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#1 Immortal Treat on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:45 am

Quill came to the the world of the living to find new items to add to his collects and maybe eat some human food that they made, he heard of something called donuts holes which sounded tasty. He hid his normal form with some cloth he stole off some bloke that was the same size as him, he liked it and would keep it on even in combat. He then saw that he needed the money of the area so he stole some from the same bloke, he got his food and did like it and would take normal trips to the area to get more but then he smelled something even more tasty, it was a scent that was intoxicating that drove him mad with hunger, it wasn't a normal soul it was still in a human. The soul seemed to drive him insane so he could not control his own actions. He got to a safe area and transform into his armor, he then found were it was coming from and landed right in front of the human with so much animal in his eyes.
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#2 Re: Immortal Treat on Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:43 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

[Gil get your ass to Karakura town NOW we're sending reinforcements.]

Couldn't he EVER just have a fucking Vacation? He only had one day left, anyway... whatever. He was already in Karakura town anyway, not that the Committee would know that, but as soon as he walked outside he understood why. Fully dressed and geared, he used his GH-II to get to a rooftop, and then approached the energies he was feeling. Three Arrancar and a Shinigami... one of the Arrancar was far weaker than the other, so hopefully if it came down to it, if he absolutely had to, that one Arrancar could be the one he-

Suddenly, DRAGONS. Well, something that looked like a Dragon. The specific Arrancar he was just tracking appeared in front of him... fuck, this dude was way stronger than he anticipated him to be. Still, Gil had no choice. Saving people with reckless abandon was literally what he signed up for, so he couldn't even cliche his way out of it... though, to be fair, he wasn't supposed to be here today, the Committee thought he was still in Tokyo.

"I don't care who you are, but you're not leaving here alive." Without any hesitation, Gil pulled out one of his guns and one of his swords, igniting the blade on both of them as he fired six times at the Arrancar, keeping the sword near him to use defensively.
technique log [click to open]
Ability Name: Immortality
Gilgamesh cannot die. If he takes fatal damage from any source, he 'stops' for the remainder of that thread. his body can be freely manipulated by the remaining people in that thread. If, out of character, permission is received, Gilgamesh can resurrect in that thread; otherwise, he simply gets up off-screen. Additionally, due to being a Human, his memory is not that of a Shinigami; despite his age, he can only accurately recall the past 80 years of his life; anything over that and Gilgamesh only has vague recollection; however, he does remember every death in vivid detail.

Name: [|DG-X|] - [Dual Guns Mark Ten]
The DG-X are a pair of guns that never run out of ammunition. They are semi-automatic, and fire every time the trigger is pulled but do not need to be cocked back. The guns absorb trace amounts of reishi and reiatsu from their surroundings and form their bullets out of that, but once fired the bullets are completely physical. Additionally, the guns can each form a large golden blade, around one-foot in length, which curves downward, and are as durable as a Zanpakutou.

Name: [|ES-I|] - [Energy Sword Mark One] [Gilgamesh has 2 of these]
The ES-I ais a sword that functions vaguely similar to a Quincy's [Seele Schneider], by forming an energy blade by absorbing reishi and reiatsu from the local area. Once the blade is formed, however, it separates from a Seele Schneider in that it is compact energy and doesn't function like a chainsaw, but is of zanpakutou-durability and won't break. The user can activate and deactivate the ES-I at will. When deactivated, there is a small loop at the bottom which can be attached to the user's belt.

Name: [BC-V] - [Black Choker Mark Five]
The BC-V is a simple matte black choker worn around the user's neck which prevents them from feeling the effects of another being's reiatsu. Developed as a combat to civilians committing suicide over a powerful person's reiatsu at full brunt, the BC-V makes the user able to acknowledge how powerful a person is, but they do not feel the negative effects from overwhelming reiatsu.

Name: [GH-II] - [Grappling Hook Mark Two]
This device is implanted in the user's palm, and functions similarly to a grappling hook. The user can fire this off at will, reaching up to 50 meters, and upon contact with anything will pull the user towards it, or it towards the user, based on which is lighter. This functions at the same speed as Blur/Shunpo.
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#3 Re: Immortal Treat on Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:47 am

He got hit by something, he did not know what but it barely fazed him at all. He looked at the human with such hunger in his eats that it seemed to be the only thing he want to do at the moment. Quill only came to taste the strange new treats the humans had made since long after his death, he then said to the human while manifesting into his Dark Beast Armor,"Human I only came out to taste the food you humans had made since my death hundreds of years ago but it seems that there is something more tasty then those's donut holes." He the lunges at the human trying to rip his arm of and eating it, the next attack would launch him strait into the air were he would launch him back into the ground and finally body slamming on to the human with much power behind it.
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