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#11 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:15 am

A Dragon, the size of a galaxy, swimming through the universe. In its wake, Life was left behind. The Dragon always returned, consuming the life and bringing it to a higher level of existence. Such was the cycle since the beginning, so would be the cycle until the end. The redheaded girl saw herself standing at the head of an army, not one opposing the Dragon but accepting it, being sent to Heaven as it consumed the Earth and the Solar System whole. This vision, this dragon, whom she understood be named Bahamut... this was, essentially, the only memory she had.

Sure, she knew how to talk. Walk. Fight. That stuff was different. This memory was the only thing she knew she remembered... but what happened that made her forget anything in the first place? Holding onto her Mother from her back, jumping through the pretty city, Alyss Kesshou could not remember what she had forgotten, or why she had forgotten anything. She only knew that she had. Placing her trust in Bahamut, she considered it something from him, and accepted things the way they were.

As they landed at the diner, the smell of meat permeated the air and her mouth watered at the idea of food. How long had she been hungry? Thoughts for later, as her mother instructed her on how to spend Money and purchase things, and told her to order whatever she wanted.

Well, Alyss was a good listener, if nothing else.

Stepping into the Diner, she followed the smell of the meat, walking behind the counter and into the Kitchen where she found a large amount of chilled (not frozen) meat, raw and uncooked. Pointing to the biggest piece of meat there, what she understood to be a Steak, Alyss decided that was what she wanted. The chef laughed, then called the Head of House to come get the child and told her what happened, whom then brought Alyss back to the front and explained the situation to Maki.

"Mommy said I could order whatever I wanted! I want that Steak! As-is, don't cook it!" Alyss held up the tiny piece of plastic, which she had an inexplicable desire to put in her mouth and swallow whole, but fought that urge as she held it towards the woman who took her out of the kitchen. "Raw Steak, Raw Steak!!"
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#12 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:20 pm

As I presented her the card, I found her instincts to be a little too strong. For example, her affinity for that dragon might very well have made her crave meat a lot more than most normal people. She ended up wandering under the counter, and back into the kitchen, despite any attempts I could make to call her back. Eventually, the staff got a hold of her and I saw a rather sad redheaded girl get pulled back to me, though they were being fair and trying to be polite about it. The man explained to me what she'd been pointing to in the back, and I simply smiled and laughed

"Can I make a special request on her behalf? Take that hunk of meat and grill it, as rare as you're legally allowed to do so. She'll be alright, I promise. I'll ever pay for it upfront if you'd like." I'd turn to Kaine and explain something. "Well... it's gonna be hard to get you anything raw when we eat at a place like this, but I don't think you'll find this far from what you were looking for. They're all normal humans here, so they have to cook things so they're safe to eat for other regular humans. You and I... well, we're a bit different." And with that, she'd probably understand. In a mere handful of minutes, a sizable platter of a slightly charred steak came out, and I'd pay for it right then, slipping the chef an extra tip for being polite about it. It was massive for a steak, seeing as most were between 8 and 12 ounces. Of course she was a growing girl, with an appetite to match, and would point at something nearly 4 pounds.

We'd take a seat in a booth, and she'd be eyeing the thing as if she was unsure of it being meat. I'd cut it open to show her the red tissue which she was so desperately craving. "Have at it, Alyss. All yours." Meanwhile I'd call a waitress over and order a cheeseburger and a shake. I wouldn't pay much attention to the people staring.

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#13 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:26 pm

As the steak was placed in front of her, served on a giant platter rather than a normal plate, Alyss immediately pouted that there was any cooked part. Bahamut ate things raw, why did she have to have them cooked? She looked at her mother who proceeded to cut it open to show her the raw red meat on the inside, which caused her to smile wildly. Suddenly her entire left arm would become coated in scales and grow razor-sharp claws on each finger as she picked it up with the claws and bit into it, the juices running down her cheeks and neck, staining her clothing as she swallowed.

Immediately, her mother put a stop to that and made her place it back down, and showed her how to use a fork and knife. She was allowed to act like a Dragon at home, but in public places needed to act like a Human. Rules are rules are rules. Alyss paid careful attention to what her mother did with the items, taking the bite as the meat was suddenly in her face, and smiled. She proceeded to eat it mostly properly, still not chewing the pieces and just swallowing them, but since they were fairly small pieces her mother just shook her head and didn't scold her.

It was nearly an hour later when the final bite went into Alyss' mouth, and she swallowed the very last of the steak. Wiping her mouth, as she saw her mother do after eating her very tiny steak with bread, Alyss smiled wildly.

"Thanks, Mommy!" She let out a tiny belch, which she covered up with a blush, and muttered something that sounded close to 'excusemeohmybahamut' and wiggled in her seat until they could leave.
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Focusing her energy on a specific limb of her body, Alyss can coat it in the essence of a dragon and gain other properties. Her arms or legs become coated in scales and gain five-inch claws on each finger or toe; her shoulders grow wings that are large and strong enough to carry up to 200lbs in addition to her own weight; her tailbone grows a tail five-feet in length and fully prehensile; her head gets coated in scales and increases the damage of her Dragon's Roar or Dragon's Nova by 50%. This ability lasts up to 2 posts with a 4 post cooldown.

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