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#1 [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:09 pm

Dear Cain Malone-

This letter is to inform you of your inheritance of $4,576 from your parents, Mickey and Fiona Malone's recent Death. To inquire more about this inheritance, please come visit our office in New York, located at...

She'd been holding the letter for sixteen hours straight. It had been literal years since she'd thought about her parents... she'd never looked back once she left. She'd moved on, she'd become a better person and a fulfilling one at that, but... they were dead? That was... something.

Why did she even care? They abused her. They made her their slave. They treated her like a boy. If it wasn't for His guidance, she'd probably still be there... but would they? They were dead. How did they die? When did they die? Why?

Kainé had so many questions running through her mind. It'd been sixteen hours since she opened the letter. Forty-eight hours since she'd received it, having not wanted to open it due to the name on it being Cain. If it wasn't for Maki Kesshou knows that it was her old name, it might not have even arrived in her hands.

But it did. And she needed to do something.

Standing up, letter still in hand, Kainé walked towards the door and out, heading towards Maki Kesshou's personal room. Kainé knew that she wasn't going to be allowed to claim the money as it were... she was underage, and the only thing that could fix that was having someone who could possibly understand the situation go with her.

The newbies Naruko Lisola and Ketsu Altana were suitable... they were both exceptionally nice, treated her to ice cream and video games, but they didn't know anything about her aside from her cuteness and youngness. They weren't who she needed.

Kainé's parents were dead... Kainé needed a Mom right now.
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#2 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:53 am

A small knock sounded on the door of my personal quarters. Most people knew better, and the few who didn't learned soon after why such a thing was a bad idea. When I locked myself in my quarters, something serious was going on in my mind. I did such things to retain my sanity, to generate time to process important things. Things that if left unchecked, would soon unravel and unleash upon the same people I wished to protect.

However, such a small and restrained knock, one so tiny that one could confuse it for a pin drop, could mean one of very few things, of the possibilities I could fathom, only a handful made sense. I ended up taking a shallow breath and making my way towards the door, calming down to avoid disturbing whoever it was. As the heavy door swung open slowly, a tiny figure was present. Young Kaine would walk in, with her usual mild demeanor. "It's a pleasant sight to see you, Kaine. May I ask what it is you want to talk about?" I'd urge the door to close behind us and it would, locking tight.

To my surprise, she'd hand me the letter that I made sure she received. I gave her a puzzled look only to be given a slight nod. Her sign I assumed to be telling me to open and read it. So I did. I read the letter in its entirety and began to soften at each word. "You know... I lost both my parents too. My mother poisoned my father. Then took everything and left. I only recently heard of her passing too. Didn't change much... just... There was too much weighing on my heart. Especially after my father came after me, as a Hollow. I had to exterminate him or I would have died."

I'd fold the letter up slightly, only pausing temporarily. I'd look to the young girl and place my hand on her head, ruffling her hair with a calming touch. "I don't want you to have to live like I did. You have a home here. I want to keep it that way. We.... I could be your family now." I teared up for the first time since my dad died. My face was stricken with trails of saline that didn't seem to cease. Wiping my face a short time after, I'd slip the letter and its contents into an empty folder, leaving it on a nightstand so I'd remember it later. "I can teach you how this world works. It's not always pretty, nor is it always fair.... but you'll learn what it means to be able to live. I'll make sure of that." Then I'd smile. It wasn't one of my specialties, so it wasn't a particularly pretty smile, but for once I was genuinely happy.

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#3 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:19 am

Maki didn't seem upset when she walked in. It was rare, when it did happen, but Kainé had absolutely heard others getting berated if they were to disturb her. She took the letter, reading it. Though Kainé was staring at the floor, unable to change her focus from where the letter originally was in her hands, she could feel Maki getting softer at each word of it.

Maki said some things... she understood what Kainé was going through, her situation was similar... then Maki would offer to be Kainé's new family. And that, unique and surprisingly, got Kainé to look up at her. For the first since reading the letter, she cried. Though physical strength wasn't her ace in the sleeve, she tackled Maki with such sudden force that even the leader of the Committee was knocked onto her rear. Kainé buried her face into Maki's chest, just crying, and it seemed that Maki, whether being happy at the situation or upset at her own past, was crying with her.

A solid twenty minutes later, Kainé was finally able to settle down. Maki went to slip the letter into an empty folder, but Kainé stopped her and shook her head. Holding Maki's hand much like a child holding their mother's, Kainé led Maki out of her room and into Kainé's own, grabbing her sword and handing it to Maki to carry, holding the letter in her other hand. Kainé led Maki towards the address on the letter, where the inheritance was waiting for her.

She still couldn't speak, but looking up to Maki with shaking eyes, Maki seemed to understand, and the two walked in together. Kainé sat in a chair near the door, gripping her sword tightly like a stuffed bear as she watched Maki talking with the man. Regardless of how loud they were being, she wasn't hearing any of it.

You stupid little fuck! I told you to wash the floors clockwise! Start over, and finish before Sundown or you're not getting Supper again!

God. Fucking. DAMMIT. Cain. Why can't you do ANYTHING RIGHT? Your father told you to wash the floors counter clockwise! You are such a fucking disgrace to this temple. You're not getting Supper for a Week or so help me God I will smack that red hair off of you.

The insults never stopped. The punishments never ceased. For three years, he ate only the crumbs he could find on the floor, and the excrutiatingly rare large slice of bread he found in the trash, often soggy due to the soup which he was never permitted to have. It seemed that they always had something up their sleeve to deny him his Supper. When he started training with the monks, they fed him simply because they didn't understand his family dynamic... truth be told, they're the reason he's still alive today.

A Dragon, Cain? You think a fucking DRAGON is going to devour the fucking world, and send us all to Heaven? You're not getting Supper tonight if you keep on with this asinine fucking theories of yours . . . actually, fuck it, you're not getting Supper regardless.

Are you still on about that fucking Dragon? God damnit boy, it's been an entire year now you've been on this shit. Every fucking week... no, fuck it, I'm done with your shit boy. You are gettnig the fuck out of this temple tonight, and you were never, ever coming back here. If I ever see your stupid fucking face, your stupid fucking body, your pathetic little fucking sword, or your god damn bright-ass hair again, I swear to your fake-ass Bahamut that I will kill you, and then I will kill your fucking mother, and then I will kill every single person in this fucking temple because you are a disgrace and a waste of space, the fucking afterbirth of an accident that I was cursed with for some unknown fucking reason. Get the FUCK out of my sight, Cain.

It was taking a lot of effort not to cry.
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#4 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:46 pm

What I had in mind to take care of Kaine was simply to do what needed to be done for her sake. She had other plans. The small child tackled me hard enough, even before I had a chance to move, to knock me flat on my back. We both cried together for several minutes, as I embraced her. No questioning it now, I had a soft spot for the kid. As she let up, and I began to set the letter elsewhere for later, Kaine gripped me again and shook her head, signifying that wasn't what she wanted. I, the grand leader of the World organization for powerful humans, the Committee.... was being lead out by a small child. What was this? Did I care for her this much that I'd allow such a violation of everything I'd known?

...We walked together for a long while, until we reached the place that the letter denoted. She motioned towards the woman at the desk. I then understood. "Yes, I'd like to take out this sum for a 'Cain Malone'. I'm her current and only living guardian, Maki Kesshou." I would say, presenting the letter, then denoting little Kaine. Then I would be presented with paperwork, fill it out, and the sum would be dropped into my hands, in an envelope of its own. I would then nod to Kaine, expecting her to take it, and walk home with me.

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#5 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:13 am

Maki handed her the envelope full of money, which broke Kainé's concentration on her memories. Nodding solmenly and taking it, the redheaded child stood up and began walking again, trusting that Maki would follow her. The two went towards Central Park this time, where Kainé stopped and turned to Maki, still fighting her tears as she made a hammer motion.

Understanding, Maki created a Hammer of Crystal for the girl. It was incredibly heavy, and immediately hit the ground when Kainé held it, but resting it on her shoulder was enough to get it to stay put for now. Placing her sword on the ground, Kainé swung the hammer as hard as she could, bending the sword but not breaking it. Clearly winded from the example, she handed the hammer back to Maki and sat down on the ground, hoping Maki would pick up and finish the sword off.

"Dust." The single word would, hopefully, be enough to translate to Maki what she wanted the sword to be when she was done. Assuming Maki followed through and satisfied Kainé's request, she smiled lightly and pulled the envelope out of her pocket, placing it in the dust pile as well. Breathing in deeply, the child roared, a beam of pure energy being released directly onto the envelope of money, disintegrating it and creating a crater in the ground as Kainé held it for as long as she could, then fell back to her knees and started crying once more.

Regardless of whether Maki calmed her down or waited for her to do it on her own, Kainé would eventually calm down through some means, at which point she would turn to Maki and speak again.

"Kainé Malone is dead. I don't want any part of my past. Kainé was a variation of Cain. Cain Malone was my dead name. If they're dead, so is that. I'm not Cain Malone. I am not Kainé Malone. I don't know who I am yet, but I'm not Kainé Malone. Not anymore."
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Alyss breathes in deeply before releasing a focused beam of pure energy from her mouth. The beam has the desctructive capabilities of a Gran Rey Cero, and can be held for an entire post. Similar to her Dragon's Roar, this ability can be manipulated during the cast, and has no delay in updating it's angle of attack. This ability extends up to one-hundred meters from Alyss' position, and can be used once every six posts.

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#6 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:30 pm

As she took the envelope out of her hand, she also made another gesture. It took me a few minutes, but I recognized it and chuckled. Hammer. One of my favorite weapons in the world. I began to craft her a hammer out of crystal. I'd make it smaller than usual, but I wasn't sure how much she could lift. It ended up being around 25 pounds or so. She dropped her old sword on the ground before accepting the hammer and struggling with it. She did however, prop it up enough to make it usable.

Her swing however... that could probably use some work. She only ended up denting the blade. It was kind of odd from my perspective, making a solid hammer, and her tiny body swinging said hammer so hard that her body nearly leapt off the ground, and seeing her make minimal impact on it. A single word would escape her lips. Dust. "With pleasure." I took the hammer from her, and bolstered it. Then through what most people would likely view as a fit of rage-fueled overkill, I pounded the sword over and over again till it was no longer recognizable as having ever existed. Though there was something left. I decided to grand slam that poor chunk miles away.

She then took the envelope out of her pocket, placing it on what was left, and torching it with the kind of energy that made me glad she was on my side, burning every last ash of her inheritance away. She then remarked that she no longer wanted anything to do with her past, neither her money, the sword, not even her name. "Then... seeing as I've taken you in, you'll take my surname, Kesshou. As for a name..... How about Alyss?" Looking to her, I was hoping to see a smile form on her face. I'd never really given much thought to having a child or being a parent, much less love of any real kind, after losing my father... but this time, I felt as though I wouldn't mind treating her like my own.

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#7 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Tue Sep 05, 2017 1:01 pm

As Maki Kesshou swung her hammer over and over again, pulverizing the sword, the redhead sat on the ground with her legs up to her chest, her eyes just barely open and watching as she went through more and more of her memories. None of them were good, and most of them made her grit her teeth and clench her fists.

After she finished speaking, Maki seemed to simply understand.

Kesshou... from the nameless child's perspective, that was a name of respect, of power, control, admiration, beauty, fear, and now love. The only Kesshou that the redhead had ever met was Maki herself, and if she was offering the name to the child... did it mean she loved her, or that she expected her to grow up with those same ideals of the name? It was difficult to tell for sure, but she did like knowing that the other name, the Irish one, was gone forever.

Alyss... she wondered where Maki had gotten that name from. She liked it, for sure, but was curious where Maki came up with it. It sounded like something out of a book, and even though the child didn't quite grasp the fundamentals of reading, she knew the name to be powerful.

Alyss Kesshou.

She was still for a few minutes, thinking. She turned away from Maki, and stared at the crater she'd created, where her inheritance and the ashes of her sword lay. No... the inheritance and ashes of a sword, both belonging to someone she had never met before. She was someone new, someone whom would grow up to be respected, powerful, admired, beautiful, loved, and unique in the world. Alyss Kesshou.

Smiling mildly, she looked up at the sky and closed her eyes.

"Alyss Kesshou..." Her voice whispered on the wind. The girl looked back down and turned over to Maki Kesshou, her smile growing. "Let's go home, Mom."
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Alyss breathes in deeply before releasing a focused beam of pure energy from her mouth. The beam has the desctructive capabilities of a Gran Rey Cero, and can be held for an entire post. Similar to her Dragon's Roar, this ability can be manipulated during the cast, and has no delay in updating it's angle of attack. This ability extends up to one-hundred meters from Alyss' position, and can be used once every six posts.

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#8 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:52 pm

A name that was partly my own, and partly a new life for this child. That was all that it was. And yet somewhere in my heart, I felt a connection to someone for the first time in ages. What it would become was anyone's guess, but to be sure that I had someone I could trust and engage with, that was a gift. Someone I could teach to fight, sure. But much more than that, I could offer her a new start. I could teach her how to adjust to the outside world. Maybe even love this child as if she were my own.

And then she called me mom. I had to stifle my tears for a few minutes, then I'd take her hand. "Wanna take the fun way home, Alyss? If so, hold on tight."

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#9 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:10 am

"We.. don't have to go straight home?" Alyss Kesshou seemed genuinely surprised. The two of them had already spent almost an hour outside of the office, and Alyss wasn't sure that Maki Kesshou, despite being her mother, was even allowed out of the office that long. The Committee didn't run itself, and without her guidance they were basically a bunch of meowing dogs without their heads, or something like that.

Alyss didn't quite graps metaphors yet.

Nodding to the fun way home, Alyss held Maki's hand tightly and let her mother guide her where they were going to go.

All of the memories, all of the painful flashbacks... they were already done. Even if she tried, Alyss would be unable to recall any of them. The mind of a child, even a teenager, was impressive, insofar as its ability to compartmentalize things, and throwing away the key was a rather easy thing to do when you could compartmentalize at all. All of those painful memories were gone, maybe not forever but for a very long time, from little redheaded Alyss Kesshou's mind.

All of them. Alyss had a lot to learn now, so she could remember it.

Come to think of it... she still didn't know what "paying" for a thing meant.
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#10 Re: [Private] A Silhouette Not Yet Forgotten on Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:56 am

As Alyss, my now adopted daughter would nod to the 'fun way' home, I would smirk, and gingerly throw her onto my back. I'd wrap her arms around my torso and begin to store a little energy in my feet. Then boing, I would bound around the city. I'd be holding onto Alyss securely, so there'd be no danger of her falling somewhere. We'd come to a brief stop at the diner where we met. She'd probably remember.

"It's time I showed you how the world works. Let's start with money. Money is something that has an assumed value. It's much more standardized nowadays, but you'll understand more about that later. For now, take this card. This is an acceptable way to 'pay' for something you want or need. Go ahead, Alyss, order whatever you want." With that, I'd hand her a piece of plastic, a debit card. In my case, I had more than enough to back it up with, so there wasn't a worry to be had. For her, she'd simply go through the motions. At least that was the hope. I suppose to teach her properly, I had to learn how she learned the best. She probably wasn't a photographic learner like I was, hell, most people aren't.

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