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#1 Redecorating the Gotei :) on Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:16 pm

Ika Mazi

Ika had done what he set out to do but something was.. missing. This place certainly needed some sprucing up, and though Ika wasn't entirely happy with his kill-count from this little adventure, it would need to suffice for now.. So first thing first! Ika would waltz over to the barley breathing body of a Vice Captain known as Mushami.. or something like that. Kind of an ugly child this one, but a cross can do wonders for ones physical appearance! He'd look like a window-model in no time, that much Ika could guarantee! Ika lifted the Shinigami onto it's feet and smiled, running his sword through the fuckers Soul Chain and ripping outwards. As it's body went limp Ika figured it was about time to end the poor-things suffering.. So he grabbed him by the head, and jammed his own Zanpakuto down his throat. He waited for the fool to stop gurgling blood, before he retrieved the blade.. It'd be a nice addition to his collection, if nothing else..

Next up was the Captain, Hitsuyona or something like that.. To be frank, Ika really didn't care about what his name was. He was about as out of it as the Vice Captain was, not that it would've mattered either way. Ika punched the man to the ground, and after taking his Zanpakuto from him ran it through his stomach, carving all the way up to his head and stopping. He more or less gutted him all the way up to the neck which.. Obviously, was far from a pretty scene. But Ika wasn't done, no, he was far from it!

After calling over some soldiers to crucify the men, he smiled towards the Central 46 main building and Shunpo'd over, taking in the smashed remains of the aristocratic cock-suckers whom once resided there.. It was almost enough to make him climax if.. Well.. "I want them crucified around the building, if their remains won't hold up I want their heads nailed to a cross and their clothes posted up in place of their bodies.." Ika smiled from ear to ear as the deeds were done..

Boy, victory was sweet..


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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