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#1 Iris Amelia on Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:49 am

Name: Iris Amelia
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: ???
Sex: Female
Iris, like most introverts, is quiet and reserved. She prefers not to talk about herself, especially in the first encounter with a new person. She likes spending time alone in quiet places where she can make sense of what is happening around her. People like Iris love analyzing signs and symbols, and consider them to be metaphors that have deeper meanings related to life. She gets lost in her imagination and daydreams, always drowning in the depth of their thoughts, fantasies, and ideas.

Iris's main goals are to discover her life’s meaning and to serve. She is anidealist and perfectionist who drives herself hard to achieve these goals. She is highly intuitive about people, and relies heavily on her intuitions to guide her.

She can be very thoughtful, considerate, and a good listener whom can put people at ease. She is often reserved in expressing her own emotions but genuinely cares about others and wishes to understand them. Even in conflict situations, Iris will strive to understand both sides of an argument and avoid hurt feelings, no matter who is wrong or right.

While others would make decisions based on their past experiences, she tends to rely more heavily on her own intuition and gut feelings. She looks beyond experience to search for an underlying meaning. She can find signs and patterns in everyday circumstances, and consider metaphors and symbols that she sees around her when making decisions.

People with personality traits similar to Iris are often talented writers. They may be uncomfortable with verbal expression, but they have an innate ability to define and express what they’re feeling on paper. People with the INFP personality type appear frequently in social service professions, such as counseling or teaching. They are at their best in situations where they’re working towards the public good, and in which they don’t need to use hard logic.

INFPs, such as Iris, have their own set of standards and principles from which they base their actions and decisions. They have a strong personal value system, and all their words and actions depend on whether or not they fit into that system. INFPs have high standards and are usually perfectionists. They fight and work hard for whatever’s on their plate, and no matter how simple the task is, it becomes their cause.

Iris and those similar to her mindset are idealists who care deeply about the world they live in. They feel like they exist to make the world a better place for everyone. They are existentialists, always seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.

Height: 5'11''
Weight: 163 LBS
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: Sendo Genkotsu - This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line are usually the practitioners of this style, with some exceptions, Amelia learned it through her mass soul consumption towards becoming who she was now, having picked up a couple Lisolan souls along the way.

Strengths: Reflexes
Weaknesses: Durability

Boosts: x3 Reflexes


Ability Name: Twin Blades
Ability Description: Due to her sealed state not being the twin weaponry she was accustomed too, she had two twin blades forged for her for moments she didn't feel like trying her hardest with her Scythe Zanpaktou. They act as tempered steel but otherwise have nothing special about them. This means they can be broken. The swords in her sealed appearance is the exact image of these swords.

Ability Name: Ability Creation
Ability Description: Users can create any ability without any limitation and bestow it upon themselves. They can notably create enhanced versions of existing abilities or specific countermeasures for any of them, and make an unlimited number of abilities without any side-effect. Users can even take it further and thoroughly customize a power, like designing a power to only harm a certain thing or activate after a certain condition. However in the case of this character it is only able to generate up to four powers at a time before having to "unlearn" one to have a new one, they cannot exceed the speed nor the power of a cero, but due to this they can use them all at will. During Resurreccion this ability grants "one" additional ability but at a Gran Rey Cero level on a three post CD. In Segunda it grants yet another "single" additional ability but at a forbidden kidou level on a five post CD. Any ability created by this power must follow all forum rules and bleach mechanics.

Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakuto Name: Chōetsu-tekina seizon-sha (Transcendent Survivor)
Zanpakuto Call Out: Embrace the base of our souls and surpass!
Hollow Abilities: Cero, Bala, Gren Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras, Regeneration.


Abilities: N/A
Boosts: x4 reflexes


First her body burns up and horrifically, and seemingly, burns down to the bone and then explodes into a blackened orb before the orb disperses and out pops the Segunda appearance as shown below

Segunda Weapons: The chains are connected and are "Through" her lower torso. Image Below.

Abilities: N/A
Boosts: x5 reflexes

History: Her earliest memory begins at age six of being a human child. It is the first and foremost memory she retains the easiest even as a hollow, which we'll get to, but at age six this little girl sat down and decided she would plan out the literal bulk of her entirely life from start to finish. She realized, even at that age, that there would be discrepancies to the plan, as errors were bound to happen, but they were given allowances, the plan, in it's entirety. would have a probably success of 90% at the highest. She planned how she would deal with school, she planned what cloths she would like, she decided on "everything" she could think of. Right then. Right there. It was added to the plan. She spent half a year forming this plan. How a six year old had the mental capability to make such a complex life-long plan is still unclear, but she did it. She then proceeded to follow that plan flawlessly.

Sure. School went rougher than she expected. She was in fights and being emotionally and physically abused "on average" of every other day by her peers, but her plan had encompassed the unpredictably brutal nature of the human race, and she endured it all. Knowing that when she passed by school she would be more free and not have to deal with the pain as often, if at all. This didn't stop her from fighting back of course, she was only human, but it kept it from destroying her. As the years passed and the peers at school became more and more aggressive with their abuse she just kept matching them with her own intensity and continued marching through life just fine, for the most part. Taking care of herself and putting out fires on the road to her future when and where she was able.

By the time she had realized a change in herself, she noticed her plan had dropped to about 82% success, Still well within where she wanted it to be, but higher than she believed it would be considering all of the minor setbacks she had experienced, but then there was a problem. Something she couldn't have foreseen. She had started a secret she could not allow to be known. She had come to the defense of others for so long while following her path that she had now become something else entirely. A knight fighting on the front lines rather than a survivalist trying to make it through unscathed.

She was still in middle school at this time, and had joined a underground movement and cult of sorts that dealt with the supernatural. She was a mere initiate at first of course, but over the next several years she ended up proving to be their leader and superior. Marching into damnation itself as it were to take the fight to those who dwelled in the shadows. She continued this secret life well until she had graduated high school, but by then she was forced to realize what she was doing and stop because out of the entire group she had started that life with, only herself and one other were still alive.

This realization brought forth the survivor in her with a resurgence, re-initializing the very version of herself she had originally made the "Plan" as. She graduated high school and used that turning point as the time to stop her delving into darkness fiasco's.  A couple of years later however.. They caught up to her. Though she had left them behind and stopped going after them, her actions, and her power in enacting those actions, had made her a target whether she wanted to stop or not.

She was killed by an unknown number of unknown "people" one night because of it. The next time she had opened her "eyes" she realized she was staring at her own body, only to be covered in darkness all of a sudden and look around panicked but ready to defend herself before confusion further crossed her face.

Why was she in a desert?

The answer was not given, though she now knows it, as monsters she knew as hollow devoured her and left her broken and tattered spirit on the sands of Hueco Mundo. They did not fully eat her however, for someone held their leash, wanting to convert her into a new hollow.

Untold amounts of time passed from this moment. She knew, nothing, felt nothing, only knew that she hungered. She ravenously craved sustenance, she wanted to.. Survive.. Once more she opened her eyes, realizing she was still in that same desert as before, but she seemed...stronger. She looked at her body, currently looking very non-human, and simply did not care. She knew who she was and what she wanted. She knew she needed to devour souls to attain that goal. That was enough for her.. for now.

She killed, and ate, and killed, and ate,, the number of times was immeasurable, uncountable, and meaningless to her. She did it over and over each time gaining more power each time feeling herself renewed and invigorated. She was becoming "whole" she could feel it. She was almost there..

Several months of this passed before she noticed herself finally becoming "complete". Her power surged. She changed drastically, no longer looking monstrous, though she still had a hole in her chest, She was.. whole.. She did not yet realize it, but she had become a natural arrancar, not quite a vasto lorde, but not quite a true arrancar due to not yet having a Zanpaktou.

This would soon change however.. As the one who ruled the endless desert soon found the new invigorated form the girl had worked so tirelessly to obtain. That meeting would forever change what the girl thought of her current existence.. For it would show her she did not have to always be in this forsaken desert, did not always have to worry about survival.. Did not have to know fear.

Alicia Nores turned the girl into a true arrancar, gifting upon her massive power and "insight" as she regained a portion of her lost "humanity" sealing the rest within her new "zanpaktou" so that she could never be fully "lost" again. With a pleased look that soon gave way to sadistic glee, Alicia branded the new Arrancar with a 7, right above her belly button on her exposed stomach, before saying "Welcome.. to the world.. Embrace the Espada and know true life.. Fail the Espada..and be destroyed.."

Turned out to be ironic in a way. Alicia went off to Greenland in an attempt to mass create hollow for their army. She failed, and was destroyed. Her own words turned around on her. Amelia, having seen, nor met any opposition she didn't believe she could handle, simply stepped into the woman's former place as Cero Queen. If there were those who didn't like it they would make themselves known and be dealt with, or she would die. That was the Espada way, the hollow way, the way of power.

She had a feeling she was going to like her new life.

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#2 Re: Iris Amelia on Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:12 am

Approved at tier 0-2, as a replacement for Alicia Nores.

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