting Style: Gin de Grey is as much a warrior as he is a representative of the de Grey name. He does not believe in holding back, and will remain mostly on the offensive. His fighting style relies upon keeping his opponent on their guard, so that he can trick them into dropping it and giving him an easy opening. He is excellent in zanjutsu, and will ‘train’ someone who is weaker than he is if they are not as skilled. Spars with have him more laid back, relaxed, remaining defensive and observing for a chance to attack and land a good hit.
Strengths: Strength, Speed, Spirit Energy
Weaknesses: Spirit Pressure, Durability
Ability Name: Family Trait: Flaming Weapon
Ability Description: Hailing from the de Grey family, Gin de Grey honed his family trait into giving his weapon a damage boost. Using his spirit energy he coats his weapon in fire for 2 posts, giving his attacks a 10% damage boost. Injuries made with this get 1st degree burns.

Sealed Appearance: Gin de Grey’s Zanpakutou takes the form of a katana with an ivory scabbard and a hilt made of bone.
Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance:
Zanpakuto Spirit Personality:
Zanpakutou Name: Bōkyaku (Oblivion)
Call Out Command: Embrace Corruption, Bōkyaku

- Corruption Blade: This ability is active for as long as Gin de Grey remains in Shikai. The spirit energy coating his blade is potent, coating his blade like a poison. Cuts made by this blade will take much longer to heal/regenerate, doubling the time it takes.
- Spectral Assistance: Gin de Grey calls upon a giant spectral limb to strike at his opponent, matching one attack-type movement that he makes before disappearing. The limb is as strong as a level 60 Kidou, and has a 1 post cooldown. Cannot be used for defense.
- Beyond the Veil: The longer a fight goes on the more potent his attacks get that use spirit energy. Every three posts grants Gin de Grey a +10% boost to damage for attacks using Spirit Energy, stacking up to 5 times. The boost ends once he leaves Shikai, whether it is to enter Bankai or sealing of his Shikai.
- Tainted Earth: Gin de Grey stabs his blade into the ground and enriches the ground with his spirit energy, turning it a slightly darker color. The energy will cause an explosion at Gin de Grey’s choosing, capable of dealing damage equal to a level 40 Hadou. When he decides to activate the energy he gives a snap of his fingers. He can only enrich up to 20 square feet of the ground, and has to use the one area he set up before setting up a new area.
Boosts: 2x boost to Strength, Speed and Spirit Energy.

New Name: Bōkyaku Tokushi (Oblivion Envoy)
Abilities: - Plates of Oblivion: In Bankai, Gin de Grey is covered in armor that gives him a 20% damage reduction while he remains in Bankai. The armor has durability similar to steel, though it repairs itself if damaged. It repairs one damaged section (Right arm, left arm, torso, etc.) Per post using spirit energy from the air.
- Demonic Assistance: An upgrade from Spectral Assistance, this ability allows Gin de Grey to call upon a more solid demonic limb to strike at a target for one physical attack that mirrors his own movements, and is as strong as a Gran Rey Cero in damage. This has a 3 post cooldown.
- The Wall: This wall is a part of Gin de Grey’s Bankai, and can be summoned at any time by Gin de Grey’s choosing. Once summoned it cannot move, and has zanpakutou durability. Gin de Grey can pass through the wall just fine but nobody else can, but can only pass through the wall once every other post. The wall has 7 Words of Power written on it, each being a separate ability that Gin de Grey can call upon when he wishes. Each ability can only be used once each thread while in Baknai and using an ability activates a 3 post cooldown before the next ability can be used. He actives each word by shouting them out.
Laas Yah Nir: An anti-stealth ability, this Word of Power causes anyone within a 150 foot radius of him and the wall to glow with a bright pink aura that only he can see, lasting 1 post.
Hun Kaal Zoor: Summons a spectral warrior made entirely of spirit energy that is 3 tiers below Gin de Grey, and fights using a simple sword and shield. His Strengths and Weaknesses are the same as Gin de Grey’s. It lasts for 3 posts before vanishing out of existence.
Ven Gaar Nos: A powerful whirlwind is fired from the wall at the target, and is as strong as a level 75 Kidou.
Zun Haal Viik: Does not damage any weapon, but will rip weapons out of any targets’ hands standing in front of the wall, up to 200 feet away, and send them flying away for 30 feet, except for Gin de Grey.
Su Grah Dun: Imbues Gin de Grey’s arms with the speed of wind, giving a +1x speed boost to his attacks for 2 post.
Strun Bah Qo: Calls a deadly storm that strikes out at target with deadly lightning bolts. Will release a total of 10 bolts over a span of 2 posts, each as strong as a level 50 Hadou. The bolts cannot be controlled as to how or when they hit, and strike at any target that Gin de Grey considers hostile.
Yol Toor Shul: This allows Gin de Grey to release a deadly cone of flames that will cause 2nd degree burns and is as strong as a level 80 Hadou. It is released the moment he calls out the Word of Power, and is released in the direction he is facing.  
Boosts: 3x boost to Strength, Speed and Stamina

Appearance: His appearance does not change much. Any part of his Bankai that is metal changes color from black and red to gold and orange. His helmet shifts into the form of a larger than average humanoid skull, with skulls forming across the armor like plates.
Abilities: He keeps his normal Bankai abilities, but they get bonuses.
-Hellish Plates of Oblivion: 20% damage reduction is increased to 30% damage reduction.
-Hellish Assistance: The level of damage increases to damage equal to a Cero Oscuras, and has a 4 post cooldown.
- Damning Hell Wall: Increases the use of each word from 1 to 2, no matter if a word has previously been used before using Skullclad.
Boosts: 4x boosts to Strength, Speed and Stamina.

History: Gin de Grey was born to be a noble, both literally and figuratively. Born to the de Grey royal family, he was given nothing but the best so long as it helped him improve. He was a child that seeked the knowledge available, unlike most youth. Most kids his age would play outside, even kids of nobility. Gin de Grey, however, would either be reading various books about history or math, or be outside in the family training grounds. He held a mind that was more mature than his age and size let on, as such he considered his birth into this family as a bonus he couldn't squander by living like a pampered little boy. If he wanted to bring fame to not only HIS name, but also the name of his clan, then he would need to work hard and put out his full effort.

That doesn't mean he did not enjoy the occasional luxury. There were many times that he would ask for an expensive food dish if he reached a goal set for him by his parents, something they would have given him anyway if he asked. He knew he could have just gotten the food he wanted, the clothes he wanted, even the jewelry he liked with only a few words. But his pride wouldn't accept such an act. If he didn't earn it then how could he rightly call it his?

This was his life for many, many years. As such when his time came to be recruited for the Shinigami Academy at the age of 62, he excelled past his classmates. He remained alone, away from his peers to not get distracted from his studies and training. He got this far on his own, and his pride would see him through to the end in the same way.

Due to his dedication Gin de Grey graduated from the academy 6 weeks early and was recruited to Squad 3, 10th seat.

It was his first large step to having his name remembered. Normally, it was the head of the family alone that got the claim to fame. We was certainly asked to slow down his progress, lest he make the current clan look incompetent, but he refused. If they fear that happening, have their clan head aim to be better. Have them work harder to stand at the top.

He gave them assurance that, as long as he was allowed to climb the ranks of the Shinigami he would remain out of the clan-head’s spotlight. He had enough pressure on himself being a noble from one of the four royal families, he did not need more attention.

Before applying for a change of rank Gin de Grey took a tour of duty with Squad 13 to the World of the Living. Just like all Shinigami on their first time he was overwhelmed with what it was like. It was so modern, advanced, and so... Dirty. Most of what he had seen was so industrialized and built up that he seen little life to the land around it. It did not sit well with him, but the conditions of the living world were not his to handle. He was there to experience a Hollow for the first time.

And what a first time it was! He was able to slay his first Hollow with the aid of some of the more experienced Shinigami, but took a nasty wound to his shoulder. A scar to remind him of how serious his position was.

Being a part of Squad 3 meant they needed to know everything about everyone. The squad for information gathering, he was often sent to the Shinigami Academy, the districts of Rukon and even the living world to keep their information updated. In most cases Gin de Grey lead small groups through the further Rukongai districts between 40 and fifty, identifying Hollow nests to send the 11th Squad soldiers to handle.

His time through ranking up proceeds much in this manner. The real change came when he worked his way up to Lieutenant. The responsibility put on his shoulders, pressure which would make others crumble and want to go back to being a 3rd seat, give Gin de Grey motivation. It was a challenge to overcome, and do so well that the paperwork and daily responsibilities were nothing but routine to him. While it may have taken him longer than he would have liked, it came to pass that he became good at the position. His paperwork was finished by noon, training with his Shikai for a half hour before drilling the squad for daily exercise and sending old files to Squad 13 to be stored away and filed for potential future use.

Years of dedicated service were about to pay off. His Captain was looking to retire and as such, those who felt that they were ready to take over were encouraged to meet with the other Captains and prove their worth.

Months before this meeting, Gin de Grey’s captain takes him to a secluded location for special training. Training for Bankai, he would need to unlock it if he hoped to take up a Captain’s position. Manifesting his Zanpakutou spirit, he was given a test to prove he was worthy of Bankai. Suppress someone who has Bankai without releasing his blade at all. Of course Gin de Grey accepted, and while he made impressive attempts, his Captain just couldn't be suppressed while in Bankai.

No matter how hard he tried and what tactic he would use, he couldn't find a way to do it. He was stuck, and his pride was feeling bruised.

The 3rd Seat of the time had given him some advice then that he had never considered. What if he had to suppress the Captain before he used Bankai?

Later that day, as he stood across from his Captain he was feeling unsure. ‘This is too easy, right?’ Like clockwork, the Captain made to activate his Bankai. In response Gin de Grey makes his move, using Bakudou to keep him from releasing. His chibi Zanpakutou spirit cheered, congratulating him for finally understanding.

Don't let your opponent power up to be stronger than you to begin with. That was his lesson.

He spent his remaining time training to properly handle his new release. It would better impress the Captains if he could show some level of control more than most who just achieve Bankai. Something that does prove to be in his favor, and is one of the few reasons he was chosen. Gin de Grey was promoted to the position of Captain of Squad 3.
Side Notes: N/A
Roleplay Sample: N/A

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#2 Re: Gin de Grey, Shinigami Captain of Squad 3 on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:32 pm

• You kind of messed up both your color code and the url to the appearance here. As a tip, you don't have to display the full url... if you do something like [x], it'll show up much more condensed. Up to you, though, and you can use that image (since it's the same sword as your current one) if you so desire.

Corruption Blade
• I'd prefer you quantify this. Since it seems to act like an Anti regeneration, maybe double the amount of posts anything would heal if they have High-Speed Regen, or (like Nicole) make them spend more energy to heal the wounds.

Spectral Assistance
• This looks fine. You could even bump it to Level 60 Kidou, since that's the average level of a Cero. Does this function ala Susanoo from Naruto? Just asking for visual clarity.

Beyond the Veil
• I need this to be quantified a bit more. You say +10 to Attacks, but what do you mean? Does a Hado 4 become Hado 14, up to a maximum of 54? What happens if you're at 5 stacks and use, say, Kurohitsugi? You won't be able to exceed "Forbidden Kidou" damage without it being a Final-level technique, which Fatigues you or renders you unconscious.

Tainted Earth
• Quantify the damage said explosion will deal if tanked directly (given the potential spam, I'd suggest no more than a Kidou) - Also, please give some type of visual cue, so this can be played against rather than just guaranteed.


Plates of Oblivion
• This seems fine, though I'd prefer you quantify how quickly the armor repairs itself and whether or not it drains energy from you to do so.

Demonic Assistance
• Since you have a Gran Rey Cero's cooldown, you can match it in damage.

The Wall
• Quantify the size of the wall, and the shape of it. I will be grading each of the Words of Power individually, and as a whole.

Laas Yah Nir
• This is completely fine.

Hun Kaal Zoor
• I think this is okay, since you can only summon it once in Bankai. I may be overruled.

Ven Gaar Noz
• This should be fine.

Zun Haal Viik
• I'm not entirely sure about this. Disarming someone isn't something I've ever dealt with before, so I cannot give you an affirmative yes or no on this.

Su Grah Dun
• Up to 2 posts and you're gucci.

Strun Bah Qo
• Can you control the bolts to any degree, or is basically a localized thunderstorm with 5 bolts per post?

Yol Yoor Shul
• This should be perfectly fine.


Hellish Plates of Oblivion
• I think this is still okay, though you may be asked to lower it to 30%.

Hellish Assistance
• 90 is Forbidden, cooldown must be 5.

Damning Hell Wall
• Specify whether or not this replenishes words already used, as well as whether or not you get to use a word, go toukai, and then get 2 more uses of that word. (Hint: The answer is you get 2 uses total, regardless of whether you've used them in Bankai or not)


Looks pretty solid. Not a whole lot of changes, though I will need a second opinion on this due to reasons you are quite aware of. Please make these changes and then tag a different member of staff to take a second look at it. Thanks!

♥ Lexie

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Corruption Blade: I'm denoting that while this doesn't negate regeneration entirely, having a particular mechanic that mitigates how another character's mechanics function is pretty iffy. While I'll approve of this, Ika and/or Rena may not.

Laas Yah Nir: Again, one of our rules is 'cannot negate canon aspects of the bleach Universe. While I don't remember stealth abilities being a major thing in Bleach canon, I'd say tone back the range a bit, and elaborate a bit. It needs some kind of duration listed in it, whether it's a second-long pulse, or reveals stealthed targets for a couple posts. We can discuss this outside of here if need be.

Hun Kaal Zoor: I'd ask for a duration on this, simply because it's a summon. You've dealt with summons before so you know why I'm asking. Though I'm not sure about having it be a permanent summon in Bankai if that's the case.

Zun Haal Viik: Needs a set range. I'm okay with a temporary disarm, but you're not going to be disarming everything in 'x' area of effect without a distance on it. I wouldn't go much more than say 25-50 feet on this one.

Aside from that, and a mini-discussion in chat, I think we're good.

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approved 1-1

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