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Eto cheerfully walked the streets of down town tokyo, she was still in her odd looking attire bandages concealing most of her body,her zanpakuto held in her right hand. " Ahhh i know i said i wanted to leave the soul society for a bit but i don't even know where to go know. dammit i wonder if i can still request a gigai from squad 12 " Eto whinnied and sat at a park bench looking up at the sky then at her clothes. " I should have brought some clothes with me two" She sighs. " maybe something interesting well happen" she smiles under her bandages and looks up at the sky " man i'm hunger, that another thing i forgot money.. what was these country's currency again".

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Calder had noticed a large reiatsu moving throughout Tokyo. He often came to the real world to interrogate lone shinigami for information. On this particular night, the gargantuan had wondered across a shinigami sitting on a park bench mumbling something about being hungry. Calder was surveying the area from atop a building on the perimeter of the park when all this occurred and decided to make his move.

The 12' 2" behemoth leaped from the top of the building down to the park just in front of the bench the shinigami was sitting on. The resulting force of Calder's impact broke the ground beneath him and caused it to erupt up in large jagged chunks. Calder breathed out deeply, looked down one the shinigami and spoke.

"Shinigami. I have a few things I'd like to talk to you about."

The dust from Calder's landing sat still in the motionless air as Calder waited for a response.

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Eto wasn't pay much attention but she could easily sense the arrancer nearby but she did care enough to pinpoint a location at all. She assumes that a shinigami on patrol would deal with it. That was until she looked up to see a giant falling from the sky, wait a giant nope that's an arrancer. The massive creature slams down in front of Eto causing a large dust cloud. The arrancer might be expecting the shinigami to be on edge, but if the arrancer could reed body language Eto seemed almost excited and Eto was. these was the first arrancer she had encountered.

" Your a giant " Eto says with a smile hidden behind bandages and eyes sparkling. She sets her zanpakuto down on the bench and looks up at the arrancer. " Well normally I'd make anyone that has questions buy me lunch " she pauses sighing heavily " however i do not have my gigai and even if i did i doubt you have a way to be seen to humans. So with that i guess you'll just owe me a favor" She says with a chuckle and scouts over on the bench. " Come on sit down ask your questions" she says with a welcoming tone.

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Calder was bewildered by the cavalierness of this shinigami. She was speaking to him as if he were not an enemy. This didn't site right with Calder. He didn't trust her and had no intentions of letting his guard down. However, if she was offering to answer his questions so easily he would accept that. Calder continued to stand despite the shinigami's offer and immediately dove into his questioning.

"What is the present state of the Gotei 13?"

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Eto smiled wide which could be seen faintly as she stood up and started walking around the giant she was amazed by the creatures size and wondered if it had to do with his power and lack of zanpakuto to retain his power  as Eto skipped around the giant she answered his question, she had no problem doing so because of her lack of activity made her unaware of the gotei 13 real situation.  So Eto would just tell him what she knew.
" Lets see i believe they were recently attacked and the soul society was occupied by these attackers, i am however unaware of the gotei 13 situation currently see i am on a, vacation of sorts" She looks up at the man. " Now if i may ask a question. Whats your name, im Eto Garamond " she says cheerfully and offers the giant her hand.

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Calder was becoming annoyed with the Shinigami's bubbly attitude but his calm exterior never changed even as she danced around him when she was speaking. If she was really on a vacation from the Gotei then how could Calder be sure that the information was accurate or recent. He pondered what to do as she asked hims is name.

"My name is Calder Everson. I suppose you should tell me your name as so I at least can bid you a farewell if I find your information is actually useless. If you're on a vacation then how do you even know if this information is recent and why aren't you helping the Gotei if they are being slaughter?"

Calder placed his right hand on his back ready to call his zanpaktou out from his being if the Shinigami's answers weren't sufficient.

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Eto giggle as she takes a seat back down hand on her zanpakuto. the tension in the air was thin and yet Eto would continue to joke " i told you my names Eto Garamond and my information it might not be current but it is reliable, as for why i'm not assisting them or trying to take the Soul society back is because they deserve these i warned them that a large offensive agienst the espada would leave the soul society vulnerable, yet i was rudely told by a captain that that was unlikely" She said her tone getting a little less cheery and her clones appeared to continue circling the arrancer. " So my turn if i may ask do you intend to attack the Soul society if get the answers you need and are you an espada"

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